9 Best Frost Free Hydrant Reviews & Installing Guide

Are you looking for the best frost free hydrant? Here, in this article, I have reviewed the best quality frost proof hydrant for your lawn and garden.  

A quality hydrant is always useful for providing water for livestock, irrigation or watering lawn and garden. Even when the winner comes, getting access to water can be an issue.

If no water comes out of the yard hydrant, there is no point in choosing such a thing. So you are shopping for it, there are some essential things you look for.

Best Frost Free Hydrant Review

When you need a frost-free hydrant, there is no other way to pick an average one. Unless you have to face unwanted problems.

Here, I have reviewed the best ones in the market. And make this list ordering from the best Hydrants for your money to the lowest. Moreover, I have mentioned which one is best or what purpose.

Now, let me assist you to pick one…

Woodford Yard Hydrant Y34-Series– Best Frost Free Hydrant

Best Frost Free Hydrant, 4-inchs

 Woodford is famous for various world-class household plumbing hardware, especially for hydrant and faucets. 

Their products are quite impressive, and quality ensured. The Woodford yard Hydrant Y34- series is perfectly manufactured to provide continuous water. 

Overall, it’s built to be the best. 

It is truly an American product. Every single component used to make it up is American product quality. The head and hangle are solid cast iron. 

The other parts are high-grade metals—most importantly, the shut off valve body is made by using brass and steel operating rod. It ensures the longevity of the product. 

That means, if you buy it, you won’t have to thing from time to time to change the yard hydrant. 

Thinking all these matters, they haven’t included any plastic materials on it. So, they have kept things in mind to manufactured in such a way that its design offers multiple features. Long-life graphite packing is one of them. One of the best qualities is that it provides a variable flow plunger in case of the other yard hydrants in the market, such as Simmons yard hydrant 4802LF. 

You have to buy an extra water flow controller for it. It will cost you extra bucks. 

Moreover, those additional inline valves won’t match the quality of the Y34 yard hydrant. However, this feature will give you complete control over the amount of water flow; 

You can maintain it according to your need. Another quality is that it is freeze-proof. You can use it in very low-temperature areas; this low temperature won’t effect a bit on your water flow.

Our Verdict: 

Overall, the Yard Hydrant Y34 series is the toughest. It can last for a very long time. It is effortless to install, and the features are quite easy to understand and apply. 

Whatever your use case is -You can use it for a wide range of applications such as irrigation, landscaping, and many more. 

Besides, this product offers several options for Bury length. Oner the other hand, it’s easy to find spare parts and repair kits.

Model Overall Length Bury Length Link
Woodford Y34-2-HC With Flow Finder 62 Inch 24 Inch (2 ft)
Woodford Y34-4 84.5 inch 48 inch (4ft)
Woodford Y34-3  *Editors Choice* 72.5 inch 36 inch(3ft)
Woodford Y34-1-HC N/A 12 (1ft)


  1. It has zero water restrictions.
  2. The adjustable linkage provides an easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension.
  3.  Reliable shut-off in any condition.
  4. It is Freeze-proof.
  5. Made of high-quality materials
  6. Durable build and beautiful look.
  7. Made in the United States.


  1. The packaging of the product can still be improved.
  2. The handle does require a bit of strength to operate.

Simmons 4802LF Lead-Free Premium Frost Proof Yard Hydrant, 2′

Lead-Free Premium Frost Proof Yard Hydrant, 2

Simmons Manufacturing is quite famous in terms of household plumbing hardware. They are making a wide range of products and all the products are quality ensured. 

This household plumbing hardware is fantastic, and all of them are exceptionally well made. Simmons 4802LF is among those excellent products. 

Its actually on the top of the list, among the most reliable products form all manufacturers. They have ensured the quality by their testing periods. These products come to the market after a lot of quality and performance testing. It is frost proof and as good as the Woodford model.

