Is Goat Poop Good Fertilizer? Advantages & Disadvantages

Yes. goat poop is a good fertilizer. It is high in nitrogen and a highly effective soil conditioner. Goat manure also improves the soil texture. Roots grow best in fertile soil. Additionally, it is excellent at retaining water and is odorless.

The most popular uses for goat manure are as an organic fertilizer. A goat’s manure can help gardeners achieve higher-quality plants and increase crop yields.

There are a variety of ways to use goat dung in the garden, from flowers and herbs to vegetables and fruits. Besides, It is possible to create the most conducive growing environment for your plants by using goat manure in your garden beds.

Is Goat Manure Good for Fertilizer?

Adding goat manure to the garden is an effective method of enriching the soil. Because it’s pelletized, you can apply it directly to gardens without worrying about burning them.

This manure attracts fewer insects and doesn’t burn plants like that produced by horses or cows. Besides being almost odorless, goat manure is excellent for the soil.

Research shows that solid goat manure contains 46.58% organic carbon, 1.34% nitrogen, 0.54% phosphorus, and 1.56% potassium. 30 days after composting, the N, P2O5, and K2O levels reached 2.23%, 1.24%, and 3.69%, respectively. Goats also produce urine that contains nutrients like 1.13% N, 0.05% P2O5, and 7.9% K2O.[Source]

However, It is not recommended to apply goat manure directly to the soil. Fresh goat manure contains parasites, pathogens, eggs, and other harmful substances. The heat released when fresh goat droppings ferment in the soil can burn the roots of plants.

The manure from goats must be composted before it can be used as a soil amendment. Prior to adding it to the soil, it should be composted for four to six months.

Advantages of Using Goat Goat Manure as Fertilizer

Manure from goats has many benefits, here are the most important ones.

  • Create Ideal Growing Condition: You can create the ideal growing conditions for your plants by using goat manure in your garden beds. Unlike many other types of manure, naturally dry pellets are easy to collect and apply. Cows’ manure is moist, while goats’ manure is dry. Spreading and handling it is much easier, and it smells and sticks less. Goat manure compost is a great fertilizer for plants, vegetables, and other crops. Additionally, it increases the soil’s ability to hold water.
  • Great organic fertilizer: It can be a great organic fertilizer. There has a relatively high amount of organic matter, N and P in goat manure compared to K, Ca, and Mg in goat manure.
  • Rich in Nitrogen: Compared to cow manure and horse manure, one ton contains 22 pounds of nitrogen on average. Plant growth and reproduction require nitrogen. The availability of nitrogen in the soil can affect the growth of pastures and crops. Nitrogen fertilizer is often used to resolve this issue.
  • Improve Soil Texture: Organic materials and fertilizers improve soil texture, increase bacterial and fungal activity, and improve water retention.
  • Easy to Make Use of: Compared to other farm animal poop. it is easy to handle and move around. Besides they are not sticky and have less odor.


There are several drawbacks to using goat poop as fertilizer. Let’s learn about them

  • May Contains Weed Seed: Manure produced by goats could contain weed seeds because they consume straw and grasses. The same is true for horses and sheep, as well as other livestock that grazes. If you want to avoid this issue, make sure you use composted goat manure. To solve this problem, use well-composed goat manure. If weeds develop soon before they go to seed, uproot them before they seed. Spread mulch over the soil to prevent them from growing.
  • Like other composts it may attract Maggots and fly: You should compost your manure properly. If you do not compost goat manure properly, it will still attract maggots and flies.
  • Composting takes time: Compared to cow dung goat poop tasks longer time to compost. You need to wait at least 120 days before using rotted manure. While cow dung requires 60 days.

Some FAQ About Goat Poop Good Fertilizer

How do you decompose goat manure faster?

Turning the pile speeds up decomposition by allowing more airflow. Check the pile’s middle temperature with a compost thermometer. Turn the pile when it reaches 113 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Goat dung can also be supplemented with sawdust and straw in addition to goat dung. In order to maintain moisture and air permeability, rice husk should be blended uniformly with maize flour, while providing glucose to microorganisms and fermenting cultures.

Is goat manure better than cow manure?

Sheep and goats are better for the soil than cows and horses. These animals leave behind cleaner, pelletized droppings that are also simpler to collect and disperse. These manures are almost odorless, decompose quickly, and can be collected in the cooler months.

Can you put goat poop in your garden?

You can plant goat droppings in any type of garden, including flowering plants, herbs, vegetable trees, and fruit trees. However, you can’t use them instantly, it need to be composted before using.

Will Goat manure burn plants?

No, it is unlike cow or horse manure that attracts insects or causes plants to burn. However, too much manure can result in nitrate leaching, nitrogen runoff, excessive vegetative growth, and salt damage to some plants. Furthermore, applying fresh manure to fields where food crops are cultivated can introduce disease-causing bacteria.

How to use goat poop properly?

When applying goat dung to your plants, it’s advisable to compost it first. This will facilitate the breakdown of nutrients and increase their availability to plants. To prepare soil for a garden, apply it and till it into the soil about 7-8 inches deep. The following year, cover established beds with manure. To determine the amount to use and the soil condition, consult a specialist.

Is chicken manure is better than goats?

Poultry manure is the most nutrient-dense. A great deal of nitrogen and phosphorus are present in it. Chicken dung had higher nitrogen levels. Due to its stable pH and low salt content, goat manure is considered cool. In comparison to chicken manure, goat manure is much drier. It is generally believed that chicken dung contains the most nutrients.


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