List of Plants That Like Coffee Grounds and Which Don’t

Generally, coffee grounds are used coffee. But people usually throw it away after using it. Without disposing of it one can use it as a resource for their gardens or plants.

However, they increase the nitrogen, potassium in the soil. So, some plants will not like them. Using this as fertilizer or soil may kill your plants.

Now, you are here for the list of plants that loves coffee ground as fertilizer or soil. And which one doesn’t like them at all.  Let’s dig into that.

Which Types Plants That Like Coffee Grounds?

Coffee Ground

Coffee grounds (also known as green compost) contain organic ingredients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and minerals that help the plants to grow green leave and strong stems.

Also, It will boost your plants, improve your soil, and will add nutrients to the soil. Which is healthy for your plants. Often coffee shops give away coffee grounds for free. And as it’s an eco-friendly product it reduces your cost on handmade fertilizers.

Coffee grounds are soil adament whics helpss in soil texture tremendously and drainage. But, you can use it up to 25 to 35% along with  other soil mix.

As I have mentioned earlier, it increases the nitrogen(1.45%) in the soil. But as any other organic fertilizer, the process is slow.

This also means that acid-loving plants will surely love them. However, there is also a but…

Not all the acid-loving plants or vegetables pH levels match or can tolerate coffee waste as a growing medium.

Now, let’s not complicate it.

There are mainly two categories of plants that love coffee wastes.

List of Houseplants That Like Coffee Ground

List of Houseplants That Like Coffee Ground

Coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen with other micronutrients. And these micronutrients boosts the growth of the plants. As a result, it’s great to use in house plants too. Along with providing necessary nutrients it also does the works of compost, pesticide, fertilizer, and mulch.

It’s not the caffeine it’s the nitrogen what coffee ground aids to the plant.

Which minimizes your nurturing budget for these plants. One needs to be patient while using them cause the process could take a while. You can water your plants with coffee. But it has to be done by maintaining a balance. Because coffee is full of caffeine which can cause fungal disease to the plants.

There are some house plants that can be grown in the used coffee. But most people have the wrong idea that it’s reliable for any plant. As coffee wastes are acidic not all plants are used to it. The growth of these plants may be hindered by this acidity. So only acid-loving house plants are your only option in this regard.

Some suitable house plants for coffee ground are:-

Miniature roses, African violets, jade plants, peace lilies, golden pothos, ghost man, cyclamen, Christmas cactus, snake plant, philodendron, spider plant, etc.

Snake Plant

These plants are mainly originated from West Africa. Nevertheless, you should use the best soil for your snake plant. They require a 5.5 to 7.5  pH level in the soil. These plants are special for some peculiarities like tolerance, negligence, and low maintenance. As they don’t require much attention it’s best for carefree people. They acquire a diversified look if they get occasional watering and moderate light. For watering liquid coffee is a suitable choice.


Philodendrons are one of the most common house plants. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. These plants are native to the west indies and American tropical areas. As it’s grown in acidic soil with a pH of 5-6. Coffee waste is the best choice for it. Coffee dregs boost the growth of this plant and keep its vein strong and flexible. Without houses, it’s also seen in office spaces and apartments.

Jade Plants:

Jade plant, jade, or crassula ovata is also known as lucky or, money plant. It comes from southern Africa. Also, jade plants sprout pink flowers that are charming to look at. Providing thick stern growth and retention of water are the benefits from coffee grounds to jade plants.

Christmas Cactus

These plants are mainly from the coastal mountains of southern brazil. It renders a great drainage system to your plant. As stagnant water can rot your plants. Further various micronutrients encourage the plant to bloom.

African violet

It’s mainly from Africa. They’re way more hungry for nitrogen and acid than other acid-loving plants. You can feed them a bit more coffee than any other plant. The flowers of African violets are purple.


These are originated from Europe, Somalia, Eastern Iran, and Mediterranean Basin. They have beautiful green leaves. White, red, shades of pink-colored flowers are most beautiful in this plant.