4802LF has a simple design like the other yard hydrants. The grants are four feet in length, and after installing, its lower body goes 2 feet below the frost line underground. And the upper body that you will be able to see will also extend 2 feet after the installation. Quality is the best thing for Simmons Manufacturing. They make sure their product never dissatisfied the customer through their condition. 

It can handle any rough use of yard hydrants. Its made of heavy-duty cast irons. The simons yard hydrant is a capable ¾ inch NPT female featured hard hydrant. Which makes it one of the best yard hydrants of 2020. But there is a lacking of one feature that it doesn’t have an adjustable shutoff valve like the Woodford model. 

So, in this case, you can turn on the water flow or turn it off. There is no adjustment between these two. But there is a solution to this problem. You can add an inline valve to the hose. It will make the adjustment of water flow, and you have to buy it separately. Even if you can bury it 2 feet below the ground, Simmons yard hydrant will still provide you natural water flow in the freezing condition. 

Simmons yard hydrant 4802LF is one the best, and there is no doubt about it. If you are looking for a good and quality yard hydrant in your budget, this one is the best. However, if you’re in a freezing area or near the North pole, you can rely on 4802L. It can adjust in extreme cold weather and will give access to the water you need. 


  1.  Made of Cast iron head and handle.
  2.  Body blue polyester powder coated finish.
  3.  3/4 inch NPT Female Inlet.
  4. It is Frostproof
  5. Very easy to install.
  6. Comes at an affordable price.


  1. The cast iron used in it can get cracked if it is exposed to extremely cold weather.
  2. No water flow adjustment shutoff valve. 

Prier P-164D08 Quarter-Turn, Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrant

Quarter-Turn, Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrant

Prier P-164D08 is a USA made faucet. If you are searching for a frostless water supplier for livestock and other usages, Prier P-164D08 is undoubtedly the best one. If you are concern

The length of the faucet is about 8 inches. The inlet is 1/2 ” MPT by 1/2 ” SWT and 5 ” hose attachment.

This product has some impressive features. Unlike others on this list, it can be mounted on the wall. For sure, it will reduce pain. In some cases, the main water source under the land can be freeze.  Especially, when it is laid upper the frost line.

Moreover, the quarter-turn (bi-directional valve) provides full access to the water.  Besides, it has an active backflow preventer, to protect water supplies from being frost due to backflow.  It also aids in producing significant force for water to flow.

Overall, the product is not cheaply built. The soft-grip handle is reliable for smooth operation. The faucet is made with satin nickel-plated. So, it will give a rust-free longtime service.


  • Build with high-quality lead-free heavy cast brass patterns.
  • This product is regarded as a long-lasting & hassle-free water source.
  • Backflow preventers will ensure continuous water low even in colder days.
  • You can mount it on the wall


  • No tap is connected, you will need a hosepipe.

Everbilt 4 ft. Bury Depth– Budget-Friendly Frostless Hydrant

Best Budget Friendly FrostlessYard Hydrant

Everbilt EBYH06NL is featured as you can expect it to be. It is very budget-friendly and provides all the features you need in your yard hydrant. That’s why it is here in my top list of high-quality yard hydrants. 

At the price, you may think this yard hydrant is cheaply built, and the components used to make it won’t be that much high quality. But this 6-foot long frost proof yard hydrant will change your mind when you use it. It just gives worth value to your money. 

Everbilt has used high-quality, heavy-duty free cast ions with a hose connector and a bass road. Besides, there is a double o ring seal, which will make sure how many times you use it, and it will just be fine.

The handle and the bucket hook are well designed to be enough larger so that the yard hydrant is quite handy for your use. Inch thick galvanized steel is being used to make the standpipe. It is quite tall enough to go underground and do the work. 

This steel rod will stand tall for a very long time, that’s for sure. The plugger is quite reliable and easy to use.

You can adjust it with the turn of a screw without too much effort—this type of high-quality thing at such a low price, quite a blessing for the customers. 

It is frost proof you can expect it to provide you water for irrigation in the worst freezing conditions.

