Gardening Tools List With Pictures and Their Uses

There are plenty of tools that been using for gardenings. A gardening tool or equipment is referred to that tool that is designed, engineered, make for ease gardeners works.

Here is the list of gardening tools with its pictures, short descriptions, and usages.  Moreover, we have listed them in different sections.

Let’s find out garden planting, digging, pruning, cutting watering, and modern tools that can make your gardening easier.

Common Gardening Tools List With Pictures and Their Uses

List of Common and Modern Garden Tools

Gardening is a rewarding gift and a common hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages around the globe. On one hand, gardening gives joy and pleasure, and on the other, one can provide their daily fruits and vegetables from gardening.

But to fulfill your interest in gardening and other outputs you want from gardening you’ll need proper caring. As gardening requires a bit of physical labor and preciseness one can’t do all that by hand. At this point, gardening tools play a vital role.

From reducing physical labor to providing the best outcome from your garden these tools are very handy. Most importantly these tools provide your willing outcome within a  short period. They are also useful to organize, nurture, and protect your plants, flowers, fruits, trees in a very disciplined way.

Garden Shovel

Garden Shovel

It’s the best tool for digging. It’s mainly used to loosen up, dig soil, make holes for certain purposes, making pathways for water or drainage systems, scooping, etc.

There are various types of shovels like- square shovel, pointed shovel, micro shovel, snow shovel, plumber’s shovel, trench shovel, and so on. We have reviewed the Best Shovel for Digging Up Roots and explained the usefulness of different shape of grip and blade.

The Gardening Spade

The first thing about the spade is spades and shovels aren’t the same things. The handle of the spade is shorter than the shovel and the blade is sharper. From beginners to specialists it’s a very common tool for gardening.

Spades are perfect for digging holes, transplanting, planting, and removing plants. But spades can’t perform on rocky soil. Also, spades are great for slicing and dicing some organic matters. Grab a spade be sure to have a great grip, thrust in on roots then give the blade a deeper push by kicking it with your leg. Then with a strong degenerating force pull out. In a similar effort, dicing is done too.

You can edge your sideway, walkway, driveway, lawn, backyards with spades. Further breaking up clumps of dirt, loosening soil, scooping up dirt is also done by it. But be sure to keep the blade of the spade sharp otherwise it’ll deliver poor performance and your garden will be messy.



Image Source: Adrian Scottow

A gardening mattock looks like an ax but it’s not an ax. A mattock has two parts, a blade that’s similar to an ax and a cutter on the other half.

The cutter remains horizontal and the blade remains vertical in the mattock. It does the work of digging, cutting, prying, chopping, etc.



A crowbar is a hook-shaped tool made from carbon steel. Crowbars are also known as a pry bar, pinch-bar, and prise bar. Crowbars have both curved and straight shapes. As the curved crowbars ensure better leverage it’s considered as a first-class crowbar and the flat ones as the second class.

Where other tools fail to perform on rocky soil, crowbars comes in handy in that matter. Crowbars are usually used for digging pits, canals, stones, tree stumps, and big holes. Further removing obstacles like sand humps, breaking the hard topsoil, and pulling up weeds, etc.



Trowels are small, handheld, common gardening tools. As it’s very lite weighted it’s really easy to carry and use. The handle of the trowels is of various kinds, it can be wooden, plastic, or even rubber type. The blades have a variety too like stainless steel, Or, even plastic. The blades can be flat, scooped, or curved shaped.

Trowels are used for digging small holes, weeds, small plants, moving soil, transplanting, potting, mixing soil. The curved trowels are better for digging up the soil. For long tap-rooted weeds, flat trowels are the best. And scooped shaped trowels are great for transplanting.

After using trowels it should be washed or purified nicely. Cause if it’s not the next time you’ll use it in your garden it can infect your plants.

The Garden Hoe

Gardening Tools List - Foe
Hoes are one of the versatile appliances in the field of gardening. Hoe usually have longer handles than the other tools in the garden and a small blade. Hoes are of different kinds like draw hoe, dutch hoe, collinear hoe, and stirrup hoe.

Slicing the top of the weeds, removing weeds, shaping soil, making seed drill to sow seeds, covering the seed sown in a drill, cultivating soil, harvesting root crops, clear soil, breaking up clumps of soil are the main purposes of a garden hoe.



It’s needless to speak about the necessity of a flowerpot in the garden. A gardener or a farmer can’t spend a single day without its presence. In every effort to make a seedling into a tree the purposes of a flowerpot are speechless.

For beginners, a flowerpot is like a blessing. Like, If you are into growing orchid, you can choose the best orchid pots.

Because the beginners don’t have a clear idea about gardening or agriculture, as a result, they can experiment with their plant, seed, harvest, or crop in the flowerpot. Also, they gain a clear idea about what to start with and whatnot.

Flowerpot ensures rooftop gardening, gardening in small spaces which is pretty relieving for some people. It doesn’t take a whole lot of space which is assuring. If you are changing your housing location then it gets a lot easier to transport your gardening plants with flowerpots.

Along with all these good stuff flowerpots have some disadvantages too. If the flowerpot is fictile it has a chance of getting broken by accidental push, and by children or, pets. In this regard, one can use plastic pots. Make sure the water doesn’t get accumulated while watering plants.

Gloves for Gardeners

Garden Gloves

From a micro shovel to a hoe in every appliance, we use hand gloves. It ensures a great grip and safety while working. Garden is a place of pesticides, herbicides, insects, thorns, fertilizers, chemicals, and whatnot. With just one wrong move one can get infected or injured. Gloves are the safety kit for avoiding these infections and injuries.

There are various types of gardening gloves. But one should choose their gloves with great durability, grip, comfortable, easy to use or, maybe water-resistant. The types of gloves can also be categorized by the types of works and by the types of materials used in the gloves.

