Best Soil for Snake Plants Review and Using Guide

Snake plants love well-drained acidic soil with a pH level of 5.5 to 7.5. Best soil for snake plants can be simplified in- soil that drains well and capable of drain water faster.

Having a sensitive nose can be quite a bummer as even a slightly unpleasant smell bothers you. Scientists also agree that bad air quality tampers with your mood and makes you feel terrible. On top of that bad air quality of recent times has made it even harder to enjoy the fresh air.

Snake plants, also going by the name mother-in-law’s tongue (Yeah, they named it that) are known for their air purification capability and also make amazing house plants. They are quite easy to grow and all you need is the best soil for growing snake plants in containers.

So here we are, with our review on some of the best potting soil for snake plants followed by some tips on how to repot snake plants so that you can fill your living room with fresh breathable air.

What Soil & Potting Mix is for Snake Plants?

From the countless potting soil that is available online, how do you choose the best one that will suit your needs? Not all potting soil will give your snake plants the base that they need. You should know how to differentiate between them to select the right one.

Organic Soil:

Organic soil is the best place to start as they contain almost no pesticides and genetically engineered chemicals. Compared to the regular soil, organic ones are natural and will enhance the growth of your snake plants. Snake plants need this to grow and flourish. 

For growing snake plants, people frequently use organic spotting soil. You can use the  Best Potting Mix for Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants to grow them.

Potting Mix:

The choice is also likely to vary depending on the plant that you want to grow. For example, Growing cacti and small succulents require potting mixes that provide greater drainage and zero additives. If you are into growing orchids, go for the ones that offer soil amendments. 

Though non-organic soil won’t provide many nutrients, they include materials such as Styrofoam which has greater water retention capability. They are cheap and will be a good economic choice for you.

Keep in mind that the Styrofoam ones move up to the surface and wind might blow them away, creating an unappealing look for your pot.

Well-Draining Soil Mix:

Snake plants don’t love moisture. In fact, the lack of drainage capability can leats to root rot. However, watering is essential. That’s why you need to plant them in a well-drained soil.

pH Level and Nutrients: 

As I have mentioned that, these plants grow in acidic soil (pH 5.5-7.0). Besides, they don’t need extra feed when you have planted them into a quality soil mix.

Best Soil for Snake Plants Review 

Snake plants grow well in a soil mix that has a free-draining tendency. As snake plants are vulnerable to rotting, a soilless mix ensures adequate drainage for your plant. Most soil mixes include water retention and will be enough to grow snake plants. We recommend that you use soil amendments for additional water drainage.

If you are concerned that the soil mix will not be enough, using terracotta pots will take the draining game even further 

  1. Organic Succulents & Cactus Soil Mix for Snake Plant

Best Soil for Growing Snake Plant

If you are considering growing snake plants indoor, you should know that they need extra care and nutrients to grow healthy. For that, you need a soil mix that will provide everything your indoor snake plant needs to grow and thrive.

Although the soil mix is suggested for Succulents and Cactus, it works remarkably well in growing Snake plants too.

This soil mix by Kenzoplants is specialized for indoor growing as it includes screened sphagnum peat moss and pre-mixed soil for snake plants.

Whether you are a pro or new to the indoor growing scene, this soil mix will appeal to your growing needs.

Snake plants don’t enjoy too much water and will likely suffer from damage roots if you water excessively. A soil that has greater drainage capability will assist you here as they can drain out the excess amount of water. And guess what, this soil mix grants faster drainage while holding needed moisture for your precious snake plants.

Even if you miss out or forget watering your plant, the moisture-holding formula will cover it for you by supplying the root of your snake plant with necessary moisture.

The soil mix is ready to use off the bat and requires much less effort, all you need to do is plant your desired seed in this pre-mixed snake plant soil, water them when you feel like the soil has dried up and you will be all set for at least a few months.

Key Features

  • Pre-mixed soil for snake plants that makes planting effort a child’s play.
  • Enhanced drainage capability makes it ideal for growing snake plants.
  • Can hold moisture for a longer period even if you don’t water it.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor growing.
  1. All-Purpose Premium Soil Conditioner by Harvest Gold Organics

Top Soil for Snake Plants

If you are into gardening, you will find this soil a good boost for your plants. This organic soil conditioner contains premium quality soil that won’t disappoint you. Also, it contains nutrition-rich elements to give your plant a growth boost that they deserve.

Unlike most soil mixes available online that contain chemicals, this soil blend is completely chemical-free and is filled with minerals. Simply, it improves the overall structure of your soil so that you can have improved water regulation and your plant can absorb more nutrients than ever.

Will you see improved results though? We bet you will! The soil features silica along with 9 additional micronutrients that are vital for plant growth and increases the durability of your plant by strengthening the root. The product offers greater value for the price you pay.

