10 Best Potting Mix for Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

Phalaenopsis Orchids (epiphytic flowers) are regarded as hard to grow. So, you must pick the best potting mix for phalaenopsis orchids. 

Your orchids must grow healthy and bloom faster. And a proper mix of potting soil will ensure that.  

In this article, We have reviewed the best quality potting soil for you. Besides, illustrate the importance of quality soil and guide to choose the perfect one. 

What Potting Mix Is Best for Phalaenopsis Orchids?

Phalaenopsis orchids also known as moth orchids different from other types of flowers and orchids. 

They are also capable to thrive on the tree as epiphytes. However, to grow it indoor or outdoor it is essential to choose the best pots for orchids.

As epiphytes require host plant, so the organic potting mixes with good air and drainage system is essential. 

There are many commercial potting mixes available in the market. By fur, most of them work as we expected. But some of them perform outstandingly well (you will find it on the review).

When you are picking a soil mix you have to consider things like Materials. The best soil mix commonly contains fir tree bark, sphagnum moss, redwood bark chips, coconut husk, or pine bark chips.

Charcoal is another substance that is recommended for outdoor orchid potting soil. 

Orchid plants aren’t like the other plants. Phalaenopsis orchid plants need extra care and better air circulation, moisture, water retention. Growing them on tight soil is not a good idea. 

So for that type of orchids, you have to pick a mix that retains moisture, provides excellent air movement and water retention unless your orchid plant won’t grow properly. 

Another thing is that using soil for orchids sometimes needs repotting but when it is in bloom, you actually can’t do re-potting. 

Best Potting Mix for Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants:

We handpicked several potting mixes for phalaenopsis orchids. When you are planting them in pots or containers you to be precise.

1.Sun Bulb 50000 Better Gro Special Orchid Mix, 4-Quart 

Among all the orchid potting mixes out there in the market, this is one the best, especially for cattleyas, dendrobiums, paphiopedilums, epiphytic, and, phalaenopsis orchids.

It’s popular among the people who grow orchids professionally. Besides, people who grow orchids as a hobby can also choose this Orchid soil mix. 

The main components of this potting mixture are sponge rock, western fir bark, and hardwood charcoal. 

It is being prepared by highly trained professional orchid growers and scientists. They have formulated this mixture and tested the product several times to ensure the best quality. 

That’s why Sun Bulb Better GRO Special Orchid Mix is always at the top of the people’s demand. It helps plants to grow strongly, providing excellent drainage and root ventilation.

It is available in the market in 4 quarts and 8-squats size bags. Besides, If you are a beginner to grow orchids, don’t worry. There is proper instruction on – using potting mixtures for those who are using it for the first time. 

The price is as usual as the other potting mixes very much affordable. For orchid lovers, it is the best choice. 

2. All Natural Orchid Potting Mix by Perfect Plants- Great for All Phalaenopsis

Perfect plants orchid potting mix is made of natural substances such as charcoal, sponge rock, pine, and coconut chips bark. This mixture helps orchid roots to grow stronger, expand, climb, and provides the plant a perfect environment for growing. 

One of the components used here is sponge rock; it is porous and helps the plants to maintain pH. Charcoal is used for impurity absorption.

Besides, it filters bacteria from the root and keeps the plant healthy. Coconut chips support to aerate the plant and also helps in root growth. Another essential element Pine bark is excellent for nutrition absorption and stores a lot of nutrients for orchids. 

This potting mix is a complete pack of natural substances that will ensure your plant’s best growth by providing it all the nutrition it needs. And, giving the roots enough room to grow and better drainage. It also maintains the moisture. Customer review for Perfect plants orchid potting mix is always lovely as its the best pack of care for their plants. 

3.Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Potting Mix by rePotme

Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Potting Mix is a special type of potting mix which is hand-blended. All the ingredients are very fresh and packed only before the delivery. As a result, after ordering it you can actually keep it for a long time. 

