Best Airstones for DWC (Deep Water System) Hydroponics

Growing plants in hydroponic are quite easy if you know what you are doing. You can even take these vegetables and similar forms of greenery to different businesses. These greeneries are quite popular among restaurants and grocery shop owners nowadays.

As you are invested in the idea of hydroponics, now you are looking for the best air stone for DWC online and you are getting overwhelmed by all these products. 

Let us guide you through some factors that will help you to choose an ideal air stone and also give you some suggestions.

What is the Best Airstones for Your DWC?

As a part of the hydroponic method, the deep water culture or DWC in short sure does require a nutrient solution to ensure that the plants are growing at a good rate and in a healthy way.

The entire project needs a sufficient amount of oxygen while keeping the Carbon dioxide level at a minimum. 

That is where air stones step in as they are necessary tools to carry out just the task of aeration. Before selecting an air stone, you need to consider some factors. Let us guide you through these factors to choose the best airstone for DWC.

Airstone VS Air Diffusers

Also going by the name aquarium bubbler, air stones are aquarium furniture that is needed to pump bubbles and diffuse air into the tank. This ultimately reduces the CO2 level in the water and fills it up with sufficient oxygen.

On the other hand, air diffusers are simply air circulator or air distribution subsystems. They are responsible to distribute and regulate airflow in an aquarium or hydroponics. 

Both of these components are essential for a hydroponics system and are required to be paired up with an air pump. The airstone maintains oxygen level and aeration while the air diffuser maintains airflow.

What Size Air Stone Do You Need?

Although there are plenty of sizes available for air stones, picking one up entirely depends on the size of your hydroponic garden. The size directly impacts the effectivity of your air stone as the perfect one will aerate your hydroponics garden more effectively.

A simple rule of thumb is that pick an air stone that generates at least 500-600cc of air per minute to the nutrient reservoir. The cc count is just the same as the ml count per minute. Don’t stress over this as you will find the cheapest ones providing greater than this number.

How Much Airstones Does DWC need?

To ensure optimal growth of your plant, professionals recommend that you need enough air stones that can at least generate about 1 Liter per minute(LPM) through aeration and airflow for each gallon of water.

Suppose your hydroponic garden has about 5-gallon of water. It would require about 5 LPM of air stones to ensure smooth aeration. Subsequently, for 10- gallons of water USA 10 LPM airstones.

Type of Airstones for Hydroponics and Aquariums

Air stones come in three shapes and sizes. Eco plus, round disc, and micro pour. Each of these air stones has a slightly different purpose and functionalities.

  • Eco Plus: Specifically designed for gardening, these air diffusers are reliable and operates quietly without producing much sound. These are quite common air stones among commercial gardeners.
  • Round Disc: These disc-shaped air stones generate small bubbles that aerate aquarium, fish tank, and hydroponics. The small generated bubbles circulate nutrients inside the hydroponic to promote better health for your plants.
  • Micro Pour: These air stones create the smallest of the bubbles compared to the other two types of air stones. This enables the air stone to increase its oxygen circulation ration for a surface area. Unlike other air stones that might break or suffer clog, micropores will never suffer such defects and perform effectively.

Top 10 Airstones for Deep Water System (DWC) Hydroponics

Hydroponics is gardening is one of the most popular growing mediums. Airsotons play a huge role by creating tiny balloons or bubbles of oxygen.

Here, I have picked the top Airstones for you money and worry-free performance.

  1. One Inch Air Stone 10 Pieces Cylinder Bubble Diffuser Airstones by Pawfly

One Inch Air Stone 10 Pieces Cylinder Bubble Diffuser Airstones by Pawfly

Starting, the one-inch air stone by Pawfly is the most common air stone that is used by aquarium owners. If you just got your aquarium and don’t want to spend much time on selecting a specific airstone, this air stone can be just the right fit for you.

If you prioritize the function of an air stone above its visual design and look, you should pick this one up. Although it is not the fanciest of the air stones that are available online, it will surely get your job done by generating bubbles and maintaining the filtration of your aquarium.

However, if you get this air stone, you also need to get a suction cup to hold it in place while it pumps air in your aquarium. Without a suction cup, the air stone is likely to float to the top when you switch it on. 

Picking those sponge suction cups will do, though they are not the best ones to pick, they will be enough to use combined with this airstone. The downside of the sponge suction cups is they create large bubbles compared to the air diffusers.

Amazing things about this air stone is that it has great compatibility. The stone can be driven by Nano air pumps which makes it the best air stone for fish tank, aquarium, and even hydroponics. Available in grey and blue, this air stone will look good on most of the aquariums and fish tanks.