The six feet tall stand will bury depth, and the self-draining shut off valve located below the frost line is just perfect once you set it up.

With such types of qualities, Everbilt EBYH06NL yard hydrant has ensured its place among the top three best hydrants in the market.

Despite the fact that it’s providing you with all the features of best yard hydrants, its price range is completely at a different level. This one is recommended for all as it comes with all the good qualities.

But if you are someone on a budget and you are looking for a good yard hydrant that has all the features and will last for a long time, the Everbilt yard hydrant is the one for you, this reliable priced yard hydrant is the one you need.


  1. Cheaps on in the market.
  2. Frost-proof.
  3. It has an adjustable self-draining shutoff valve.
  4. Very easy to operate and handle.
  5. It has a 6 feet tall stand that goes deep under the ground.
  6. Made with a heavy-duty cast iron head with an extra-large cast iron handle.


  1. Cast iron heads might crack if left uncovered in cold conditions for a very long time.
  2. Up and down brass rod feels it is not well designed.

Parts2O FPH2 2-Feet Frost-Free Yard Hydrants

Parts2O FPH2 2-Feet Frost-Free

This is a 2-feet Parts20 frost-free yard hydrant. This yard hydrant is six feet long, it has a buried length of four feet and a handle length of two feet. The handle is made of pure cast iron materials and very easy to lock and open. Its lineage and plunger rod are easily replaceable and modifiable. The steal is leak-proof. The sandpiper is corrosion resistant. This yard hydrant is basically the one that you need to replace the old one. 

The standpipe comes with a lot of durable features. Its corrosion resistance quality ensures longevity. All the features are well tested by the experts.

Compared to the other yard hydrants its installation process is very easy. This yard hydrant is quite a good one with all the features you actually need in a budget-friendly yard hydrant. If you’re looking for a good yard hydrant this is the one you should consider.


  • It has a corrosion-resistant standpipe.
  • Easily plunger, replaceable rod, and linkage.
  • Made of the leakproof seal.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Lockable handle cast iron handle.


  1. Made with cheap components.
  2. The lockable iron head needs to be handled carefully unless the water flow gets blocked. 

Water Source YH-2 2′ Yard Hydrant – best 2 ft Bury Hydrant for your money

best 2 ft Bury Hydrant for your money

This yard hydrant by Water source has an overall length of 27. Also, there is a ¾ FPT bottom connection. It is provided with a nylon valve set which is leak-proof and easily replaceable. There is a plunger, linage, rod, and seat. These pieces of stuff are replaceable.

The rod has a brass connection that provides smooth, rust-free, leak-proof, and easy operations. This is a product that you can certainly put your faith in. It is certified by IAPMO R&T Labs. The amount of lead content is less than 0.25% and also passes the State low lead and Federal standards.

The entire product is manufactured and tested by experts with high experience. Attach point is very handy that any PVC pipe will fit in.

It easily drains down after closing. Besides, It has an automatic draining and easy locking mechanism. So you won’t have to worry about freezing in winter.

You have to make sure that the valve and hoes are installed correctly so that you won’t have to replace them more often. It is better to use it in your garden and barns especially. 

So if you’re looking for a yard hydrant for your garden or barns then Water Source YH-2 2′ Yard Hydrant is definitely the one you should pick. Customers are always very positive about the product and it is always improving. 


  1. It has FPT bottom connection.
  2. Brass connection with the rod.
  3. It has replaceable options for plunger, rod, linkage, and seat.
  4. This product is manufactured in china.
  5. The product is highly durable and easy to use.
  6. Easy to install and easy handling.
  7. It is budget-friendly.


  1. Some of the systems are infirm. May require to use additional things to secure the system.

Merrill MFG CNL7502 Lead-Free – Recommended for Irrigation

Merrill MFG CNL7502 Lead-Free - Recommended for Irrigation

The CNL7502 Standard Frost Proof Yard Hydrant is manufactured by Merill MFG. It is a standard frost proof yard hydrant, model number CNL7502. It has a 1’’ galvanized pipe and a 1’’ connection pipe. The pipe has a total length of 56.5″ inches. 2-inches of it goes under the ground.