The experts who have made Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Potting Mix prioritize hand bending. it helps to keep the quality of all the ingredients. It contains white sponge rocks, large chunks of dark, a little amount of sphagnum moss. Maintain moisture here clay balls are used. It drains well and protects roots from rot. They recommend is to use a good draining pot if you are using this mixture. 

This potting mix is comparatively expensive than the other potting mixes in the market. It is just because rePotme focuses on their standard and people’s demand. You will definitely see the positive impact after using the rePotme potting mix.

All-natural components and handcrafting processes make it a bit expensive but the quality is always ensured and always the best. Buying it will be a good use of your money. You can always rely on them, this potting mix is used by some of the biggest Botanical Gardens and Conservatories in the world. 

4. Sun Bulb 5011 Better-Gro Phalaenopsis Mix

This one is especially for phalaenopsis orchids. So for the people who are fond of phalaenopsis orchids, this one is their first choice. 

As the Phalaenopsis orchids remain bloomed for months so it’s obvious that they may need repotting and to do that this is the best option. 

This potting mixture not only helps to increase the beauty of your orchid plants but also fertilizes it. Alongside that, it has a great impact on root growth and maintains the moisture of the pot. 

It is a combination of hardwood charcoal, Canadian chunk peat, coarse perlite, and western fir bark; these are the core substances that are mainly used to make this potting mix. 

This entire mixture is made and supervised under the observation of professionals who have great knowledge of phalaenopsis plants. That is why it always retains the customer’s faith and provides them with the best result they expect. 

It is available in 8 quarts packs. Quite a big bag of soil for many orchids. 

For the best result, you have to soak it in water for over a night before planting the orchids, so that it maintains required moisture. 

It is affordable for all. People who have used the product are always very positive about it and their common review is it brings out the orchid’s best looks. 

5.Besgrow Orchiata Orchid Bark -Classic 1/4″-3/8″ (6-9mm)

Besgrow Orchiata orchid bark is made of pure Pinus Radiata barks. This potting mix is a handmade product. Besides, all the substances used in it are from renewable forests, which are very environment friendly.

You can use them directly from the bag, and you don’t even have to add any additives. Professional orchid harvesters recommend this orchid bark; there are many benefits of orchestra original potting mix. 

One of the best qualities is that it contains many micro-organisms which help the plant to grow fast as well as protect the orchid form diseases.

It is a proper pH balanced mix, so you don’t have to be wary about acidity that is often found in barks. 

As the pH is balanced, it doesn’t produce extra salt, so don’t even have to flush it time and time. Those barks are quite good in their quality; they ensure nutrition and absorb water.

Moreover, it doesn’t break down or lose fertility easily, so the soil can be used for a longer time. As a result, you don’t have to be bothered about re-potting it soon.

But this is a problem that you might face in case of using other potting mixes. It keeps the root hydrate all the time and gives it longevity. 

6. Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix Coarse Blend

Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix Coarse Blend is best for cattleya, dendrobium, epidendrum, and phalaenopsis. It is suitable for almost all types of orchid plants. If you pick this item, your orchid plant will get good drainage and thrive faster. 

Coarse allows it to make the proper air movement in the root and keep it dry. One specialty of Miracle-Gro is that it contains plant food that feeds the orchid plant for up to six-seven months. For that reason, the plant grows with all its beauty and big blooms when it is the time of flowering. 

The bag is available in an 8-quart size, and the price is quite affordable. As there is an additional food supply within this potting mix, it can be the right choice.  This potting mix is the best option for them who are regularly taking care of their plants. 

If you are looking for a cheap potting mixture for your orchid plant, this one is the best option for you to pick.

7. Sun Bulb 50450 Better GRO Orchid Moss

This Better GRO orchid moss from Sun Bulb is an organic potting mix that is perfect for growing orchids. 

It contains sphagnum moss that helps to reduce bacteria and also helps to maintain moisture. 

Using this on sick plants can be beneficial to recover them. Besides you can use them for your young plants. 

