Best Fertilizer for Azaleas with Complete Feeding Guide

Azaleas are acid-loving plants. Maximum azalea species, hybrids, and cultivars grow in slightly high acidic soil. So, Nitrogen-based slow or controlled-release Azalea plant foods are the best fertilizer for growing azaleas.

To let your garden get filled with blooming azalea, you will be needing plant food that supplies your azalea with needed nutrients. Having compacted soil reduces growth and might result in the premature death of your azalea. So here we are, with our review of some of the best fertilizer for azaleas.

Keep on reading as we guide you through picking up the correct fertilizer for your azalea followed by remarkable pro tips that you will find helpful.

What Types of Fertilizer is Recommended for Growing Azaleas?

Are you a landscape enthusiast and want to transform your home or garden with attractive-looking shrubs? You should consider growing azaleas. When they burst into blooms, they look outstanding and increase the visual aesthetic of your home and garden. They are also very effortless to grow and worth the time.

In determining the best fertilizer for Azaleas, first, you need to specify what type of azalea you are going to grow. Azaleas come in different shapes and sizes and each of them requires varying effort to grow. Take the Encore azalea, for example, they don’t enjoy too much soil nutrients and a little bit of TLC will keep them blooming and healthy for many seasons. 

And then some azaleas need frequent nutrient supplements to keep up with the weather condition and to grow and thrive. Whatever azalea you are considering to grow, let’s follow through with some of the types of fertilizer that work best for growing azaleas.

Nitrogen Based 

Nitrogen is the most needed nutrition for shrubs like azalea bushes. The most effective fertilizers are based on nitrogen.

However, synthetic plant food also came with warnings! It can burn the leaves. To avoid such a problem, you should pick a smart, controlled, or slow-release fertilizer. Liquid Azalea foods are often mixed with water so it will not burn your plants.

NPK Balance

Also known as complete plant foods, the NPK balanced fertilizers maintain the level of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium equally.

Balanced Azalea plant feeds work well with newly potted soil as they contain no ingredients beforehand.

If your soil already contains some degree of the ingredient of NPK, you might harm your plant by adding this kind of plant foods and running the balance. However, slow-release fertilizer is safe to use. As they take time to melt in the soil.

Controlled Release Nitrogen

This type of plant food releases nutrients gradually when applied to the soil. The release of the nutrients can be controlled given a certain period. The formula includes additional ingredients such as magnesium and calcium besides NPK.

The longevity of this kind of nutrient is determined by soil temperature and the time when the fertilizer was applied. During higher temperatures, the Azaleas feeds are likely to release at a much faster rate.

Slow-Release Nitrogen

Unlike, its counterpart, the slow-release plant nutrients is likely to release a small and steady dosage of nutrients over time. This kind of fertilizer is usually organic fertilizer. They work quite naturally when applied to the soil. They decompose over time and release nutrients for the plants at a slow rate. 

The product is usually coated in plastic resin or polymers made of sulfur. Over time, water and heat from sunlight break down the layer and let it decompose.

Best Fertilizer for Azaleas 

Here are our top picks on what growers recommend for optimal growth and blooms.

  1. Water Soluble Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron Plant Food by Miracle-Gro

The Best Fertilizer for Azaleas

This acidic soil by Miracle-Gro has a pH level of 5.5 which is great for growing acid-loving plants. Acid-loving plants need a higher quantity of acidic nutrients. This helps them to grow while maintaining optimal health and beauty. 

With the help of this soil, you will be able to grow Azalea that has beautiful bloom and lush foliage.

While feeding fertilizer to your Azalea plant, avoid feeding the entire fertilizer pack at once. If you do so, the fertilizer will be less effective and in the worst-case scenario, you might run the risk of damaging your precious plant.

Feeding your azalea 2-3 times during summer and spring will be just about right. With the help of this plant food, you will be able to feed for at least 1 to 2 weeks before repurchasing another pack.  