Growing vegetables in your backyard that tastes good requires good effort. This premium soil will boost up your efforts as it performs great in strengthening the root of your vegetable while also increasing pest resistance.

You don’t want your precious vegetables to be eaten up by pests, do you?

Key Features

  • Premium grade soil conditioner that yields a better result.
  • Maximizes the durability and growth of plants.
  • Contains Silica and 9 additional micronutrients that plants love.
  • Ideal for growing vegetables that taste better.
  • Increases pest resistance for your plants.
  1. 20 Dry Quart Bag by Worm Gold Plus – Professional Grade

20 Dry Quart Bag by Worm Gold Plus - Professional Quality

The soil in rural areas typically contains necessary nutrients naturally. If you consider gardening in a rural area, especially indoor, you need a soil mix that includes these necessary nutrients. Urban Garden Farm has done a remarkable job in creating this mix as it contains purse casting of earthworm, volcanic rock, and fossilized kelp.

These organic materials are a must if you want to grow healthy-looking plants. The earthworm casting helps the soil to increase its water retention. Additionally, volcanic rock helps to hold water and effortlessly to be tilled. They are considered a time-release capsule that is full of nutrients.

This soil mix also contains zero manure and landscape waste. And why should you care? Because having no manure or landscape waste doesn’t attract flies or similar types of pests and bugs that can harm your plants. You wouldn’t want your plant to get eaten by pests, will you?

Your soil can get contaminated. Contaminated soil will get filled by toxic materials and will result in your plant absorbing this toxic material that is harmful to them. Thankfully, this soil mix doesn’t contain any toxic material and is completely non-hazardous. It is less likely to burn your plants.

Key Features

  • Rich with earthworm casting and fossilized kelp provides greater nutrients to plants.
  • Includes volcanic rock that absorbs water and releases when necessary.
  • Non-toxic soil mix which is healthy for your plant.
  • 100% organic soil in which you can depend on.
  1. Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil Mix for Growing Snake Plants

Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil Mix for Growing Snake Plants

Are you struggling to grow snake plants? This professionally formulated cacti soil mix will elevate your struggle and give you the optimum result while growing snake plants indoor. Why stress over the low growth rate of your plant when you can get this one and stay worried free? 

This organic mix packs a hell of a punch with several features up at its sleeve. This lightweight soil-mix will give you enhanced water drainage capability which is ideal for growing snake plants indoors.

Also, the mix has a pH balance of 5.5 which helps the root of your plants to absorb a greater amount of nutrients.

Will you be using this soil mix to grow healthy-looking snake plants? Or are you going to grow bonsai plants to decorate your living room or patio? Whatever the hunt, this 100% organic soil mix will make your growing activities effortless.

The soil mix contains about 25% perlite and 75% substrate and is very much low in fertilizer. The good drainage capability combined with a natural level of pH helps you to promote an environment where your cactus, snake plant, or bonsai can grow healthy. The mix is amazing for such plants that love acid. 

Key Features

  • Contains a pH level of 5.5 that is amazing for acid-loving plants.
  • Has enhanced water draining which makes it ideal to grow snake plants.
  • Professionally formulated soil mix that offers a remarkable result.
  1. Houseplant and Tropical Classic Potting Mix by rePotme

Snake Houseplant and Tropical Classic Potting Mix by rePotme

Whether you are a newbie or are involved in gardening activities in your daily life, this multi-purpose soil will assist you in a wide range of gardening activities. With the help of this premium quality soil mix, you will be able to do potting, seed-sowing, and even planting in containers. 

While growing a houseplant, you need to depend on your soil more than you think. Too dry or too wet soil will give out small leaves. Also, a soil that has low aeration and is chunky will promote weaker growth for your plant. However, this hassle-free soil mix will encourage your houseplant to grow without any problem.

This soil blend is completely rot-resistant and promotes amazing drainage for your plants. Soils that are dense face a hard time draining water and will hold excess water. This happens as the soils lack drainage holes. Ultimately, leading your plant to rot and die.

Now how much of this soil mix will be enough for you? As it comes in mini bags it can be difficult to determine how much of it you should get. The resealable bag is sized to be 7 x 11.5 inch, 2 quarts to be precise and 2 to 3 bags is enough for your indoor planting needs. 

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose soil mix that works for almost any gardening activity.
  • Ideal soil mix for houseplants and promotes greater growth.
  • Completely rot-resistant and has improved water drainage.
  1. CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix by Espoma

4-Quart Organic soil Mix by Espoma

My-tone is one hell of an element that increases survival and growth for snake plants. They help the roots of your plants to grow bigger so that it can absorb as much water as they need. They also help with environmental stress tolerance. And guess what? The CA4-4 Quart organic cactus mix includes muco-tone and is one of the best soil mixes for snake plants.

