What is the Best Orchid Pots in 2023?

If you are interested to grow orchids indoors. You probably need the best Orchid pots in terms or growth ability and designing purposes.

Here, we have reviewed the best orchid pots available online in terms of features, shapes, colors, and materials of pots that are available to grow orchids.

To make things simpler for you, following is our buying guide and review of some of the best orchid pots available online which you can pick for your living room.

Best Orchid Pots for Growing Healthy & Beautiful Plants

If you are searching for the best pots for growing orchids, here we have reviewed the top 12 orchids pots. As you have considered finding a quality product, we are here to ease your decision. Find out top 10 picks:

  1. TREND SPOT 5 inches Orchid Pot Taper, Green White Indoor Planter With Hole

Best Looking Indoor Orchid Pots

Completely handcrafted, Green White Indoor Planter by TRENDSPOT is a thing of beauty that has the touch of artisan glazes. Your gardening needs will be met perfectly with this planter’s sought after shape and style.

This planter is designed specifically for orchids and will provide enough scope for the plant to grow.

If you are often unsure of how much water you should use on your orchids, this pot is ideal for you. It has built-in drainage holes and attached saucer that will drain out access water from the pot, saving your orchids from receiving damage in the process.

Concerned about whether your orchids will grow out to look beautiful? Stay worried free as this pot is designed with decorative cutouts that provide enough scope for your orchids to breathe freely.

Roots of orchids that receive enough light and circulation will grow out to look very healthy and beautiful. Let’s learn what makes this pot one of the best orchid pots. 


  • Stunning artisan glaze themed design that adds up to the aesthetic beauty of your living room.
  • Drainage holes ensure that the root of the plant receives enough scope to breathe.
  • Extra drainage hole also works to drain out excess water in case you have used too much water.


  • Fragile and requires to be placed in a safe place.
  1. Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots – Recommended Orchid Posts With Holes

Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots

Orchid plants require plenty of water and nutrients to grow. mono 7 Inch pot will be your best friend here as plenty of holes and mesh are designed in the pot for your Orchid to thrive.

The problem with growing orchids in a smaller container is that while growing, the roots get tangled with each other as there is less room. However, that won’t be the case with Mkono as it is large enough to house a full-grown orchid. 

The pot is designed to control root growth as the pot is slotted and evenly distributes the root. Also, some nets ensure enough airflow is present for the plant to intake. The air then flows to the prunes of the root zone avoiding circling in the process.

The pot is made of high-grade PP plastic and the outer surface of the pot is made beautiful with matte white color. The package comes with two inner and two outer pots for your orchids.


  • The inner pots provide enough scope for your orchids to remain aerated.
  • Your orchid’s roots are less likely to get tangled as the pot provides enough room for them to remain organized.
  • The pots are a combination of great drainage and aeration for your orchids.


  • The pot is not durable.
  • It won’t add up to the visual aesthetic of your orchid.
  • You need to water your orchids regularly while on this pot.
  1. rePotme 3.75 inches Carousel Orchid Pot – Unique Design  

 rePotme 3.75 inches Carousel Unique Design Orchid Pot

Made with UV resistant plastic, this orchid pot is as unique as it gets. The pot stands out of the traditional pot design with its 33 upright tines. An amazing pot to have in your living room that not only looks good but also is good for your orchids to grow in.

When it comes to access watering, you will be pleased to know that the saucer of the pot is removable. This ultimately enables you to drain out excess water from the pot. 

The transparent design of this pot is ideal for growing orchids as enough light can be consumed through the transparent plastic surface of the pot. However, this does not hinder the visual beauty of the pot as it looks unique due to the color of the pot.

If you want to ensure the health of your orchids, by now you should have a clear idea that the root is what requires the most care. This is where you will find Carousel Orchid pot to be a great one as it has enough gaps between tines that ensure greater ventilation and drainage. 


  • The pot is designed attractively so that your orchids look beautiful in any room decoration.
  • Ideal pot for growing orchids due to the transparent design and gap between tines.
  • The pot is durable and less fragile due to the good quality material of what it is made of.


  • The pot is quite expensive compared to other ones.
  1. Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Planter, 8″

Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round orchid Planter

Plats such as orchids require extra care of the roots and thus self-watering and aerating pots are great for them to grow in. The problem with most of the pots out there is they look bad for beautiful plants like an orchid to grow in. Thus self-watering and an aerating pot of HBServices is a great alternative.