Miniature Rose

Like African violets, miniature roses are way more acid-loving than other plants. Instead of watering it, you can pour your liquid coffee in it. Miniature roses are fascinating and charming to look at. It gives your garden an elegant vibe.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos are kind of refreshing plants. It refreshes the environment where they’re planted. They’re grown in a hanging basket. It can grow in any room as long as the room gets sufficient sunlight.

Spider Plant

They are mainly originated from South Africa. Requires a 6.1-6.5 pH level on their soil. Spider plants also prefer bright light, delicate acidic soil, and well-draining. Make the watering is done with diluted coffee.

Ghost man

They are native to Namibia. The pH requirement for this plant is 3.5 to 5.0. It can grow under low acidity too. But in the growing seasons strong can be given sparingly. It has a fleshy trunk covered with a long spine. In winter they grow flowers named scarlet.

Some more plants that you can grow- 

Bugbane, Calla, Crinum, Elephant Ear, Forget-Me-Not, Hibiscus, Iris, Lily of the valley, Marigold, Sedge, Meadowsweet, mushroom, etc.

List of Acid-Loving Plants that Grow in Coffee Ground

Fresh coffee grounds are highly acidic. Which is great for acid-loving plants and shrubs. Some acid-loving or, plants that can be grown in coffee dregs are-

  1. Carrots,
  2. Radishes
  3. Wild strawberries,
  4. Gooseberries,
  5. Maidenhair fern,
  6. Lily,
  7. Blueberries,
  8. Hydrangeas,
  9. Rhododendrons,
  10. Parsley,
  11. Pepper, etc.

Also, there are some shrubs that can be grown on these acidic grounds like

  1. Azaleas,
  2. Camellia,
  3. Highbush blueberry
  4. Duke, etc.

But for normal plants, coffee grounds are first diluted with water to make them neutral. Cause the acidity could harm the normal plants. The unbrewed ground contains a great amount of caffeine. Which hinders the growth of a plant. So for normal plants, the decaffeinated ground is the best choice. It should be kept in mind that neutralized them to be used as liquid fertilizer not instead of water.

Fresh coffee waste suppresses weeds and fungal pathogens. Which is good for the plants. But one should be careful about it uses. Carrots and radishes are some root crops that respond favorably to coffee grounds. On the other hand, tomatoes don’t respond too well. Used coffee has some allopathic properties that restrain the growth of tomatoes. Lilies prefer acidic soil and can grow in any light where azalea bushes prefer some shade.

Plants That’s It Can’t Grow

Coffee grounds are toxic to some plants. Here we have listed the plants that are not recommended to plant directly in used coffee.

  1. Black-eyed Susan,
  2. Century plant,
  3. Lavender,
  4. Madagascar periwinkle,
  5. Orchids,
  6. Pothos,
  7. Rosemary,
  8. Sago palm,
  9. Tomatoes,
  10. Yucca, etc.

Now, let’s complicate the whole thing once again… 

You can use coffee ground moderately in most of the plants.  But there is a How and When?

Let’s take growing tomatoes as an example. 

In my original list, I have said that they don’t grow in the coffee dregs.

But, it can be grown in compost that contents 20% of compost.

That’s means, your plant needs nitrogen. And used coffee ensures that.  If you could be inventive you can use them in any plants.

Final Verdicts

Now, this is not the end of the list. I bet there are many that are not listed here.

I have researched the most popular plants. Unfortunately, it may not include your favorite one.

Now, too much of everything is bad. So, mix it with other growing mediums too.

So, if you don’t find the answer to what you looking for ask me in the comment below.  Like other posts in the farming method, it will be updated regularly.

Don’t forget to share it or say thanks… happy growing…

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    • Coffee grounds contain three major elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The first three numbers represent nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It has been found that coffee grounds are good for the growth of cissus rhombifolia since it prefers nitrogen-rich fertilizers.

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