Product Specifications: 

  • Shape: Cylinder
  • Jetting Volume: 0.8 Liter /min
  • Size: 0.6″ x 1″/15 mm x 25 mm (D x H).
  • Soaking Time: 1 Hour.
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: 2 W-4 W

Key Features

  • Is compatible with most air pumps including Nano ones.
  • Minimalistic air stone that provides a good function in terms of price.
  • Generates small air bubbles that are not that great compared to an air diffuser.
  • Materials include a small plastic tube and compressed ceramic.
  1. 8-Inch Air Stone Disc Bubble Diffuser with Suction Cups by Pawfly

8-Inch Air Stone Disc Bubble Diffuser with Suction Cups Review

Whether you already have an aquarium or fish tank or considering getting one, your priority should be to ensure that the submarine environment stays clean and healthy. Doing so will not only provide a clean looking aquarium but also will keep your fish’s life well.

Thankfully, the 8-inch air stone disc by Pawfly generates 300 to 500 microns bubbles that are pretty small in size but is enough to provide oxygen to your aquarium and maintain its circulation system. Ultimately leading to a clean and healthy submarine life for your fish tank, aquarium, or hydroponic.

If you are further concerned about your aquarium or fish tank’s health, we won’t blame you. It is rather quite easy for aquarium or fish tanks to get dirty over time if not maintained correctly. This eco-friendly air stone disc, however, will maximize your cleanliness and maintenance effort. 

The carborundum materials used in the making of this air stone is of high quality, non-toxic, and completely washable.

Unlike other air stones offered by Pawfly that are likely to float without a suction cup, this one already comes with a suction cup. The air stone weighs about 3 pounds and the 3 easy-mounts that comes along with it is enough to keep it at the bottom of your aquarium or fish tank while it generates bubbles.

Keep in mind that this tube has a body dimension of 8 x 1 inch (D x H) and is not usable with standard airline tubing that has a measurement of 3/16″.

Product Specifications: 

  • Shape: Disk
  • Jetting Volume: 28 L/min.
  • Size: 8 x 1 inch (D x H).
  • Soaking Time:6 Hours.
  • Connector Diameter: 3/8″
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: More than 15W

Key Features

  • Comes with 3 easy to mount suction cup that keeps it in place.
  • The high-quality carborundum materials used in this air stone are non-toxic and washable.
  • Generates a small bubble about the size of 300 to 500 microns that are enough to fill a fish tank with sufficient oxygen.
  1. 4 Inch Bubble Release Mineral Airstones for Hydroponics Pump

 4 Inch Bubble Release Mineral Airstones for Hydroponics Pump

Third, on the list, another great air stone by Pawfly stands out from most of its counterparts. This one doesn’t only function amazingly in your aquarium, fish tank, or hydroponic system but also adds visual aesthetic to it.

Taking about visual aesthetics, this product comes in green and blue where both of them go pretty well with the submarine environment and gives it a natural outlook. The air stone is made of mineral and plastic and is durable enough to be worth the purchase. At this price point, the air stone is a bargain.

As for the functionality of the air stone, it gets the job done quite well. The air stone enhances the vitality of the aquarium or fish tank of yours with rising bubbles. Providing greater aeration and enough oxygen balance to create a healthy submarine environment for your fishes.

Another good thing about this air stone is that while generating bubbles, the air stone is less likely to move without even needing any suction cup. This will save up your cost which you would need to get a suction cup for your air stone. This air stone also generates a sufficient quantity of bubbles to keep your aquarium aerated.

Besides looking good on your aquarium, this air stone makes a good surface through agitation. It also provides greater water flow and gives out a relatively high quantity of bubbles. Where else will you get such diverse air stone at this price point?

Product Specifications: 

  • Shape: Bar
  • Jetting Volume: 1.3 L/min
  • Size: 4.5″ x 0.8″ x 0.5″.
  • Soaking Time: 1 Hour.
  • Connector Diameter: 3/16″
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: 2 W-2.5 W

Key Features

  • Has both visual and functional aspects which is a bargain at this price point.
  • Generates a great number of bubbles to keep your aquarium aerated.
  • Has enough weight to stay at the bottom of your aquarium without needing any suction cup.
  1. Fish Tank Air Bubble 2-Piece Air Stone Bars by CNZ

Fish Tank Air Bubble 2-Piece Air Stone Bars by CNZ

Air bubble 2-piece air stone is an amazing product of CNZ that comes in three shapes and sizes. The air stone is quite versatile and proves to be amazing for its decorative and functional aspects. The three size variation of this air stone includes 4-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch so that you can pick one up according to the size of your fish tank.

