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April 16, 2021
How to Take Care of Cow After Delivery [Complete Guide]

So, you want to know how you can take care of cow after delivery. You may know, at this time the condition of cows becomes vulnerable. The truth is— some farmers do not get the best yield, even some lose the cow and calf because of improper care at this time. However, good care consists […]

March 31, 2021
How to Increase Milk Production in Goats?

Do you want to increase milk production in your goats? It is the ultimate desire of the dairy farm owners and household producers of milk from goats. If you are one of them you must know that milk production depends on goat's breeds, rations, age, health condition, environmental condition, and above all husbandry of them. […]

March 27, 2021
Top 10 Best Goat Hoof Trimmers (In-Depth and Unbiased Reviews Guide)

Are you looking for the best goat hoof trimmer to make sure your goat’s healthy growth? Here we bring some of the best products that are best for trimming goat hoovs. Similar to the pedicure we do, goats need hooves trimming for grooming. No other job is as vital as the trimming hooves for a […]

March 18, 2021
10 Best Quail Breeds for Meat, Egg & Hunting

Not so long ago, only fancy restaurants and hunters ate quail. Today, an increasing number of people are raising quail for meat and eggs. Quail farming is profitable. However, people also rise them for self satisfactory. In this article, I am going to discuss about what quail breed is best for what? If you are […]

March 16, 2021
Nutrition Requirements & Management of Sheep Depending on Age

The profitable sheep farming and rearing is dependent on feed management. Learn about the nutrition requirements of sheep and managing tips. Sheep are one of the best domestic animals to raise on a farm. They are a great source of meat, wool, and milk. As they can make themselves adaptive to any environment easily it’s […]

March 11, 2021
How to Care for Goats ( Complete Beginners Guide)

The complete Goat Care and Maintenance of Healthy Goats. Goats are profitable small farm animals. They are cute, friendly, peaceful but sometimes feisty farm animals. They can be your best friends and entertain you to no end with their weird and curious behaviors. Out of my love for goats and an inspiration to help, I […]

March 11, 2021
What Do Llamas Eat? List of Daily Diet & Treats

Probably, there are not many people out there who don’t know about llamas. But a large chunk of people doesn’t know about the nature, habits, or the diet of llamas. Many often classify llamas as niche animals with high maintenance. Hence, this is the reason why llamas are not on the top of the list.  […]

March 9, 2021
What Not to Feed Chickens: List of Poisonous Food for Them

So, the debated issue we'll try to reveal here is "what can't chicken eat?" Usually, you can feed your chicken what you find in front of you, including vegetables, fruits, grains and even the kitchen's leftovers.  It's neither too complicated to feed your chicken properly. They're very friendly to surrounding the playground, backyard, garden in […]

March 7, 2021
How to Get Rid of Lice on Goats Naturally?

Where getting rid of lice with chemical products and insecticides causes troubles, these natural remedies are not harmful. You don't need to stop collecting milk from your goat. Even, these natural remedies do not harm the baby and pregnant goats. The problem regarding Lice is common in goat farming. Especially, in the winter, but not […]

January 21, 2021
Best Electric Fence for Goats to Keep Them in Their Pen

Keeping goats inside the grazing area is challenging. The electric fence can be a solution for that. Here, in this article, I have reviewed the best electric fence for goats. Electric fences are known to all farmers these days. Most farmers today use them to protect theirgoats and livestock. But most of them don't know what […]

January 3, 2021
Best Goat Breed For Meat and Milk

Choosing the best goat breed is the key to a successful farming business. Although, they are the traditional animals for milk and meat production. If compared with other small farm animals, these animals are the friendliest, easiest to grow, and most profitable.

However, success in the animal farm business is highly dependent on picking a suitable breed in the first place...

December 21, 2020
Best Grass for Goats to Eat - What Grass to Grow When Rearing?

Goats are herbivorous and mostly they eat grass as natural food. Now, on a goat farm, you need to be selective about what kind of grass you need to grow. Generally, goats are browsers and grazers. Grass is one of their primary feed as fresh green grass and hay. If you are into goat farming, […]

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