How to Get Rid of Burrowing Rats Fast

Every farmer and gardener is familiar with the name burrowing rats. The rats which dig burrows and holes in the ground are known as burrowing rats. In this article, we will tell detail procedures for Getting Rid of Burrowing Rats. 

You can get rid of burrowing rats in various ways. The popular methods are to use traps, killing or repelling them using chemicals and filling out their holes. Here you will find the step by step guide for removing or destroying these evil creatures. 

How to Get Rid of Burrowing Rats

Rats make their habitat where they find sufficient food and shelter. They are found in barns, cellars, garbage dumps, gardens, farms, homes, warehouses, etc.

But gardens & farmhouses are the safest places for them. Cause it is a great source of fruits & vegetables. Furthermore digging burrows in the ground is easy & secured for them. Especially, they are extremely busy in an organic vegetable farm. 

How to Identify Burrowing Rats Nearby? 

Burrowing rats leave their droppings, footprints here and there gnaws on different elements like plastics, rub marks on several places, makes nest and hole here and there. These are the symptoms of how you can easily identify the presence of the burrowing rats.

They spoil foods, gnaws wires that can cause short-circuit, especially in gardens and farms where they rotten harvest and vegetables and spoils integrity of the soil.

Controlling Rats in Garden, Yard, and Lawn:

 Burrowing rats aren’t just any problem it’s a manifestation that is really hard to control. Cause with the problems with a gnawing, spoiling, nesting, spreading diseases and reproduction system makes the problem more complicated.

Now, There are three points that you can’t leave behind in this scheme and they are:-

1. Keep Your Outdoor Neat

Rats are scared of open spaces. So keep your grass short, remove piles of wood, cardboard or any other items to the garbage bin, remove your rubbish daily, special attention needs to be drawn near the fences and garden buildings. Cut down the overgrown areas of the garden. It helps most on eradicating the burrowing system.

Rats hate open places.

Make sure your lawn is mowed properly cause rats can easily start nesting in them. Remove your wastes and garbages daily. The smell attracts rats greatly.

2. Make Changes in the garden

Make changes in your garden as much as you can. Like the positional change to the furniture, different shaped grass, etc. Cause rats have a fear for new things which means they are neophobic. It the easiest way to keep your farm, garden, lawn safe & secure from rats.

It helps you to terminate the burrows of your garden easily. Furthermore, the process is obstructive for rats reproduction system.

3. Create a rat proof garden

In order to protect your plants, vegetables, trees, harvests you’ll have to follow this:-

  • Cover up the lower torso of the trees with cylinder wire mesh.
  • Protect every single plants and flower by fencing around.
  • Plowing and tilling reduces the shelter of the rats.
  • Keep the surrounding of your plants, harvest clean. As rats don’t love clean spaces.
  • Like all other animals, rats can’t survive without water. Don’t water your garden carelessly. So secure drain counteracts to drainpipes.
  • Use trench of a sharp grave for individual plants.
  • Before adding soil you can line raised beds.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Rats Fast:

Rats are both arboreal and terrestrial. It’ll make your life greatly disturbed both in the interior and the exterior parts of the house. All you wanna do is to get rid of these troublemakers with one best and single shot.

The best ways to vanquishing rats are given below:-

Using Chemical:
Chemical uses are one of the best choices to exterminate rats. It’s poisonous and intoxicated. It operates spontaneously and kills rats at that moment.

Chemicals like amino, aspirin, vinegar, and other types can come handy. But some chemicals are only used to keep away the rats. But after a while, it’ll be the same.

Don’t use those if you are thinking to abolish rats permanently.

Filling Holes:

While filling up the entrance and exit holes of the hole. Don’t only use soils or cement to fill it. As there are an entrance and exit it’s possible that they’ve dug a tunnel inside. Which they’ll use as their safe reproduction system.

So flush them out with strong outpour of water and kill them before stuffing holes. Cause if rats die inside the stuffing it’ll emit malodor.