This potting mix is an excellent choice for repotting. It also decreases the chances of fo shock. Moreover, the soft moss used in the combination makes the orchid plants look beautiful.

It keeps the moisture held in the substrate, and it also drains quickly. For growing ferns, you can use this mix too. You can put your faith in the Sun Bulb 50450 mix because the National Orchid Society endorses it. 

It comes in a size of 190 Cu, which is quite sufficient; if you use it correctly, it can last up to for months. 

As an additional bonus, you will get a website link where you will different types of tricks and tips for better orchid growing. If you are looking for a potting mix for your orchid plant, you can pick Sun Bulb 50450 Better grow. 

8. SuperMoss Orchid Sphagnum Moss Dried

SuperMoss Orchid Sphagnum Moss is a premium quality potting mix. It is well known for its long-lasting quality. 

Long fiber moss is used to produce this potting mix. That ensures excellent water retention. 

If you grow your orchids on hanging baskets and window baskets, this is truly an excellent option for you. 

One of the specialties of this potting mix is that it can store water up to 18 times its weight. 

It also ensures the proper distribution of water in the roots of the orchid. However, the long fibers make sure that air flows through the underground—which resulting in proper nutrition distribution. 

Before using it on your plants, you can use it as a soil conditioner for phalaenopsis and epiphytic orchids. 


If you are looking for aerating soil, transplanting, conditioning, or decorating your orchid plant, then you can consider SuperMoss Orchid Sphagnum Moss in the first place. Ii’s available in both small and larger sizes you can buy according to your need. 

9. Better-Gro Charcoal for Orchids – Best For Outdoor Growing

Better Gro is always a reputable name in potting mixers, and charcoal is one of the quality products of this company. 

It is widely used for its natural, long-lasting option. The naturally processed hardwoods used in it helps in aeration and proper drainage. 

If you are using Better Gro charcoal, you will notice a smoky scent. This is quite nautical from Better Gro potting mixes. To have the best effect of it, you have to soak the charcoal in water before using it for a potting mix. 

The bag is medium in size, and it is coarse. It comes in a quantity of 8 quarters, which is enough for handling five-six re-potting.  

You will find this potting mix a bit expensive than the other options out there. But, its a hand made product with entirely natural ingredients. You will feel the difference once you use it.

If you chose this one, it would be a good use of your money. You can also use it for other plants and also can combine it to make your potting mix for any orchids varieties. 

10. Super Moss Orchid Potting Bark

Super Moss Orchid Potting Bark is a fully organic potting mix. 

Its core component used in making this soil is Douglas fire bark. 

However, It is not heat-treated or baked. But, this makes it absorbent stores a sufficient amount of water and nutrition for your plants.

On the other hand, It has a perfectly balanced pH that is good for the orchids. And provides proper drainage and air movement. As a consequence, the root gets access to enough oxygen.  

It is common in floral and craft projects. Moreover, you can use it as an ideal soil cover for indoor and outdoor container plants because it gives your plants a natural environmental look. 

This one comes in 4 quarts size bags its a medium size pack. The price is affordable for all among the other natural potting mixes out there in the market. You will find this one as the cheapest. 

If you are looking forward to decorating your orchid plants and giving it the best naturalistic look which will capture the eyes, this potting mix is the one that you should pick.

Common Potting Mix Materials For Phalaenopsis Orchids

There are a few potting mix materials that are suitable to grow paphiopedilum and cymbidiums. Many orchids grow in the solid without any special requirements, but tropical orchids need more air to the roots. 

For growing those orchids in the container outside or inside, potting mixes are essential. 

Besides, the potting mix helps orchids to look at its best and grow with its full potential. Such types of potting mix materials are sphagnum moss, bark, coconut husk, Coal, Charcoal, perlite, and tree fern.

Fire Bark: 

Fire bark is a ubiquitous ingredient in potting mixes. Some young orchid plants rely on more moisture for types of plants; Pine bark chips are the best. Coarse barks get dried quicker and allow more airflow through the roots.