While installing an air-stone in your fish tank, a rising concern is where you should place the air stone on your aquarium or fish tank so that it fits well and works well. The good news is that you can conveniently place this air stone on the gravel of your fish tank. 

You need to make sure that your fishes are getting enough oxygen and the aeration inside your fish tank is sufficient to keep it clean and healthy over a long period. For that, you need an air-stone that generate enough bubble inside the fish tank. Amazingly, this air-stone is just the thing you need to create enough wall of bubble inside your fish tank.

The only thing you need is a bomb of strong air that aerates through this air-stone and you will be all set. Just plug the air bomb, place it on the backside of your fish tank, or your aquarium and you will be all set. Your fishes will move freely and happily inside the healthy and pure fish tank.

Product Specifications: 

  • Shape: Bar
  • Size: Has three different sizes 4″, 10″ and 12″ length with width 1/2″.
  • Soaking Time: 1 Hour.
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: Large

Key Features

  • Versatile air-stone that has both decorative and functional aspects.
  • Convenient design that can be placed anywhere inside your fish tank’s gravel.
  • Materials include durable mineral and plastic.
  • Paired with an air bomb, this air-stone generates a large number of small bubbles to keep your fish tank healthy.
  1. Cylinder Aquarium Bubble Air Stone Fish Tank Aerator by Yueton

Best Airstones for DWC

Now from the aesthetic side of the air-stone spectrum, this cylinder-shaped product from yueton is a thing of beauty. This air-stone does a remarkable job in decorating your tank as it has a bright blue color and gives a noticeable touch in your fish tank. The air-stone has a plastic center and is designed well with the mineral.

One feature that makes this air-stone stand out of the crowd is that it generates a relatively larger bubble compared to similar air-stones that are available online.

 Don’t get concerned about whether your tiny fishes will get scared by these large bubbles. The size is just right to not to overwhelm the submarine life while getting the aeration job done effectively.

Hunting for a good aerator can be quite the hefty work given the overwhelming amount of products that are available online. We highly recommend this air-stone as it will keep your tank friends healthy by providing better aeration and an ample amount of oxygen. 

The product comes in a pack of 10, and you can count on them as they are preferred by most fish tank owners.

As for the eco-friendliness of the air-tank, it is made of non-toxic mineral and plastic and won’t harm your submarine life in any way. Rather, it promotes your fish tank with ample oxygen supply to let it thrives and keep lively. 

The air-stone is quite affordable and almost effortless to set-up.

Product Specifications: 

  • Shape: Cylinder
  • Size: 0.59*1.57 inch / 1.5*4cm”.
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: Small

Key Features

  • Does quite well in keeping your fish tank healthy and making it look beautiful.
  • Includes non-toxic plastic and mineral as-built materials.
  • Goes well with 4mm inner diameter soft tubes.
  • Generates the ideal size of bubbles to keep the fish tank clean while not overwhelming your tank friends.
  • Affordable and effortless to install.
  1. 4 inch Air Stone Bubble ASR100 Ball Shape Airstones Diffuser

4 inch Air Stone Bubble ASR100 Ball Shape Airstones Diffuser

Pawfly is quite popular among fish tank and aquarium owners as they provide greater quality for their price. That is why we have emphasized more on their products compared to other brands. 

Each air stone comes in different shapes and sizes all while maintaining their uniqueness and standard of quality.

Are you into horticulture and want an effective air stone diffusion for your hydroponics? Don’t you worry as the ASR100 air stone diffuser will fulfill your hydroponics needs? 

The diffuser performs remarkably well in adding oxygen to your hydroponics while reducing the CO2 level to a minimum in your hydroponics system.

The air stone diffusion has a unique design. The surface of the diffuser is round and the bottom is designed to be flat. What this does is make the placement more effective as the stones can be placed steadily.

Also, the diffuser has a low consumption of oxygen while it gives out a higher rate of fusion. Ultimately making it the best airstone for hydroponics.

The air stone has a unique dome shape that fits well in aquariums and hydroponics. Each of these domes is 4 inches long in size and grants a wonderful display to any setup that you have. 

The product does a remarkable job of aerating your fish tank or hydroponics by generating tiny cute bubbles.

To get it to work, we recommend that you use a 4w air pump along with this air stone to get the maximum performance. Also, you will be needing a jet power that has 20L per minute capability. 

All of these feature combined, this makes it one of the best airstones for DWC.

