[Solved] What to do if a Sprinkler Head is Not Rotating

If you’re into gardening, it’s very likely that the sprinkler is your best friend. From keeping your lawn well moisturized to providing well-required water to your plants, your sprinkler does all the hard work.

Thus, if your sprinkler goes out of order, it can get very problematic. Thus, it’s very necessary to have a proper understanding of the problem at hand and act accordingly. In this text, we’ll try discussing some of the problems that might stop your sprinkler head from rotating or working, and what to do with them. 

Why does it happen? And what is to be done? 

Sprinkler head is Not RotatingA gear drive system is a technology behind rotating sprinklers. These mechanical operations are intended to sprinkle water on a given surface consistently. There are various possible reasons why the head is not rotating. The common region is that happened because lake of cleanings. However, if your sprinkler head is clean but not rotating. It may caused by low water pressure, assembling error or sometimes it goes corrupt.

If the sprinkler is no longer rotating and the water flow coming out of the sprinkler has decreased, you can first try cleaning out the filter by removing the pop-up assembly from the main body. …

Generally, if cleaning the filter does not solve non-rotation then the sprinkler must be replaced.

While the sprinkler can be your best friend at work, it can definitely suffer just like any other machine. Thus, always go for products with the best quality, however, problems still might happen. In such cases, you need to look into it and get it fixed. 

Common Reasons Why it’s Not Rotating? 

This automatic watering system is very useful for farming vegetables. While it might look like any other machine in person, the sprinkler has an abundance of gears, valves, etc. in it to work. Some of the common problems are;

  1. Water pressure:

The valves need a bit of strength in it to move. If the water pressure is too low, it won’t be able to rotate around or provide water around its perimeter completely. Again, if the water pressure is too much, it won’t be able to take the pressure and malfunction. 

Thus, always keep an eye on the water pressure, make sure the faucet is in order when it’s working and you have control over the faucet to control the flow of water. 

  1. Obstructions:

Many times, your sprinkler head might be obstructed by something in its path. It can be a stone, some small plant, branch of a tree or just dirt. If your sprinkler head is constantly stopped from rotating, it’ll eventually stop working.

Obstructions that block water pressureIn these cases, make sure to keep the sprinklers in check and remove obstructions every now and then. 

  1. Assembling error:

assembling errorIt’s a very common mistake that we make with our sprinklers. When assembling, we just force everything together hoping it’ll work out. While it might work initially, it’ll get you into trouble soon after. 

The trick here is simple, be slow and steady. Follow the instructions and assemble with care, take your time. It’s always better to get something done slow, that lasts long. Then something that doesn’t.

Damaged Parts: Head, Supply Tube or Internal Components:

There are various parts of a sprinkled. If one of them is malfunctioned or damaged

These are some of the common troubleshooting when it comes to a sprinkler head not rotating. However, it might also stop working if something gets inside the sprinkler, and you might need to open it and check. In that case:

What to do if a Sprinkler head is Not RotatingDepending on the region behind there are several ways to fix it. However, if you are not a technical guy, I will suggest replacing the sprinkler heads, to avoid technical difficulties.


Opening a Sprinkler and Cleaning Obstructions and Dirt:

If it has dirt inside, these simple steps can help you get it cleaned and back to its former glory. However, just like any other machine, this might just get out of order. If it doesn’t rotate even after cleaning, you need to get it replaced immediately. Look for products with good customer reviews and that fits your settings well. 

Focus on the clogged filters, duts or obstragle on the front end.

  1. Firstly, make sure your working area is hazard-free. If your sprinkler is connected to any electric lines, make sure to get rid of them immediately. If necessary, call an electrician and get it fixed before going to work.
  2. Turn off the faucets and valves that are connected to the sprinkler. Otherwise, you’ll create a mess and working will be major trouble.
  3. Disassemble the sprinkler head. Very simply, remove the head by rotating it counterclockwise and then unscrew it. Use a flat screwdriver to unscrew open the head.
  4. Have a bucket of water nearby. Dip the head in the bucket and clean it thoroughly. 
  5. Afterward, clean the filter as well. The filter can be found under the sprinkler and can be opened by a pair of pliers. Apply some pressure on the filter with the pliers and pull it out. It will take some effort but eventually, it’ll come out.
  6. Remove any bit of dirt or debris in the filter. You can use a brush to remove them first. Then, rinse it thoroughly and put it back together. 
  7. After you’re done cleaning, get it assembled again. Follow the same process again and be gentle with it. It’ll take some time but be gentle with it, or else you’ll end up damaging it for the worse. 

Repair Sprinkler With Assembling Error

  • Unscrew the body cap, to open the internal assembly.
  • Now, use nose pliers to remove the bottom part.
  • Now clean it, also you can try to swift fix with grit sandpaper.
  • Reassemble it again.


If you have a hobby of gardening, you definitely love your sprinklers and garden tools. However, problems can happen every once in a while and it’s better to keep things in check. If this tutorial doesn’t fix the sprinkler head is not rotating, it’s better to replace the head.

Make sure the sprinklers are assembled right and that they’ve taken care of correctly. Remove obstacles around them and allow them to move. A bit of care could save you a lot of time and money. 

If you find it helpful, please share or write a comment. Moreover, farming method always tries to help farmers and gardeners. If you have any problem feel free to let us know.

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