How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Tell‌ ‌if‌ ‌the‌ ‌Ginger‌ ‌is‌ ‌Bad?‌ Easily

In this article, I have discussed the methods to find out ginger is good or bad, and also illustrate in details about the longevity. Let’s dig in..

Ginger is an excellent spice that has its medical properties in its raw form. Also when added into any dish, it makes the dish smell and tastes delicious. Fresh ginger has a very strong smell unlike the ground ginger available in the stores.

You may sometimes be confused about whether the ginger you have at your home, right now may be fresh or have gone rotten.

Ginger stays fresh as long as it is chopped and kept in the fridge or putting it in a container containing alcohol/vinegar. Preserved ginger should, however, be used within a year or else it becomes unsuitable to eat after all. 

How to know if the ginger has gone bad?

Half of the ginger gone bad

Now we will discuss how to detect the bad ginger from the lot. If the ginger is not moldy or has wet spots and big clumps, it is good for use cause ginger does not get wet or moldy until and unless you expose them to moisture. These are some of the ways you can identify if the ginger has gone bad. They are… 

  1. The ginger does lose its freshness with time. You can crush some of it and rub it in your hand to check if you still get the same aroma/ taste when you used the new. If the aroma is still there, then it is still good for use or else you need to get some new from the market.
  2. Another thing to check is its texture, fresh ginger is firm and feels a bit hard when you hold it if you notice that it is wet and mushy when you hold it then it is high time you switch to the new ones to prepare your dish.
  3. Rotten GingerIf the flesh turns to dark yellow or gray from bright yellow, it is also a clear indication that your ginger has gone bad.
  4. If Ginger is rotten or spoiled, it will be soft and moist.

How long does ginger stay fresh?

If we look at the ground ginger, it is best to use it on the day stated that it is usually months or maybe one and a half years, as it is completely dry -there are hardly chances it will rot soon. Again you need to use it as soon as possible because you may notice that after storing it for a long period, it has lost its flavor.

When the ginger root is fresh, a ginger root that can be peeled off smoothly will stay fresh longer than the wrinkled skin ginger. The ginger may get moldy and you may not even notice because it is very hard to find out from outside.

The approximate period for a fresh ginger root is hence a month if stored in the fridge and only a week if stacked in a storeroom. Additionally, you can read our guide on storing them in the ginger farming guide

A Table to Illustrate Ginger Expiration Date

Can you have the rotten ginger? 

Another question that many may have is whether or not it is safe to have moldy or damaged ginger. It depends on the person preparing the dish. Some generally do not use the ginger at all if it goes moldy while others cut off the part that has gone bad and uses the rest of the ginger to prepare the dish. This is also absolutely fine cause the rotten part does not affect the fresh part. 

But, I will not suggest you plant fully rotten ginger. Because, if the rhizome is damaged you will not, get a good harvest.

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