Product Specifications:

  • Shape: Flat bottom
  • Jetting Volume: 20 L/min
  • Size: 4″ x 1.5″ (D x H)
  • Soaking Time: 3 Hours.
  • Connector Diameter: 3/16″
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: > 4 W

Key Features

  • Effective circulation system that adds oxygen and maintains the CO2 level to a minimum.
  • Sleek design that grants the air stone to be placed steadily in your aquarium or hydroponics.
  • Ideal air stone for hydroponics.
  1. Oxygen Stone 6PCS 1.6Inch Air Stone by Magic&shell

 Oxygen Stone 6PCS 1.6Inch Air Stone

Decorating your living room with an aquarium not only adds to the overall decoration but also will pose a calm and relaxing effect on your mood. With the help of this amazing air stone, you can aerate your home aquarium while ensuring a healthy environment for your fish. 

Besides, this air stone also adds to the visual aesthetic of your aquarium.

Your little fish friends need a healthy environment where they can breathe and swim comfortably while keeping their respiration process well maintained. This air stone does an amazing job of keeping the CO2 level to a minimum while filing your aquarium with oxygen and a higher pH level. 

Having an aquarium or fish tank in your home does need some maintenance from time to time. Keeping it clean and healthy provides a better environment for your fish. 

Thankfully, this air stone is made of silicon carbide of high quality which makes it durable even if you wash it multiple times.

There is a debate about air stone and the bubble that they create. Some provide a small bubble of large quantity while some give out larger ones of a limited number. However, this high-quality air stone generates a sufficient number of small bubbles to keep your aquarium aerated.

As for the visual aesthetic of this air stone, it creates an eye-catching water current while providing mesmerizing underwater scenes. It has a body dimension of 40x15mm and will fit most home aquarium and fish tank.

This one right here is the best air stone for home aquariums.

Product Specifications:

  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Silicon Carbide, Plastic
  • Size:40x15mm/1.6×0.59 Inch(DxL)
  • Soaking Time: 15 minutes.

Key Features

  • Includes top quality silicon carbide which makes it durable.
  • Produces abundant quantity to tiny bubbles to aerate your aquarium efficiently.
  • Gives out eye-catching water current and mesmerizing underwater scenes.
  1. Air Stone 4″x2″ Hydroponics Aerators Commercial Air Pump Bubblers by AQUANEAT

Air Stone 4

This air stone is highly effective for hydroponics or fish tanks that you might have for commercial use. Unlike other air stones that we have reviewed so far, this one gives out the performance of a professional level. AQUANEAT has done an amazing job in creating a high performance and best air stone for hydroponics.

As a commercial air stone, you might be concerned about the built materials and whether it is eco-friendly and safe for your plants and fish or not. Worry not, as this airstone includes safe and non-toxic material that stays durable even after washing several times.

The air stone performs remarkably well when it is paired with high-output air pumps, especially those aquarium ones. With these two combined, you won’t even have to worry about the circulation of the tank as it will provide accelerated oxygen replenishment to your hydroponics or fish tanks.

If you own a hydroponic garden or involved in hydroponic growing in your home, you will find this air stone an economic choice to provide maximum aeration to your hydroponic garden. 

Pick up your ideal quantity of these, hook them up with hydroponics compressor and you will see this bad boy producing a huge quantity of aeration.

The air stone is quite effortless to set up as well. Keep in mind that you need to soak it for a minimum of 30 minutes before installing them. Then set them up in your hydroponics project and you will be all set.

Product Specifications:

  • Shape: Flat bottom
  • Jetting Volume: 45 L/min
  • Size: 2″ x 4″ (D x H)
  • Soaking Time:30 minutes.
  • Connector Diameter: 3/16″

Key Features

  • Intensive performing air stone for hydroponics garden or home projects.
  • Has a high quantity aeration capability if paired with a high-output pump.
  • Ideal air stone for a reservoir, aquarium, koi pond, and large hydroponic system.
  1. Aquarium Aerator Air Stones Fish Tank Bubbler by CO RODE

Aquarium Aerator Air Stones Fish Tank Bubbler

If you have a fish tank and looking for an air stone that provides an efficient and smooth diffusion of oxygen in your tank, you should pick this one ASAP! These air stones won’t disappoint you as they are a work of art by CO RODE who are well known for their high-performance aquarium aerators.

The air stone produces fine bubbles at sufficient quantity to keep your aquarium aerated all the time. Several users have tested it in their fish tanks and home aquariums and were satisfied with the result. 

This air stone is especially effective for fishes. Making it one of the best airstones for fish ponds.