Keeping Pets: 
It is also regarded as the best option in this field. For example dogs, cats & owls. But, this method is inferior if the evil creatures are big, or have huge gangs.

Using Traps: 

Using traps are not the fastest but it is popular because of its simple working procedure. Out of those methods, it requires fewer activities.

Repelling rats from the Hole

Rats are resourceful. Every house and garden provides food, water, and shelter which rats are fond of. So it’s more than essential for you to remove them. Don’t worry we’ve your back. Here are some methods for repelling rats from the garden yeard and home:-     

  • Moth Balls (Naphthalene): It’s a chemical compound that is really easy to use. You can use it on your toilets, kitchens, cupboards & sewage lines. The aroma emitted from the moths keeps the rats away.
  • Ammonia: Ammonia mimics the smell of urine. It makes the rats think there are foxes or cats nearby and they get away. Also, the strong odor keeps the rats away too.
  • Peppermint Oil: Rats can’t stand the pungent smell of peppermint. Dip cotton into peppermint oil and place it in the affected area or, burrows. You’ll have had to replace it 1-2 times a week cause the smell fades away fast.
  • Bay Leaf: It’s a lethal element. Rats think of it like their food and eat it. Which kills them instantly.
  • Bright Lights: These are really powerful lights with a higher brightness level. It intimidates the rats and forces them to leave.
  • Ultrasonic Sound: Rats communicates through high frequencies. So the sound will baffle their communication. It’ll make’em leave by making their ears bleed.
  • Baby Powder: It is used in intoxicating and setting traps for rats.
  • Human Hair: It spoils their privacy and irritates them. So clip a few standards and throw them into the infested areas.
  • Toilet Cakes: Fix this on your attic. The stinky odor will keep the rats away.
  • Owl’s Feather: Place some owl’s feather into rat holes. It’ll scare them to run away.

But rats are tricksy & neophobic creatures. It’ll take some time for the traps to function. Be careful about human, pets, and children cause chemical traps can harm them.

How To Fill Rat Burrows

Making Burrows is the utmost stage of rat infestation. There several places where rats but in most cases, it seems to be gardens and houses. The procedure of filling rat burrows are given below:-

Tips for Destroying rat Burrows

Rats don’t travel more than 100-150 meter for foods. So if you can eliminate the food source then you can eliminate its infestation. And decrement of infestation will prevent rats to make burrows.rat hole in garden yard

Keep your woods, firewoods, crates & lumbers, stacks stocked in the storeroom. Cause the free spaces between it can become the gathering (burrows).

Once you destroyed one or several burrows don’t stop looking for them. Cause rats are an intelligent creature. If a handful can escape at a slight they can build up another nest or hole elsewhere in the garden or house. Look for tracks and traces whenever you get time.

Outdoor Hole Filling Procedure:

  • Clean up your pet feces off the ground. Cause it attracts the rats and it takes its food.
  • Remove plants like yucca, palm and cypress trees, star jasmine, ivy, honeysuckle. It accommodates them.
  • Don’t leave any pet foods or, bowl outside disregarded. Preserve the food in an airtight plastic container.
  • Cement, soil or dirt can be used to seal up the holes. To eradicate the rat’s cat’s urine can come handy.

Tips for Fill Rat Burrows Indoor

Check your basements, attics, closets, between walls, behind refrigerators & stoves and beneath piles of old boxes. These are great hiding spots and where they can create burrows.

Because of having sharp teeth it can chew many hard materials. So if you’ve covered it any element recheck it after 2-3 days.

Indoor Hole Feeling Procedure:

  • Wherever you’ll find a hole or, nest fill it up with wire mesh. It’s kind of tough for rats to gnaw mesh wires. Also, speckle can be expanded over the mesh. That’ll make the outward of the mesh stronger and rat Preventative.   
  • Combine glass and cement and use the mixture to cover the exterior part of the hole.
  • But rats can leave the sealed place and create a nesting at a different part of the house. So be aware of it.

