Start Black Bengal Goat Farming | The Easiest Way

Do you want to start Black Bengal Goat Farming? Here is the complete guide to starting rearing Black Bengal breed on your farm quickly at the lowest expense. Learn everything about everything about them.

Do you know? Why 30% of start-up farm fail?

More than 30% of start-up farm are not successful at their first attempt. Because they skip the basic part. Actually, if you never go market in your life than you are going to be cheated by shopkeepers. Right?

Black Bengal Goat Farm.
Black Bengal Goat Farm.

There are also several mistakes that cause those failures. i.e- they buy low-quality goats, foods, and most importantly do not know how to care for goats. Here we share our experience and knowledge so that you can easily be a successful goalkeeper.

Why Start Black Bengal Goat Farming?

What is the reason behind starting black bengal farm? Why not other livestock farming?

The best answer will be -This farming has a rear capacitively to reduce poverty and create economic freedom. Also, the whole process is fairly easy for beginners plus it requires lesser money.

You may also hard that a lot of people truly succeed to level up there livelihood. A farm with at least 25 goats can generate enough money for bearing all the costs of a small family of four people.

Start black bengal goat farming
Start Your Black Bengal Goat Farm

You probably know that it is one of the top profitable farming in subcontinental countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Over the last half-century, it becomes one of the best sources of meat and milk along with the cows. Bhutan. And the surprising fact is that the population of them is just over 30 million. Which makes them one of the largest goat varieties in the Indian subcontinent.  And the other reasons are…

  • This black Bengal goat is fairly easy to rise and maintain.
  • The whole setup does not require a lot of investment.
  • Moreover, this goat farming method can reduce the unemployment problem. Because of it meat, milk, and skin have a huge demand in the local and foreign market.
  • These species give birth every six months. Which allow you to sell milk and baby goats.
  • They also grow faster. You can sell them when they are around one year of old.
  • The best part of this breed is meat and milk quality, Which is undoubtedly superior to other breeds in terms of taste and nutrients.

There are also several benefits over other breeds. We will discuss this in the next topics.

The Benefits of raising Black Bengal Goats:

Most of the livestock farming is profitable. But if you want to start a livestock farm which generates profit every month. There is no other option to choose then farming goats. The top advantages of farming in this breed are listed below. [Source Wikipedia.]

Benefit Of Black Bengal Goat Farming
Benefit Of Black Bengal Goat Farming
  • Small animal feed is relatively less, it takes a little space to celebrate and capital is also available to the general public.
  • The necessary funds and property for beginning goat raising industry are very inexpensive.
  • Female Goats (doe) is capable of giving birth at the age of 7-8 month.
  • Also, they become pregnant twice a single year.
  • The female goats give birth 3-4 infant goat every season. But for the first time, it probably gives birth to one kid.
  • Male Goats (buck) gain 15-20 kg in just 12-15 month. Adult buck weight is 25 to 30 kg and female 20 to 25 kg.
  • The eatable meat ratio is in between 55-65% which is tasty and production higher than other breeds of the same age.
  • Needs lesser housing space.
  • Extraordinary capability to adopt different types of growing environment.

Black Bengal Goats produces high-quality meat and skin.

These are the top benefits of this special goats breed. Note this breed is suitable for Bangladesh, Asham(India), West Bangla (India), Bhutan etc. But if you can provide a proper climate condition (which is described below) they can sustain, this is possible to grow anywhere in the world.


You need to learn quickly about goat farming information for beginners. We share all the info you need to know before and after launching the goat farming business. Things like govt. the subsidiary is not discussed here. Because that is a complex procedure. Do not waste your time on it. Probably for the first time you will not get help.

Black Bangle Goats Information & Characteristics:

black bengal goat
Black Bengal Goat

Most often people fail on there start-up farm. It’s always sad and hurt when we hear about failure stories. Learn the general information and characteristics. This is very important! It will assists you to take the proper decision and understand the whole farming method.

If you don’t know about there habitat you don’t know the most important thing. This is one of the most ignored things, yet! the key factors to be a profitable small scall goat farm owner.

Learn more about goats behavior and lifestyle.

General Characteristics:

Black Bengal goats are normally black. Though, it can also found in the mixture of two color black and white or brown. Small & strong body structure. Its horns and ears are small and legs are short.

What Black Bangle Goats Eat:

One of the faulty rumor about goat is, they can eat anything. This is not true. This animal does not eat everything. Again when you start growing black Bengal goats, you want them to be healthy. Grow faster, produce more milk and meat. The best food for goats is fresh grass and Grainy feed.

Milk Production:

In the normal situation, a female goat gives 300-400ml milk a day for 3 to 4 month. Milk production can be increased to 1000ml. Which require a set of actions (i.e. provide good quality foods and nutrients ).

Goat’s milk is reported to be resistant to tuberculosis and asthma and there is considerable demand for milk.

Meat Production:

Black Bengal goats are known for its better meat quality and taste. The average buck and doe weight respectively 20-30 and 20-25kg. About 55-60 percent of the total weight is meat.