If you feel curious and want to grow similar types of acidic plants besides Azalea, this plant food will be of great help to you. Grow hydrangea, hibiscus, orchid, or rhododendron to explore more on the flowering shrubs category.

During spring bloom, a beautiful-looking azalea shrub will mesmerize your mood. While these shrubs are quite easy to grow, they do require some degree of care to bloom beautifully. 

This water Soluble Azalea plant food is great for feeding the roots and enhancing both growth and beauty.

Key Features

  • Promotes beautiful bloom and lush foliage for Azalea plants.
  • Sufficient to feed for 1 to 2 weeks during spring or early summer.
  • Ideal plant food to feed acid-loving plants.
  • Encourages root development to increase the growth and beauty of your plant.
  1. 77020 Jack’s Professional Geranium 15-15-15 Fertilizer by JR Peters

Recommended balanced fertilizer for Growing Azaleas

JR Peters is quite a popular brand among gardeners and is known to produce some of the best products that assist in growing houseplants. While plants like Azalea are root-bound, they need necessary supplements that promote root growth. 77020 Jack’s Professional Geranium Promotes stronger root growth and bud set for azaleas.

If you are into growing azaleas or similar types of plants such as geraniums, you should know that nutritional toxicities are bad for these kinds of plants. When food plants include a higher amount of aluminum, iron, and manganese they cause nutrition toxicity.

Thankfully, you will find a minimal level of nutritional toxicity on this plant food.

This plant food is also water-soluble for effective nutrition retention. Fertilizers of this kind efficiently dissolve in water and leach out of the soil. This enables you to supply just the right amount of nutrients that your plant needs.

You won’t have to worry about your plants’ food for quite a while as this food plant comes in a 25-pound bag. To make your life easier, the bag includes a measuring spoon so that you can precisely add food to your plants. 

The instruction manual will further help you with mixing and adding fertilizer to your plant.

Key Features

  • Promotes stronger root growth for growing azaleas and similar types of plants.
  • Has a minimal level of nutritional toxicity for your precious plants.
  • Water-solubility ensures that your plant receives just the right amount of nutrients.
  • Comes with a measuring spoon and instruction manual for effortless use.
  1. 4lb Azalea & Rhod Food by Fertilome – Best for the Money

Affordable Fertilizer for Azaleas

Growing azaleas can be quite a hobby but it also requires much-needed care. Your azaleas are prone to attacks from pest and bug and you need plant food that provides defense against these pests.  

The 4lb Azalea & Rhod Food by Fertilome includes active ingredients to keep your plant safe.

The plant food contains about 15% of soluble potash, 12% of Boron added with 9% phosphate, and a minimal amount of needed copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. Everything your azaleas need to grow stronger without being prone to pest attacks.

This 4lbs bag of food plants will enable you to grow Camellia, Azalea, Rhododendron, and similar types of plants that love acidic fertilizers. Growing these herbs can add quite aesthetic to your garden and with the help of this plant food, your job will be almost effortless.

To use this plant food, all you need to do is get a cup and fill about ¼ of the cup with this food plant for each foot of your plant’s height. Avoid fertilizing your plant until they have bloomed completely.

The bag comes with a label to give your further instruction on effective application.

Key Features

  • Includes active ingredients to keep away pests and bugs from your azaleas.
  • Can be used to feed a wide range of acid-loving plants including Camellia and Rhododendron.
  • Completely safe for your pet and won’t harm them in any way.
  1. Organic 4 Azalea/ Rhododendron Acid Fertilizer by Dr. Earth

Top Organic 4 Azale/ Rhododendron Acid Fertilizer by Dr. Earth

If you have pets or small children running around your garden, you might face problems while growing azaleas and similar types of acid-loving plants. These plants require acidic fertilizer and applying them might harm your pets or child.  

However, this food plant is completely pet, and people safe to keep you worry-free.

Will it be enough to feed your plant for a longer period? You bet it will. The 4-pound bag will be able to feed your precious azalea for a minimum of 3 months. You won’t have to worry about replenishing your food plant stock for quite a while.