Killing Rats in Burrows 

It’s direct action in terms of inhibiting rats. Every techniques & customs have their own outcome. But the process and outcome of this method is:-

Methods of Killing Rats in Their Burrows:

  • Baking Soda: Mix 1 cup of baking soda with sweet stuff like sugar, chocolate or, peanut butter. Keep it near the rats burrow. The sweet things will attract the rats. As soon as it eats it, it’ll die instantly.
  • Flooding: You can also flood out the rat. It’s better to do it in early spring or, late winter before the rats start their reproduction. You can implant a pipe or any other water source into the hole and outpour the water with full speed. When the rats will come from another entrance kill it with a stick, shovel or a piece of metal.
  • Dry Ice: Outside of the container the dry ice turns into carbon dioxide. So put some dry ices into the hole. And the rats will die by suffocating.
  • Boric Acid: Mix boric acid with chicken broth. Make the mixture thicker like paste. Roll the paste into a ball and throw them into the burrows. Sooner or later it’ll be dead.
  • Naphthalene:  It creates insufficiency of oxygen-carrying properties in the blood. As a result, the rats die.
  • Poison: It causes immediate death. It has been made with some grainy food that rats find interesting to eat. After eating the grainy foods expands on the belly and cause dehydration. Which leads them to death.
  • Traps: Set traps near the burrows of the rats. Use nuts, peanut butter, fruits, bread crumb, to gain the full attention of the rats. But it will take some time cause the rats are neophobic. Don’t make it too attractive otherwise it can be ruined by wild or house animals. Check your trap time from time.  

Tips for Getting Rid of rats From the Backyard:

Backyard RatGuard your own backyard, garden, and lawns. Look for any eaten vegetable, torn flower, engraved soil, droppings, gnawed fruits, and even holes. By verifying this you’ll be able to know the presence and infestation of rats. Taking the necessary steps will be easy by then.

Moreover, check on your neighbors too. Cause if they have any kind of invasion there is a maximum chance that you’ll be affected by it soon.

Owls are natural eradicators. It’s also known as birds of prey. It eats rats as food. So you can arrange the process by making small houses on the trees. Attract the birds to come and leave the rest to the owls.

Backyard Rat Controlling Process:

  1. You can smoke out the rats from the backyard by using a smoke bomb. Smoke bombs contain poisonous chemical elements.
  2. In the result, It will kill the rats like gophers. Remember to put these bombs both in the entrance and exit. Be careful while using cause it can harm anyone.
  3. You can also use different kinds of traps. Use blocks, seeds, meals, pellets, and packets as bait and make it look catchy.
  4. However, you have to ensure that the trap is set inside a big box, basket, or a surrounding. So no babies or pets can’t get hurt by it.
  5. Cats are the best option to eradicate the rats. They are fast, fierce, has sharp claws and jaws. If it has a single sight of rats it won’t give up till it’s dead.
  6. They can do hunting anywhere like a garden, backyard, and houses. So having a pet cat is a plus point in this regard.
  7. With snap traps, you can also apply poison baits. Place it near its nest, burrow, food source, between walls and old boxes. It ensures urgent death or may trigger internal bleeding.

These animals have an avoidance behavior so the appearance of these animals will keep the rodent from your territory. Again cats and owls are the great annihilators. You can make small birds nest in a near tree for owls.

Final Words:

In this article, we compare the whole process to get rid of rats. However, if you consider making rodents proof garden this will be the best solution. Moreover, the rat eliminating process is not laborious. If you are facing any kind of problem, let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Adam, Thanks for your post. I’m having constant to battle to manage rats in our garden. We are rural but our property is very close to a neighbour’s (very untidy) stables. I am convinced the rats on our property must be getting food from horses next door, as we have nothing left out here. Any advice?

  2. As a property manager, i noticed that the homes with skunks living under the backyard shed, had absolutely no signs of rodents. Even after being empty or uninhabited for long lengths of time. We didnt bother the skunk and it never bothered us. In fact, we love the skunks.


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