To ensure greater aeration, the pot is designed to have enough room from the actual container and the plant that is planted inside the container. For additional aeration, the pot has extra air slits on the underside for the orchids to intake.

The planter comes in four shapes and sizes for you to pick from. You can get this pot in sizes ranging between 6” to 12”. The pot visually looks amazing as well and you can get it in five different color gradients to fit your living room design perfectly.

The pot is made of ultra-grade UV resistant plastic that ensures greater durability as well as better housing for your orchid. The amazing thing about this material is that it doesn’t leach chemicals into the soil.


  • Ideal pot for lazy planters who have less time to water and tend to the care of plants.
  • Plants thrive to grow in this pot due to its technologically advanced feature.
  • Has a greater variety of shapes and color.
  • Amazing for growing orchids as the features assist the growth of the roots.


  • Expensive due to the amazing features that come along.
  1. Mother’s taste BB Plant pots – 5.3-inch cylindrical ceramic planters

Mother's taste BB Plant pots - 5.3-inch cylindrical ceramic planters

Its minimalistic design is what you are looking for in your orchid planters? Mother’s taste BB Plant pots are not only designed with a minimalistic outlook but also are sleek and beautiful. Having this on top of your table will surely brighten it up.

The pot has approximately 5.3Inch x 5.1Inch x 4.3 Inch dimension and will hold up orchids amazingly. As the orchids need enough room for them to grow and the root of the plant to breath in the air, this will be enough to ensure the plant remains lively inside of it. 

You can ensure the maintenance of the planning hassle-free with this pot as this plant has drainage holes to drain excess water out of it. The holes will prevent clogging from happening and the plant is quite easy to carry and move without the water dropping out.


  • Minimalistic pot to suit your planting needs.
  • Has enough space to grow orchids effectively.
  • The ceramic body goes well with any room decoration.
  • Extra holes prevent drainage of water.


  • Fragile pot and require care while moving and carrying.
  1. Orchid Flower Pot, 8-inch -Best Outdoor Orchid Pots

Orchid Flower Pot, 8-inch -Best Outdoor Orchid Pots

Made with premium-grade PP material, this pot is all you need to grow orchids. The material ensures that UV rays are kept away from your precious orchid and won’t let your orchid to suffer access heat as the pot is heat resistant.

The pot has internal and external pot sets keeping the double pot design in mind. You will find this feature quite helpful during the rainy days as all you need to do is take out the inner pot and get rid of the excess moisture.

At some point, you might have thought about how a pot can ruin your expensive furniture because of the soiling that can occur from the pot. Worry not as this pot has improved tray design that won’t let the soiling happen and save you furniture from getting dirty.

While growing orchids, you need to ensure that the overgrown root of the plant does not get tangled up, and results in choking each other. This pot has enough space and designed to ensure greater airflow so that the root zone receives enough airflow and thrives to grow in an organized manner.


  • The design of the pot ensures greater root control.
  • Made with premium material, this pot ensures greater durability.
  • It has outer and inner pot sets so that you can tackle diverse weather conditions.
  • You can use this pot to grow not only orchids but also orchids like plants such as dendrobium and cattleya.


  • The design is too simple compared to a minimalistic plant pot.
  1. Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket, 8″

Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket

This octagonal looking wood basket is amazing to grow orchids without requiring a potting medium. The entire body of the planter is handcrafted that you will find visually stunning and as well as improved in quality. The octagonal shape adds up to the strength of the planter.

This octagonal-shaped basket also goes by the name Vanda basket. The underlying reason behind this is that it is an amazing planter to grow Vanda orchids. This planter can house a diverse set of plants as well. Such as you can use it to grow bromeliads and ferns.

The cedar basket provides excellent drainage capability due to the octagonal and wood design that it is made of. You can use sphagnum moss and coconut fiber to use as a liner to use with plants that are planted in the potting soil. 

You can hang this basket quite effortlessly inside or outside of your home with its Galvanized wire eyelets. The cedar basket has a body dimension of 8-inches x 4.75-inches x 6.5-inches and can hold orchid in it while providing enough room for them to grow.


  • The octagonal design ensures that the pot remains durable for a longer period.
  • It has excellent drainage capability and is ideal for growing orchids.
  • The pot looks amazing whether you hand it inside or outside of your home.