This food plant features ecto and endo mycorrhizae which are beneficial for plants like azalea. The endo mycorrhizae help the root of your plant by exchanging the root cells internally while the endo provides an exchange mechanism from outside. 

 Additional pro-biotic help with stronger root development for the healthy-looking plant. 

Growing azalea during summer can be quite a bummer as they get prone to increased heat. 703P Organic Acid Fertilizer is here to the rescue as it contains eight select strains. Now, why should you care you may wonder.

Well, this element performs remarkably well to give your azalea a fighting chance by increasing its drought tolerance.

Key Features

  • Enhanced root development for healthy-looking azalea.
  • Contains seven champion strains and a pro-biotic for increased drought resistance.
  • Quality plant food for acid-loving plants.
  • Sufficient enough to supply for at least 3 months.
  • An organic formula that eliminates the need for additional supplements.
  1. Shrub /Flowering Plant Food for Growing Azalea in Pot 
Shrub /Flowering Plant Food for Growing Azalea in Pot

Although this plant food is ideal for growing gardenia, other indoor plants will also see a greater result with it. This liquid fertilizer will enable you to grow flowering plants that not only look good but will also have sustainable health.

You can use this for both newly planted and growing plants.

When growing flowering plants like azalea or gardenia, you should emphasize more on the root of your plant. Taking good care of the root and providing it with necessary supplements will yield a greater result.  

A fertilizer that is higher in phosphorus compared to nitrogen or potassium seems to help a lot.

As these food plants have a ratio of 3-1-2, you will find it sufficient enough for tending to the root of your plant. Which will provide a balanced nutrition diet for your plant to let it grow and thrive.

Plant food treatment is completely soluble in water. About 1 tablespoon will be enough per 2 cups of water. During months where there is plenty of sunlight, use this mixture twice each month to see the improved result. And during the winter season when there is less sunlight, one dosage of this plant food will be enough.

You will find the results pleasing as countless gardeners have given a positive review of this product. The plant food is greatly known for its ability to grow bright-looking flowering plants.  

Whether you choose to grow indoor or outdoor, this fertilizer will assist you to grow flowers in a pot that gives out amazing fragrance.

Key Features

  • Water-soluble plant food that is quite effortless to apply.
  • Has a miracle ratio of 3-1-2 that provides balanced nutrients for stronger growth.
  • Best plant food for indoor flower plants.
  • Effective fertilizer for growing bright and fragrance-rich flowers.
  1. Acid Loving Plant Food Huge Blooms for Azalea 

Acid Loving Plant Food Huge Blooms for Azalea in spring

Nelson Plant food is widely known for its effective gardening products. They conduct extensive research to come up with products that help and enhances the growth of plants. This Acid Loving Plant Food is also one of its premium quality products that assist in horticultural activities.

If you are looking for an immediate result from your plant food, you should consider picking this plant food. This fertilizer blends well with soil biology and provides your flower plant the correct amount of nutrients that it needs at any given time.

You will see immediate boos upon using this plant food and the benefits will sustain for quite a while too.

Growing azalea during the dry season requires extensive care. You need to ensure this acid-loving plant is getting enough nutrition supplements to have improved tolerance to the weather condition.  

This plant food does quite well to promote heavy flowering. Upon application, you will notice the plants are bigger while blooming gorgeously.

This plant food contains about 13% of phosphate, 11% soluble K20, and 9% Nitrogen. Creating an acidic blend that appeals greatly to acid-loving plants such as Azalea, Dogwoods, Camellias, and Gardenias. The blend together creates an amazing growing environment for your plant.

Key Features

  • Features Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Soluble K20 that appeals to high pH soils.
  • Premium quality fertilizer that yields immediate results for your plants.
  • Nutrition and mineral-rich plant food that increases tolerance to dry weather.
  • Promotes the growth of dark green leaves and vibrant looking flower plants.
  1. Acid-Loving Special Liquid (21-7-7) Water Soluble by ENVY

Unlike much other foliage that absorbs nutrients that were only meant for your plants, lush foliage is quite healthy for flowers. They also add to the visual aesthetic of flowers. And surprisingly, this Plant food by ENVY helps to create lush foliage and gives out amazing bloom for your plant. 