Fire barks also give excellent drainage, which keeps the plant green and bright. It doesn’t decompose that much quickly using fire barks on plants and won’t need any repotting with one to two years. 

New Zeland sphagnum Moss: 

Sphagnum moss is mainly for those orchids which are used to drying out. Such as the moth orchid requires more moisture. The air plants grow on mossy rocks or moss-covered limbs. Some terrestrial orchids grow in bogs of sphagnum moss.

But it has an acidic pH which is very bad for some orchid plants such types of orchid plants won’t grow well on them. Many orchids grow well when sphagnum moss combine with other orchid potting mixes. Also, these are used on the top layer on those mediums, which dries out very quickly. 

Coconut Husk:

It is the best choice for dry environments where plants require extra moisture. It holds water for the roots for a long time. These are also very light provides excellent airflow to the roots. Before using them on plants, it is a must to soak them on the water to remove salt in it. 

Unfortunately, coconut husks are not suitable for water drainage. 

So, if you are using coconut husk as a potting mix, then you shouldn’t use them at the bottom; instead, it would be good to mix something with it, which is suitable for water drainage. Such types of things can be some packing peanuts or pebbles. These are good for water drainage. 


Charcoal is used for its longevity. It is fully organic, but these are not water-retentive. 

That is undoubtedly problematic. But, you can mix it with other elements to achieve a good result for outdoor growing. As growing under the sun will solve the problem. 

 If you are using Charcoal, you need to make sure the environment is not dry, or it will be best to use them in humid climates. 

It comes in different sizes, actually according to the demand. It can be large, fine, or medium. It is also used for maintaining the pH level of the soil. Filters impurities and keeps the soil perfect for plant growth. Sometimes these are miss understood as coal, but it is carbonized wood. 

Lava rocks: 

These rocks are useful for proper drainage. It prevents the roots from decomposing. But these are quite heavy and stores a little amount of water. Lava rocks have different sizes according to the demand. 

While choosing them for orchids something to remember that the larger the stone size, the bigger the air pockets, and it also retains less moisture. 

Besides, rocks become cooler depending on the environment. So this is something you should consider if your orchid growing climate is cold. 


Course cinder is also used for orchid potting mix. Cinders good for roots growth. But while choosing them, it is better not to pick too pine cinders because it doesn’t allow the rotors to get enough air.


These potting mix materials are suitable for water retention. There are not that much helpful except that. But you can find them very quickly in the garden centers and nurseries throughout the year.  

Why to Use Potting Mix?

You should know about the pros and cons of your plant so that you can use that knowledge to pick the right potting mix, which copes with those qualities.

Only then will you feel the difference of growing plants on normal soli and growing them with potting mixes. 

For growing better orchid plants and if you want them to grow at their full potential, then you have to pick the right potting mix for your orchid. 

  • Potting mixes are of different types. Some are good for moisture, better drainage, and some are good for nutrition. 
  • One of the orchid potting mixes comes with many pros and cons. You should know which one is best for your orchid. 

You can also buy some potting mix ingredients by yourself and blind them to make your potting mix that is also good. 

  • Some potting mixes put extra beauty to your plants’ looks. Using them on the upper layer adds more beauty to the plant. 
  • Such types of potting ingredients are perlite, fire bark, coconut husk, sphagnum moss. Growing plants on glass pots using these ingredients make it look great. Also, you can use them for hanging baskets and window baskets.
  • Many potting mixes don’t even need any repotting for over one to two years. It’s quite a relief to use them. 

Final Verdict: 

Some potting mix ingredients come with unique qualities such as lava rocks, cinder. Some of these ingredients stores water and nutrition that is quite an addition to the plants. On the other hand, these soils are recommended for re-poting too. 

Using potting mixes on plants always results in good only if you pick the best potting mix for Phalaenopsis Orchid. 

Now, if you have any questions you can ask in the comment below. 

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