When plants grow in nature, the soil they grow in is unaccustomed to stock water. Also, snake plants are adaptive to dry environments that have little water. If you are considering growing them indoors in a pot, you should get this soil mix as it has enhanced aeration and moisture retention.

This soil mix also helps with the growth of your plant’s root. A strong and healthy root gives a good structure to your snake plant or cactus that can increase its survivability. Having a bad root will eventually lead your precious plant to die.

If you want to fill your living room with elegant looking snake plants, this soil blend will assist you to do just that. There are plenty of snake plant types such as Sansevieria trifasciata, Sansevieria robusta, Sansevieria twist and so much more. Whatever you decide to grow, this soil mix is ideal for most of them.

Key Features

  • Includes enhanced myco-tone that increases the survival of your plants.
  • Improves aeration and moisture retention.
  • Amazing root growth capability.
  • Ideal for growing most types of snake plants.
  1. 72776430 Indoor Potting Mix 6 Qt by Miracle-Gro

Indoor Potting Mix 6 Qt by Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro is known for its amazing gardening product and this blend works remarkably well with most container plants. Container plants are likely to suffer from yellowed foliage and similar types of problems. You can rest assured that the 72776430 Indoor Potting Mix will eliminate most of them.

When shopping for potting soil, you should know that they degrade over time. This reduces the soil’s effectiveness and usefulness. Thankfully, this soil mix will feed your plants for at least 6 months so that you can experiment and grow different types of plants indoors. 

Gnats are quite dangerous for plants as they degrade and damage them with their larvae. Gnats lay eggs on your plant’s root and when they hatch, they will drain nutrients out of them keeping your plant a dead lifeless husk. This soil mix contains zero compost and bard making the soil less prone to gnat attacks.

Among many other organic materials, this soil mix includes coconut coir in its blend which helps with retaining water at an increasing rate. Even if you don’t water your plants for a long time, the coconut coir will supply your plants with needed moisture so that it can stay healthy.

Key Features

  • Contains zero bark and compost to keep away gnats from harming your plant.
  • One of the best soil mixes for container plants.
  • Stays effective for more than 6 months.
  • Has coconut coir that offers additional moisture.
  1. Soil Mixture for Snake Plants 4 qt- Best Sansevieria Trifascatia Zeylanica Soil

Best Sansevieria Trifascatia Zeylanica Soil

Snake plants, specifically the Sansevieria Zeylanica ones are known for filling indoor with clean and fresh breathable air. This blend by Rio Hamza Trading is perfect for growing such breed. You can even use this blend for repotting you snake plants wherever you want.

Soil is likely to contain ingredients such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen but the most important ones are the organic materials that are most beneficial for plants. This soil mixture contains peat moss, lime, worm casting, and perlite which are more than enough to give your plant a hefty amount of nutrients.

When you order snake plants online, such as the Sansevieria Zeylanica ones, they usually come in nursery bags. You later need to house them in a pot where they will be growing. With the help of this re-potting soil, you can do that almost effortlessly.

Snake plants need extra care to grow and having a soil that offers better drainage will reduce the burden. This, gritty, sandy and well-drained soil mix will promote enhanced water drainage so that you plant can grow and thrive. Healthy snake plants will fill your indoor with clean and fresh breathable air.

Key Features

  • Best soil mix for growing Sansevieria Zeylanica.
  • Includes natural ingredients to promote plant growth.
  • Works well while re-potting snake plants that come in nursery bags.
  • Specialized soil blend that helps plants to grow and thrive.
  1. 1310102 8-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil by Black Gold

8-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil by Black Gold

When necessary, plants are usually fragile and require extra care. They need frequent watering and nutrition supplements to acquire strength. The 1310102 8-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil blend will give your plant with a head start as it contains nutrition-rich fertilizer.

The soil mix contains Canadian sphagnum peat along with forest humus, worm castings, and pumice. The Canadian sphagnum peat is known for its organic and natural oil conditioning which are quite a popular ingredient among gardeners.  

The moss efficiently regulates moisture and creates an ideal growing condition. What else can a gardener ask for from a soil mix?

Have you ever heard of the Multicote technology? This one is a beast in managing fertilizers. Whether you live in an area that faces heavy rainfall or a light leachable environment, this technology will lower the fertilizer consumption rate while yielding similar results for your plant.  

And this soil mix is equipped with Multicote release fertilizer to up your gardening game.

Are you intro growing house plants? Or do you simply want to decorate your balcony with beautiful looking hanging baskets? You can even decorate your patio with plant containers that look good. Whatever you choose to do, this multipurpose soil blend will be your friend in need.