As a gardener, you will find this soluble plant food very much helpful to grow a wide variety of herbs and flowers. This versatile formula will enable you to grow Camellias, Azaleas, Magnolias, Hydrangeas and so much more. Filling your garden with beautiful looking flowers that give out the mesmerizing scent is now easier than ever. 

The food plant formula is completely dissolvable in water so that you can apply it at an optimal rate.

The problem with having a large number of food plants is that they might lose effectiveness after a certain period. You won’t be using the entire bag on a single go and need to store the excess amount away for later use. With ENVY’s resealable pouch that comes with this plant food, you can easily store it away for successfully extended usage.

The formula also comes with a measuring scoop so that you can supply your precious plant with the right amount of nutrients that it needs at any given time.

Key Features

  • Versatile formula that will enable you to grow a wide range of herbs.
  • Completely water-soluble for maximum absorption of nutrients.
  • Comes in a resealable pouch to extend the effects of usage.
  • Includes a measuring scoop for an optimal amount of food supply for your plant.
  1. Organic Gardening Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Plant Food, 4 lbs by EcoScraps

Best Organic fertilizer for Azalea

This formula by EcoScraps is specifically formulated for growing acid-loving plants. With the help of this plant food, you can effortlessly grow azalea and similar types of herbs that look and smell good. Who wouldn’t want a garden full of azalea flowers that refreshes your mood?

Particles within this plant food are precisely formulated so that they tend to uniform the feeding of your plants. This all-in-one particle food mix will give you an easy and clean experience of feeding your plant. Leading to sustainable growth and stronger plants.

While growing azaleas, organic and natural nutrients does the best to enhance the beauty of it. As this plant food contains particles that are leftovers from the food-life-cycle, you can rest assured that they are completely organic.

You will find this plant food highly effective for ground and container plants. However, keep in mind that the product doesn’t come with a scoop so you need to be careful about the measurement when applying food.

Key Features

  • Specifically formulated plant food for acid-loving plants.
  • Contains organic particles for improved nutrition supplement.
  • All-in-one particle plant food that helps with uniform feeding.
  1. SPF45170 Purpose Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10, 8 oz by Schultz

Purpose Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10

Besides growing flowers, you might also include some vegetables and fruits to add diversity to your garden. And with the help of this plant food, you can do just that and so much more. You will find growing shrubs, houseplants, fruits, perennials, and vegetables easier than ever.

With a Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium blend of 10-15-10, you will find this food plant of high performance that promotes stronger root growth and better health for your plants. A high level of phosphorus helps to hold sunlight for a longer period and this food plant will assist you during the winter season when plants are likely to receive less sunlight. 

Whether you are involved in indoor or outdoor gardening, this food plant will assist you in both of the scenarios. Simply use the measurement dropper that comes with the food plant and add the needed amount of nutrients to your plant. A simple rule of thumb is applying 7 drops per quart of water.

Key Features

  • 10-15-10 blend plant food that holds a high amount of phosphorus for sunlight retention.
  • High-quality plant food for both indoor and outdoor planting.
  • Multipurpose plant food for growing vegetables and fruits besides flowers.
  • Includes measurement dropper for precise application.
  1. Lilly Miller Azalea Food 10-5-4 16lb – Perfect NPK for Azaleas

Lilly Miller Rhododendron Evergreen And Azalea Food 10-5-4 16lb

While growing flowers like azalea, you want to grow them at their best and bloom brightly. However, this requires good care and plant food that you can rely on. The Rhododendron Evergreen And Azalea Food by Lilly Miller works well with acidic soil to give your herbs the boost that they need.

This traditional plant food by Lilly Miller also includes natural ingredients. This results in a unique fertilizer that blends well with acidic soil and shows results at a much faster rate. The plant food package will be sufficient enough to feed your plant for at least 6 weeks.