  • There is a large gap in the bottom of the pot.
  1. Flowers Glass Plant Pot- Best Clear Glass Pot for Orchids

Flowers Glass Plant Pot- Best Clear Glass Pot for Orchids

If you are a perfectionist and care a lot about how your orchid looks and fits your living room’s visual aesthetics then you should pick up this plant container ASAP! This orchid container has a sleek and modern outlook that makes it the first choice of individuals who love planting.

Orchids require greater care on the root area and access water will harm the plant. To ensure that extra water gets drained out, this planter has an inner hole feature at the bottom of the container to drain excess water out of it. Giving the orchid enough aeration to grow.

You can use this container for multiple purposes outside of growing orchids as well. Use this container to have an amazing display of living potted plants including succulents, small cactus, flowers, and various types of orchid.

As orchid roots are likely to get tangled up if they don’t receive enough space to grow, you need to consider this factor. This container has a body dimension of 5.5″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″ which is enough for orchids root to grow and breathe freely without getting tangled up.


  • Modern and sleek design that goes well with your living room’s decoration.
  • Inner holes offer a greater drainage system to get rid of excess water.
  • The container is big enough to grow orchids in it.


  • Fragile and is required to be handled with care.
  1. Jeeke Round Fabric Pots – Best Custom Handcrafted Pots

Jeeke Round Fabric Pots Review

When it comes to custom handcrafted pots, Jeeke Round Fabric Pots are visually stunning and have a shabby chic, rustic, and boho home décor outlook. The elegant design makes the pot look living clean and while having a modern touch. Grow bags are getting popular day by day. We also have a review of the best fabric grow bags.

You can use this pot to grow flowers as well as use it as a decorative item for your home. If you are a beginner in the planting game, you will find this pot quite easy to set up and use to grow your plants without needing much effort. 

If you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your dearest one on their birthday, anniversary or special occasion? Give them this pot instead due to the visually pleasing outlook of the plot. They will surely appreciate the beauty of this planter and take good care of the plant that they will grow in it.

You can place this plant both indoor and outdoor and it will just add up to the overall outlook of your house.


  • The pot is visually elegant and goes with any type of setup.
  • Has enough room to grow orchids in it and taking care of it is made easy with this pot.
  • Weighs only 13.3 ounces and you can carry it quite easily to indoor or outdoor wherever you please.


  • Very ordinary and plain design compared to other pots.
  1. Slotted Clear Orchid Pots – 3 Pack (Crystal Clear) 4-Inch

Plastic Orchid Posts With Holes

If you want to find 4 inches orchid pots, this is one of the best options. These Slotted Clear Orchid Pots are designed by rePotme.

Orchid roots can be easily damaged by excess water. But this pot can solve this problem easily. 

It has 10 slots at the side and 18 slots at the bottom. So, that means it has a great drainage and airflow system. There are many color variations to choose from.  Moreover, It has fully transparent variants. 


  • This is a modern 4” pots that allow healthy growth of orchids. 
  • It has 46 slots giving it a unique capability of draining water and allowing airflow.
  • Product diameter is 4 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall x 3 inches round at the base.
  • This slotted pot allows uniform moisture throughout the potting mix.


  • It can be a little small, but it depends on your demand.

Types of Orchid Pots Depending On Materials

Orchid pots come in different shapes and sizes, these include different types of materials as well. You can find an orchid pot made of terra-cotta, ceramic as well as plastic.

These posts can be also used for growing Phalaenopsis orchids. The potting soil is also an important factor. You have to choose the best potting mix for Phalaenopsis orchids.

You can find pots made of any material imaginable. As long as pots have enough holes for water drainage, you are good to go. Let’s elaborate more on the materials-

Plastic Pots

Plastic is a material that is the most light-weight and nearly indestructible due to its nature. You will find pots made of plastic quite affordable and there are various shapes and sizes as well. While shopping for plastic pots, be sure that it has enough holes in it.


What makes ceramic stand out of the crowd is its decorative design and artistic outlook. Ceramic pots simply add to the beauty of any room. As ceramic-made pots are likely to not have a hole in them, you can place the orchid in a plastic container and place it inside of the ceramic pot. Just simply remove the plant from the pot while watering.


Pots made of mesh replicate a natural outlook for your orchid to grow in. This type of container firmly holds the orchid. As a result, water and air can quite easily flow through them. To ensure plants remain hydrated in a humid environment, these pots are amazing.

Terra-Cotta -Clay Pots

Pots made of terra-cotta material are quite popular among orchid enthusiasts. These stone-like pots let air pass through them quite freely.