The product provides very good water service for around one year. It can be used for irrigation and areas works. The product is manufactured and tested with quality.

It has been tested with frozen temperature to test the frost proof ness. Lead conductivity is very low you can consider it as a lead-free product. The inner part is 1-inch galvanized with the PVC pipe. 

The entire body is made of heavy cast iron and a simply designed head. The handle is also made of heavy cast iron compared to other yard hydrants its not made of plastic.

In spite of the iron figure, the handle is quite easy to use and flexible. This handle consists of a double bypass valve body and one piece of a plunger. These pieces are replaceable. The inner diameter of the valve is almost 1-inch. It doesn’t require any packing gland. 

If you want your hydrant to provide you pure drinkable water Merill MFG B101-039 is the perfect one. Because of its galvanized inner layer and lead-free body. It prevents the water from any kind of contamination. You can also use it for your irrigation and areas work as well. 


  1. It uses galvanized pipes, which are quite durable.
  2. The plunger seal is replaceable.
  3. It has a very simple design.
  4. Uses heavy cast Iron head simple high flow design
  5. It is lead-free.
  6. No Packing Gland Required for it


  1. No features like auto-shutoff.
  2. The handle is too large, kind of hard to handle.

Simmons 4802LF, Lead-Free Premium, 2′

frostless lead free hyrant

This yard hydrant from Simmons Manufacturing is a premium product. It has some of the best qualities you look into a yard hydrant. Such as it is entirely lead-free, frost-proof, and the outcome measures to 10 x 2.5 x 55 inches.

he handle is quite comfortable to access and tough enough to carry it. It is of ¾ inch NPT Female Inlet. It is quite a useful product used in irritation of land and garden also provides the water for livestock, and washing different equipment. 

It has gone through different types of frost proof tests and leads contamination tests and successfully passed all the tests. The product is well equipped and manufactured by experienced engineers. The pull of the handle is quite durable and handy to use.

This product of Simmons is quite different from the other one. This one has a casted iron head with coating and finishing with the blue polyester powder. 

The product is made of cast iron. It has a total length of 5 feet. And the connection of the yard hydrant hose is 2 feet above from the ground. The valve stays at 2 feet deep int he ground. It doesn’t have any shutoff valve. For adjustment, you can use the lever and can get the little flow of control form it. 

It will be best for you if you want a yard hydrant that provides you with good water flow, and it is straightforward to use and install. It is also the best yard hydrant for fire. Simmons Manufacturing is a renowned company that you can put your trust in. 


  1. Has a handle to carry it conveniently.
  2. Includes an NPT female inlet.
  3. It is made of cast iron and blue polyester powder coating.
  4. Entirely frost-free.
  5. It has cast iron head and handles. 
  6. The finish is quite good.


  1. The adjustable shutoff valve is missing in this product.
  2. Compared to the 4802LF yard hydrant from Simmons Manufacturing, it has a bit lower performance. 

How to Choose a Frost Free Hydrant?

For choosing a useful Frost Proof hydrant, there something you need to be aware of. In this part, I have tried to explain the essential things. 

No matter what, your Hydrant should ‒1) be able to provide a constant flow of water, 2) easy set up and maintenance. 

Build Quality and Design: 

The building materials are probably the second most impotent thing to consider. It directly reflects the durability and longevity. 

And, the design is indispensable for some people. At least, you may agree- it should not diminish the beauty of your lawn or garden.   

Besides, the lead-free Hydrant is eco friendly and suggested for use to provide water for livestock.  

Besides, plastic materials are not durable for regular usage. The Anti-Leakage System system makes the maintenance process more manageable.

Bury Depth

Another critical thing to consider, how deep it can reach to connect with the primary water source. It is a measurement of how deep it can go underground. You should not be confused with the total hydrant length. 