Based on working some types of gardening gloves are- all-rounder gardening gloves, light-duty gardening gloves, heavy and medium-duty gardening gloves. For weeding and sowing seeds light-duty gloves are suitable. Medium duty gloves are perfect for pruning and potting. Mowing and landscaping are done with heavy-duty gloves.

Also, there are gloves made of leather, rubber, cloth, latex, linen, fiber, polyester, nylon, suede, etc. But if you’re allergic to any material used in the gloves then choose a different type.

Gloves keep our hands dry, clean, free of moisture, ensures UV protection, protects the skin from herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, avoids cuts, stings, bites of insects, broken fingernails, wounded fingertips, skin abrasions, calluses, blisters, skin ulcer, lesions and so on.



A rake is not only a gardening tool a lot of people who aren’t related to gardening keep it as their day to day appliance. It has a long, straight handle with a metal head adjoined to it. The head has inflexible tines in it, those are called teeth or prongs.

Fallen leaves, hay, grass, weeds, stones, dead plants, dead grass can be removed with a rake. Also breaking up soil, spreading fairly heavy materials like gravel and pebbles, mixing fertilizer and compost, and tamping soil are done with the help of a rake.

The Garden Fence

garden wood fence

Fence is the shield of the garden. It protects your gardening crops, fruits, flowers, from any outside threat. It’s a must for a gardener. If you have a pet or baby in your house then a fence is a must need element for you. Fencing gives an aesthetic look to your garden and is more professional.

There are several types of fences like Bamboo, Wire mesh, steel, aluminum, electric, wood, and iron.

Bamboo fencing is eco friendly and gives a natural vibe to your garden. Steel, aluminum, and iron are pretty similar. Electric fences render perfect security. But be careful not to let any child or housing pet around it. And be sure to check inside fences a couple of times to find any dead insects in it.

Boots for Gardeners

Boots for Gardeners

Like gardening gloves, boots are important too. As a gardener spends working in his/her garden sitting or standing he/she needs to take proper care of their feet.

Boots have a strong built quality and highly protective of thorns, harmful chemicals, insects, etc. Choose boots that you’re comfortable with, easy to move around, water-resistant, and most importantly the right size. Because with the larger size it is unable to keep it in your feet and with the shorter ones it’s really hard to pull it out. Water-resistance is the perfect cause in the rainy seasons you can work effortlessly with those.

Gardening Fork


A gardening fork has a handle like an ordinary shovel and instead of blades, it has tine joined to the handle. The gardening fork is also known as a spading or digging fork.

It can dig up the plants with massive root structure. You can pull out weeds and loosen your soil, As a gardening fork has more damage control it works better than a spade.

Watering Can/Pot

watering pots

Water cans are mostly common in every house. People generally keep it to water their lawns. But for a gardener, it’s like the “Lifeblood” of a garden. No gardener can take proper care of their garden without a watering pot.

Watering comes in various types according to sizes and built-in quality. As for built-in quality, there are plastic and metallic cans. The plastic ones have less durability and are easy to carry. On the other hand, metallic pots have sturdy built-in quality, great durability but heavier to carry.

Choose different sizes of the watering can according to your use. If you have a great amount of workload use a big can and for smaller jobs use a liter one. Use water rosette on your watering pots to water your plants proportionately.

Hedge Shear

Hedge Shear

Hedge shears are the lookalikes of scissors. The only difference between a hedge shear and scissors is its handles are a bit thick and the blades are bigger, wider, and can cut through stronger things than scissors.

Shears are used to cutting small branches. It’s more like giving your plant or tree a haircut. It gives a neat, aesthetic look to your garden. In a way, it saves your garden from being messy.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws are like knives but a bit curvy. It has the same sharp teeth as a knife and is used to trim shrubs, cutting lumber, and different branches.

Pruning Knife

Pruning Knife

A pruning knife and a normal knife has a great similarity. But a pruning knife has a long handle with a small blade. It’s used to cut vines or stems of plants.

The Looper

Has great durability. For having sharp and firm blades cutting thicker branches and stems are easy.



Wheelbarrows are known to all. From constructions to housing jobs wheelbarrows are a must needed element. It helps mostly carrying stuff fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, seedlings, plants, etc. Even you can even reduce your trash with it.


This new era introduce them to modern farming tools for farmers. Besides, there are some extraordinary tools are invented for modern-day gardening. Here are some modern gardening tools that significantly reduce a gardeners workload. These tools are mostly invented in this century and tested to be useful. This equipment is not common and mostly serves to ease the gardening process.

Solar-Powered Gardening Robot

This’s a modern tool is called ‘vitirover’. It’s a solar panel based wireless mowing device that has a massive built-in inside it. Without sweating a single drop Or, working for hours this device will get your job done in no time.

As it’s an app-based tool you can control and operate it easily. Vineries and fields with small spaces are suitable for this tool. Make sure to use this tool when weeds in your gardening/farming area are a lot cause it’s a moving tool.

Folding Wheelbarrows

Modern Gardening Tools List
Every house has wheelbarrows it’ll stupid to talk about its need. But generally, wheelbarrows are made of iron or steel so when it comes to doing heavier or longer work it gets tough carrying it here and there. So at this point folding wheelbarrows are important.

It’s made of some kind of special cloth which is weatherproof. It can carry 250 pounds and easy to carry around and is foldable which doesn’t take much of your storage room.

Lawn Mower Scooter

It’s a simply designed machine that is a lawnmower but looks like a scooter. An electric motor controls all the functions inside it and the cutting blades are attached inside. You can take care of your landscaping in a short period.

Well! that’s not the end.

There are some other tools that are not mentioned here. If you want to learn about any other tools or have suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.

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