What do Lobsters Eat?

So, what do lobsters eat? Simply, they eat an omnivorous diet whereas conveniently hunt anything nearby with their claws or antenna.

Lobsters generally live in the wild, sea, or river, and people are fond of eating this creature like a cramp or a shrimp. Mainly Lobsters are omnivorous; they love hunting and eating whatever they can find nearby them.

But what do lobsters eat, or what is their favorite diet list? Variation of crustaceans, algae, plants, small fish is the most common food source for them. The baby lobsters or adult -both diets are almost the same. Just the difference in amount is found.

Similar to the other crustacean, the lobster’s diet is almost the same! They are a bottom feeder as they search for food at the bottom of the sea level. Lobsters can also reserve their energy enough in their tomalley.

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What do Lobsters Eat in Wildlife?

Lobsters eat almost everything whatever they find near their claws. Simply, lobsters are caught their food using their claws.

Lobsters are likely to act and search for their food at the bottom of the sea at nightfall. There are two types of lobsters-
Clawd lobsters (true lobsters) and spiny lobsters(false lobsters). Let’s see what do lobsters eat in the wild.

List of Top 6 Diet for lobsters in the wild:

1. Fish

Clawd lobsters naturally love to catch small fish to gain regular energy. Here, they are waiting for a small fish to catch. All of a sudden, they conveniently use their claws to catch the fish and finally successfully eat.

What kind of fish do lobsters eat?

According to the research, Lobsters love to eat fresh food items except for bait. Lobsters eat the following fishes.

  • Cod codfish
  • Wolfish
  • Monkfish
  • Dogfish
  • Monkfish
  • Eels and more

2. Mollusk

Both types of lobsters tend to eat a huge variety of mollusk species found at the bottom of the sea. For your kind information, there are 85000 species of mollusk in the sea-land.
Such as snails, octopuses, oysters, clams, scallops, and many others are a great source of energy for lobsters’ health.

3. Algae

Various species and types of algae are growing on the bottom of the seafloor. Clawed and spiny both types of lobsters are fond of eating algae and this kind of plant. Besides, many lobsters are like to enjoy zooplankton and flowering plant species.

4. Worms

Most of the lobsters are enjoy eating various species of worms that are located in the sea bed. Such as roundworms, flatworms, segmented worms, Arcon worms, and horseshoe worms.

5. Shrimps

Shrimps are the main food source for furry lobsters. Whether spiny or American lobsters also enjoy eating shrimps, only furry lobsters have the main focus on shrimps.

6. Sea urchins

Sea urchins are a great source for spiny lobsters. They are like to eat most of the urchins lays on the seafloor.
Many small animal species such as crayfish, craws, crabs, power, krill, and woodlice are usually great food sources for lobsters.

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Many lobsters also love to hunt and eat other lobsters at sea level. Click this link to learn more about American lobster.

What do Lobsters Eat in Tanks: Nutritious Diet for Farm Lobsters

Lobsters living in the wild are omnivores that they are eating conveniently what they found or caught around them, such as small fish, insects, growing green plants, etc.

But what do lobsters eat in tanks? Well, before selected a diet for lobsters in a tank, it’s important to design the tank quite similar to their habitual life. This information will be helpful if you are in fish farming.

Next, know the right ingredient for diet and give it a regular day is a key to keep healthy, growing lobsters in your tank. Let’s see what should give your lobsters in their regular diet (7-12)-

7. Plants

So, what plants do lobsters eat? Lobsters are fond of eating different growing plants. Hence, you can feed them the hardy, green plants such as veggies, algae, etc. You can also select the hornwort, java moss plants that are available to the market.

Fast-growing plants are a good source of protein as meat. You should de these plants in your regular diet. It’s easy to buy and also available at a cheap rate.

8. Meat

Protein is a must-have in a regular nutritious diet. Not other than meat are a great source of protein. A daily supplement of meat is necessary to ensure better lobster’s health in the tank.

Though, it seems the adult lobsters are not growing or wouldn’t! That’s why you should give them a small amount of protein as meat.

9. Pallet Types of Food

For your lovely lobsters, you can buy a pallet of types of food. Pallet-type foods are such a great source of protein. Generally, choosing fish food pallets is a great choice for raising lobsters in a tank.

10. Small Fish (Companion)

In their wildlife, they are actively hunting the small fish. Similarly, it can be more interesting to add small fish to the bottom of the tank. Besides, fish also provide them with more energy for lobsters’ health.

11. Shrimps

Clawed and spiny – both lobsters are fond of eating shrimps. You can easily buy shrimps for them. Next, give the shrimps on the tank floor. They easily hunt the shrimps and enjoy this food source.

12. Kitchen left out foods

Don’t you want to waste your kitchen left out food or vegetables? Then, please put it in your lobster’s tank. Well, it’s can say that left-out veggies or food skin are good for them. Also, this kind of lobster ingredient is much healthier for lobster’s health.

Frequently Asked Question about What Lobsters Eat?


Lobster is one of the omnivorous animals that can eat anything they get, catch or hunt. Almost all crustaceans are bottom feeders and search for food with the help of their antennae and smell.

They can easily change their diet, food, or time when they need it. Nowadays, people are raising lobsters in the tank or aquarium in the commercial industry or for businesses. Thus, its meat are really having good taste. Try it once.!

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