As heavy frost can affect underground and frost the primary water source too, gooing deep can be a solution to keep the underground water source.

There are options to choose from 2ft- 6ft. It allows us to keep Shut-Off Valves under the frost line.,

Shut-Off Valves 

Without having Shut-Off/ Cut-Off Valves, it is impossible to repair the leak or replace parts. It allows you to shut off the water supply.

In the case of a frostless hydrant, the shut-off valve is installed under the frost line. And it is the most important thing to consider.

It is a common feature in this kind of Hydrant and allows water to drain out and prevent frosting. Moreover, without a quality Shut-Off Valve, the constant flow of water will be harmed. 

Install, Maintenance and Replacement Process

As an average person, I always prefer choosing an easy Install or replacement process. It can be a hassle.

But don’t worry, we deduct problematic ones from our list. Moreover, we have a tutorial below the review explaining the easiest method to install it.

Again having good quality Shut-Off Valves can be beneficial.

How to Install a Frostless Yard Hydrant?

Installing the yard hydrant is essential to ensure a proper supply of water. Also, if you install it in the right place, you can carry the water or use it in the right way.

There are some of the tools required to establish a yard hydrant such as a standpipe long enough to place it below the frost line, some hand tools, some ½-inch screed crushed rocks, and a backhoe fitter on your compact tractor. 

Choosing the Right Location

First, you have to decide where you want the hydrant. This location has to be the place where it is convenient for several purposes. Besides, the area needs to be safe for the yard hydrant.

It won’t get damaged or hit by any vehicle. As the faucet will be wet all the time, placing it in a place where it will get enough sunshine will be a good idea. However, a place suitable for working is also considerable. Then you have to connect the yard hydrant to an already existing water line.

After that construct, a proper basement or claw space below the frost line. 


Creating a trench can use a trencher or a backhoe. Dig safely below the frost line from the supply area to the yard hydrant location.

In general, the channel is 3 feet in diameter and about one foot deeper than the level of the trench. After that, fill the bottom with pea rock and crushed stone. It will work as a small French drain. 

Setting Up the Hydrant:

Make sure there are no leaks in the line. Set the hydrant vertically into the right place and backfill the trench properly. Within a short time, it will be convenient for running out water where you need it. 

Here, the installation process is complete.

Now, let’s test it and debug.

Testing and Debugging 

SHUT-OFF VALVE ADJUSTMENTAfter, you have finished installing. Now its time to debug and recheck the connections. One other thing you have to do is test the performance.

Here some common issues you may face during this:

Common problems during installation:

  • Low water pressure: Happens due to the mislay installation or faulty valve. You can fix it by, the alliance of reassembling the gaskets and coordinating the nuts.
  • The handle is all the down before the resistance held: If so, it will require adjustment.
  • Adjusting the Linkage: Check the rubbers assembly and rearrange to. If nor fixed -Assassinate the lower link bolt and reasonable it.

Often problem occurs due to faulty and loose adjustment of rubbers and nuts. Besides, when you run water through it the first time,  the water pressure is hampered due to air in the main pipeline.

Unfreezing the Yard Hydrant: 

The methods that responsible for making it frostless is simple. The frost-free hydrants performers immensely depend on the shut-off valve.

And it is responsible for this problem. Commonly, this arises when it is not capable to drain the water.

The common region is improper usage, loose adjustment.

However, the fix is simple. You can use hot water or a torch electric heat tape. This product I have reviewed above are built with premium materials, so thawing will not burn/damage them.

Final Verdicts:

There are only a few Hydrant that are frost-free and I felt worth mentioning. Likely,  there are well-reputed brands on the market.

Woodford, Simmons, Merrill are the top brands, manufacturing hydrants, and faucets. Besides, Woodford Y34-3 or Y34-3 is the best among the best.

Hope, you have found my review is helpful. Now, if you have something to know, feel free to comment below.

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