Key Features

  • Equipped with Multicote fertilizer technology, grow plants in any weather conditions.
  • Multipurpose soil mix that helps to grow most types of plants.
  • Contains Canadian Sphagnum peat for better nutrition supplement.
  1. 100% All Natural Hardwood Charcoal for Horticulture by Rio Hamza Trading

All Natural Hardwood Charcoal for Horticulture by Rio Hamza Trading

Horticulture can be an amazing investment of your time if you give it a decent effort. You will need to be careful about certain factors as well. Such as ensuring greater drainage so that excess water doesn’t push air out of your soil. This amazing charcoal blend will save both of your time and effort with its added drainage layer. 

This natural soil blend also contains a greater soil amendment for garden soil potting. The charcoal included in this performs excellently in amending soil, especially if you have sandy ones. Helps to retain water and works even well if your soil contains sphagnum peat moss. Plants that require acid will benefit from it.

If you are into growing orchids, you will find an effective result with the application of this soil blend. They contain almost no additives and is 100% natural. Orchids act as a symbol of luxury and will enable you to create an elegant looking garden or indoor decoration.

Gardeners prefer charcoal because of its natural ability to retain nutrients. If you want your plants to grow healthy and with stronger roots, you should pick this one ASAP!

Key Features

  • Has an additional drainage layer to assist your plant with needed moisture.
  • Charcoal acts as a natural nutrient retainer which builds stronger plants.
  • Ideal soil mix for growing orchids that acts as an elegant decorative plant.
  • Contains no additive and is completely natural.
  • Has greater soil amendment for garden pots.

Our top pick is the All-Purpose Premium Soil Conditioner by Harvest Gold Organics. It is an amazing choice for growing almost any kind of snake plant and yields greater results too. The 100% All Natural Hardwood Charcoal for Horticulture by Rio Hamza Trading is a great choice too if you want to grow a healthy-looking snake plant indoor.

Guide to Use The Soil and Plant Snake Plants

Guide to Use The Soil and Plant Snake Plants

Snake plants are amazing as decorative items and also have scientific reasons for you to grow indoor. Having snake plants indoor will provide you with clean and fresh breathable air. Works great in refreshing your mind if you live in an urban area full of distraction and have a dynamic lifestyle.

If you are considering growing snake plants, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The very first step is to identify what type of snake plants you are considering to grow and depending on your selection, you should pick a soil mix that compliments the plant best.
  • Next, fill two-thirds of a container of your choice with the potting mix that you have just selected.
  • After that, carefully remove your snake plants from the nursery container without disturbing the root.
  • Now, place the plant inside of the container that you have just filled with soil mix and gently press the soil with your hand.
  • Finally, when you feel like the plant is a good house inside of the pot, pour in some water lightly and your snake plant is ready to grow.

Why Using Regular Garden Soil is Prohibited for Snake Plants?

Regular soil loses effectivity over time as they are used time and time again for growing plants. As snake plants require nutrients and water drainage, using a free-draining soil blend is the best thing to do. Also, regular soil doesn’t contain organic ingredients like sphagnum peat moss, perlite, and worm casting that are a must if you want to grow snake plants.  

Tips for Growing Snake Plants

Being a beginner gardener, it is completely ok to get overwhelmed by the process of growing snake plants. However, if you are clear about the process and know what you are doing, you will find it effortless. Here are some pro tips for you to grow snake plants-

Food, water, and light is a must for growing snake plant. The soil is likely to dry between your watering sessions and during the winter season, avoid watering excessively. While you water your plant, try not to get the leaves wet.

Although snake plants are tolerant in most light conditions, try to place the pot in indirect sunlight just to be safe.

For the food of your snake plants, don’t forget to add fertilizer during the growing season. Having an all-purpose plant food will also assist you in ensuring greater growth for your snake plants.

Successful Repotting Process

Snake plants usually come in necessary pots and need to be repotted in their new home. The process can be quite tricky and might harm your plant if you are not careful enough. Let us guide you through a safer process of repotting snake plants.

  • Go for a pot that is comparably 1 to 2 inches larger in size compared to the ones that the snake plants came in. Having a drainage hole is a must to drain water. Fill in about 1 third of the pot with a soil mix of your choice.
  • Next up, lift the plant carefully from the nursery container gently. Be extra careful not to disturb the root of your snake plant.
  • Place the plant inside of the container that you have just prepared and added some additional soil mix. After that, gently tap the soil so it sets in well. 
  • Now apply light water inside the container and your plant is ready to grow in this new pot.

Final Words:

So what’s stopping you? Snake plants are an easy and ideal choice to improve your home’s air condition and also work as a good hobby to invest in. Pick one of the best soil and potting mix for snake plants that we have just reviewed and you will be all set.

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