As for the quality and eco-friendliness of this air stone, it includes both sturdy and durable materials that will function for quite a long time. Also, the materials used in this are completely non-toxic and won’t harm your submarine life. 

Rather, it maintains the oxygen level of your fish pond smoothly to keep it healthy and clean.

The air stone comes in a pack of 10 and is enough for medium to a large fish tank, pond or aquarium. Each of these air stones has a body dimension of about 18*30mm and you will find them suitable for 3/16″ air tubes.

Key Features

  • Best air stone for fish ponds.
  • Efficiently replaces oxygen in fish ponds and tanks.
  • Comes in a pack of 10 to provide maximum aeration to your tank.
  • Smoother and effective operation.
  1. Aquarium Air Pump Accessories Set 1.6″ – Best Air Stone for Small DWC

Are you looking for an all in one package for your aquarium, fish tank, or hydroponics? Wenshall has got you covered. With all the necessary aeration equipment included in this package, you won’t have to hunt for each component one by one and it will save you a lot of time and energy. 

Note that the air pump is not included in this package.

First in line is the 7ft airline tube, made with flexible and standard clear material, this airline tube is completely toxic-free and also kink-resistant. You will find this one ideal fit for your fish tank. From a broader perspective, this goes well with most of the aquariums out there.

Next, we have an air stone. With a body dimension of 2 x 1.6inch, it can sure pack a punch in providing smooth aeration to your aquarium. All you need is a 2W air pump and you will be all set. 

You will find you, fish buddies, cheerfully swimming around and playing with the bubbles that this air stone creates.

This package also includes 4 suction cups and 2 check valves. The suction cups combined with the air stone performs excellently as is keep the air stone stuck tightly to the tank glass. 

The amazing thing about the clear valve is that it will block the water from siphoning backward.

Lastly, we have 2 Y-shaped connectors that you can use to connect tubings according to your needs. You can also combine two of these inputs to create a single one. Better even create a dual outlet pump using these.

Product Specifications: 

  • Shape: Small Round
  • Size: 1.6 x 0.6″ (40 x15mm).
  • Soaking Time: 1 Hour.
  • Connector Diameter: 1.6″
  • Recommended Air Pump Power: Large

Key Features

  • This accessory package is everything you need for arranging aeration for your aquarium.
  • Has a diverse set of aeration tool made of high-quality material.
  • Jack of all trades.

Why is Air Stone Necessary in DWC Hydroponic Gardening?

The root of the plants needs oxygen to get nutrients and grow healthy. While growing on soil, plants naturally receive oxygen as they penetrate through the soil and reach the root of the plants. However, because of the absence of soil in hydroponics, plants won’t receive oxygen the same way.

This is why air stones are necessary for aeration in hydroponics. They create small oxygen-rich bubbles that dissolve in the water and spread in the entire system. The air pump helps to push the oxygen bubbles in the system so that the plants receive enough nutrients from it. 

How do the Hydroponic Air stone Work?

Paired with air pumps, the air stones generate a large number of small bubbles. The air pumps inject air through the stones and the stones give out bubbles filled with oxygen. These oxygen reach bubbles then diffuses in the water and give necessary nutrients to the plants inside of the hydroponics.


Q: What size airstone for a 5-gallon bucket?

A: One 6-inch or two 3 or 4-inch air stone will be enough for a 5-gallon bucket. In this case, you can choose EcoPlus 6 in Air Stone.

Q: Can you have too much air in hydroponics?

A: Yes you can have too much air in your hydroponics and it will mess with the health of your plants.

Q: How long does an air stone last?

A: An ideal air stone lasts about six to seven weeks and then loses effectiveness as time goes by.

Q: Should I leave my air stone on all the time?

A: You can leave your air stone running all the time and it won’t be that much of a problem.

Q: How often should you replace air stones?

A: The rules of thumb are – when it not creating any or enough bubbles. However, you can clean it to lower your expenses. I generally replace your air stones every tow -three months.

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Final Words: 

As Covid-19 has completely messed up the economy and most people are losing their job, you feel anxious that you might lose yours too. Then again there is plenty of ways to earn money and you look for some online. You stumble upon a post about hydroponic farm business that sounds appealing to you.

Hydroponics farm can be quite the business if you have everything set up. You can set up your hydroponic garden back yard and let it thrive while you socially distance yourself during this pandemic. This is what makes this business ideal during this time.

You can even pick DWC as a hobby as it requires less effort and will fill your backyard with beautiful looking greeneries.

As for the best airstone for DWC, we hope our guide has given you a sense of direction to choose the perfect fit for you.

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