Plastic vs. Clay

Plastic pots are more likely to retain more moisture. I strongly recommend these types of pots for those people who tend to forget to water regularly. Besides, it lets sunlight into the roots.

Paphiopedilum prefers a moisture environment. Think plastic Pots are recommended for growing them.

However, there is a warning! before watering, it’s important to let plastic pots dry out.

On the other, hand clay pots are made with organic materials. It benefits in providing roots. These pots are heavy, less tipping

In the worm environment, they are more reliable to keep the moisture checked.

How to Choose a Quality Orchid Pot? – Buying Guide

As plenty of orchid pots are available out there, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by them. To make your life a little easier, the following is our guide on what to look for while purchasing pots for your orchid.

Pot Placement

Before buying a pot for your orchid, consider where you are intending to place it. You can place it indoors or outdoor and keep it hanging or laying on the surface. Depending on your preference, you should pick one that is ideal and suits your choice best.

Pot Placement Ideas

Now, when you have a huge collodion of orchid plants. You can pick a Plant Stand Rack Indoor.

Build Material

Flower pots come in various materials including plastic, ceramic, mesh, and terra-cotta. Consider which type of material you are seeking for and what fits your living environment the best. If you have kids in your home, you don’t want to have ceramic pots laying around as it might break due to the child’s playfulness.


Orchids need a great deal of airflow for its root to breathe in and thrive inside of the pot. Look for a flower pot that has enough holes in the bottom of it so that the root can have a greater intake of air.

Pot Size

Orchid roots get tangled up and choke each other if they lack enough space to grow. You should shop for a pot that ensures enough space so that your orchid can grow freely.

Drainage System

Your orchid pot should have enough drainage to leave access water out of it. If the root suffers damage from access water, the plant is likely to die. Consider that plenty of holes are present in the pot so that extra water gets drained out.


How are Orchid Pots Different from Regular Pots?

The orchid pots need a grater drainage system. Whereas the common garden pots don’t have larger pots. Generally, orchids pots have larger holes at the bottom side.

One other thing, orchids pots need to be beautiful, clean, nicely shaped, and mimic natural environments. Besides, Unlike other plants, ceramic pots are popular for growing orchids.

Do Orchids Need Special Pots?

Yes, they do need special pots. The recommend pots should have 4-8 holes. As without a proper drainage system,l the plant will have rotten roots and lead to unexpected situations.

Is picking a Wire Basket Orchid Pots is a Good Idea?

If you want to hang them, Wire Basket and wooden Basket are an excellent option.

It ensures airflow and is lightweight to your plant. Moreover, it can assure greater water damage.

For example,  Amagabeli Hanging Planter Basket arrives with a coconut coir liner and Sun Bulb Octagon Cedar Basket is wonderful for hanging orchids.

What are Clean Pots are Good for?

Clean pots allow you to see through. It can assist in watering and also beautifying. Especially, if you are a beginner to growing orchids, you can pick one.

How to Repot Easily?

Follow these steps, you’ll be able to repot orchids faster and efficiently.

Pre- Preparation phase: 

  1. Choose a pot and clean it properly.
  2. These plants are sensitive to bacteria and germs. So use 60-70 ml. of household bleach and mix it with 2 gallons of water.
  3. Use this solution to clean the tools you are using.
  4. Then, Cover the drainage and porous material. If you use terra cotta pot, dry it before.
  5. Water the plant, it will help to keep roots together and ensure healthy transplanting.

Preparaing orchid plant or repotiing:

  1. Extract the plant out from old pot: Turn it upside down, now you can apply pressure by gently slapping or Rotate Rotate the plant simply in few degrees.  OR, Digg it up.
  2. Wash the roots, carefully with water.
  3. Prune the rootball,  if necessary. Here, you should cut brown or rotting roots only,


  • When planting make sure that it is centered and upright.
  • Add potting mediums/ soil and cover roots.
  • Use a stick to push the planting soil into the roots.
  • Water it! It will assist settle the soil. Spray water using a bottle at least one week/ until new roots starts growing.

Hope! this will help you to understand. If you need more information, comment below!

Final Words

Now that you have gained a decent amount of knowledge about orchid pots and know what to look for while purchasing one, you won’t have to get overwhelmed next time. Also, we have mentioned some of the best orchid pots that you can suggest to your friends and families so that they can decorate their living room elegantly just like you.

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