The extra added minerals in this plant food will deliver your plant with much-needed nutrition supplements that they need. On various weather conditions, the Rhododendron Evergreen Azalea food performs remarkably well to keep your plant well protected.

Key Features

  • Can be used to grow a wide range of herbs including Camellias, evergreen shrubs, and Azaleas.
  • Quality mixture of traditional plant food and natural ingredients.
  • Sufficient enough to feed plants for at least 6 weeks.
  • Performs consistently to keep your plant strong and vibrant during various weather conditions.

When to Fertilize Azalea Shrubs?

Azaleas Feeding Guide

Organic compost and dried leaves get the job done if you have well-drained garden soil. You won’t be needing any fertilizer for your azaleas unless you notice nutritional deficiency on them. Slower growth can also be a concern for adding fertilizer. Other than that, you need to add fertilizer for the optimal growth of your azaleas.

It will be quite noticeable that your azaleas need fertilizer when there is nutritional deficiency.  Smaller leaves and yellow leaves that you might see dropping too often might be a warning sign that your azalea needs fertilizer. When you notice that the branch tips of your azaleas are dying and leaver are giving out a darker green color, your azalea might be suffering from phosphorus deficiency.

Though there is a chance that these signs are caused by compacted soil, a soil condition that is caused by a lack of nutrients. You should consider getting your soil tested and depending on the result, determine whether you should add fertilizer or not.

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How to Fertilize Azalea for Optimal Growth and Blooms?

How to Fertilize Azalea for Optimal Growth and Blooms

As there are numerous types of fertilizer out there, the only way to determine the correct one for your azaleas is through soil testing. 

balanced fertilizer will do if you don’t want to get your soil tested. This type of fertilizer usually has counts such as 15-15-15 or 10-10-10. Nowadays fish fertilizers are getting popular. If you are interested you can check our review on Alaska fish fertilizer. Recently, we are getting success in the lawn with it.

Among other nutrients, your azalea mostly needs nitrogen. This promotes faster growth for your azaleas. You will find the most recommended fertilizer for azaleas to be nitrogen-based.

Applying fertilizer can be an effortless task if you know what you are doing. As your ultimate goal is to allow the plant to absorb the fertilizer, spreading it over the root area entirely will get the job done.

The root area stretches farther down, mostly three times the distance from the trunk to the tip of the branch. Depending on the distance, you need to add fertilizer. Form a circle on the soil with the help of the trunk as it is the center. Sprinkle fertilizer in this area and apply water. Avoid spilling grains of fertilizer on the foliage while applying. 

Fertilization Tips for Healthy Plant and Maximum Blooms

Having azaleas in your garden not only is a great addition to the plant collection but also adds mesmerizing scent throw-out the garden. Growing them can be quite tricky so let us give you some pro tips.

  • You will seldom require a schedule for fertilizing as you will be adding fertilizer mostly during the growing season. Which is during late winter or early spring.
  • Don’t add fertilizer unless you see signs of lower growth and leaves turning yellow.
  • Avoid fertilizing during a drought as there will be less water for the plant.
  • If you use wood chips fresh sawdust for mulching when planting your azalea, you need to fertilize them.
  • Unless you have your soil tested, pick a balanced fertilizer for your azaleas.
  • Organic fertilizers perform well compared to chemical ones.
  • Hence, if the soil nutrition is too low you can consider replacing soil with the best soil for gardening around the house.

Final Verdict

At this point, you might have gathered enough knowledge about azaleas and the different types of fertilizer that they require. From the top ten, our top pick as the best type of fertilizer for azaleas is the Jack’s Professional Geranium Fertilizer by JR Peters or Lilly Miller Azalea Food 10-5-4. This well-balanced plant food is a quality one which is a bargain at this price point. 

The 703P Organic 4 Azalea Acid Fertilizer by Dr.Earth also performs remarkably well in growing Dark pink and Magenta azaleas due to its acidic ingredient. 

So go ahead and pick the fertilizer that you find most appropriate for your azalea and fill your garden with a spellbinding scent.

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