Goat Shelter (Accommodation ) Information: 

This animal does not like cold or rain. And you will need to provide secure shelter for them in the night. Whenever you are going to rise more than 10 goats. We recommend you to build a modern accommodation facility for them. We will cover this process on Build Black Bengal Goat Shelter. You can also read 7 steps to start goat farming business for profit.

Start Black Bengal Goat Farming

Start Black Bengal Goat Farming
Start Black Bengal Goat Farming

Now, let’s move to the farming process. On the first step before buying goats for rearing, you will need to build the shelter for the animals.

There are three different processes to raise goats. Goat housing (Shed) information guides…

  • The Traditional process:

This is a very common process of rearing. People tend to organically raise them backyard. But the drawback of this process is, it is not suitable for large-scale livestock farming.

  • Closed Space Goat Rearing Method:

This rearing method is preferable for people who do not have who want to start black Bengal goats farming in the city. To reduce the house building cost you can use cheap materials like wood, bamboo, tin, sunglasses etc. In this method of farming, goats grow up in a closed space. That’s why it is not recommended for black bengal goat farming. Though there are some benefits. I.e. low diseases.

  •  Half-Bound Space Goat Rearing Method: 

Semi-closed or Half-bound space means a small place which is closed by fences. This method of goats rearing is preferable and better for commercial black bengal goats farming. Where the animal is provided with a small area to move on. And a shelter house for rest, sleep, and protection from bad weather. Grainy food is supplied in the fields while they are buried. They feed green grass on the field.

The general size of this farm is more than 10 square meter(32 fit) and above. The shelter takes 1 third of the space. Build shelter built on a lofty platform, it will allow goats to rest under the shelter house on the sunny days.

We recommend you to build this housing structure. It will provide the natural environment for animals. Moreover, this ensures the best production of milk and rapid growth.

For all 3 methods, per goat need at least 1.5 squre meter housing space.

Black Bengal Goat Shelter Types:

Accommodation is required for survival of goats, security, thunderstorm, sunlight, wildlife etc.. Separate habitat arrangements are not seen in the family goats. However, it is necessary to have a science-based residence for fostering many goats.

There are two standard housing types depending on the size of the goats. This is also known as accommodations method. Again each of them is also popular in different rearing methods. Let’s determine which one you need by carefully read the pro and cons.

The House on The Ground: 
goat house build on ground
goat house build on the ground

This type of animal house built on the ground about 1 to 2 feet above the land to provide better drainage system.


  • This type of shelter is preferable for baby goats.
  • Cost effective.
  • Effective for all 3 methods, especially for the traditional and closed space goats raising methods.


  • Not land efficient.
The House Builds on a High Platform:
Goat farming shed (housing) structure
Shelter build on 1 meter high

This type of shelter built on a high platform about 1 meter high from the floor. They are actually an entresol. This is most favorite among modern farmers.


  • Land efficient.
  • Beneficial for semi-closed prosses.


  • Other two method of farming is not compatible.

Selecting the location of  land/residence:

  • The place should be high, as rainwater does not accumulate.
  • The main road to be away, however, the contact will be good for business.
  • The open and quiet environment is best for black bengal goat farming.
  • Select high and sand mixed in places where the water is dry easily.
  • There must be an adequate drainage system.
  • Must be away from the densely populated area and city.
  • The provision of water and electricity supply should be comforting.
  • It is best to select the area where workers are available.
Selecting the location
Selecting the location

Build Black Bengal Goat Shelter:

East-West tall goose-house to open the open house on the south side. The building should be constructed at a relatively high elevation so that there is no difficulty in draining the water.

Each goat need 5-6 sq.ft (1.5 sqm), and adult buck requires slightly more space. So, multiply the total number of goats you want to raise with that. And measure the total estimated area your goal of farming.

Shelter Building Tips:

  • The goat likes to stay in a high place.
  • The height of the floor is 2.5-3 feet or 1 meter from the floor.
  • The platform or loft of the house should be raised to 1.5-2 feet from the basement or the soil.
  • Roof height of 5-6 feet from the loft or platform.
  • Use the cost-efficient straw / gram / tea / tin etc.
  • Straw should be spread over 4-5 inches thick, It will help to keep rainwater out and help in the winter to keep goats wormer.
  • Sufficient sand should be provided from the soil floor so that the house is dry.

Collecting Better Quality Goats [Buck and Doe]:

Collecting Quality Goats in a farm tips
Collecting Better Quality Goats.

During the procurement of new goats on the farm, it is necessary to purchase the disease-free goat. In addition, you should check the vendor background before purchasing on this checklist (Attributes considered in the purchase of goats).

Your success is mostly depending on this steps. So, It will be a better solution to get help from experienced goat keepers.

Ask help from a goat farmer you know. Don’t afraid of anything. Farmers are the kindest people existing in the world. Share your activity and create a community with other farmers.

How to Choose Better Quality Female Goats? 

  • Carefully watch the goat and keep an eye on its movement and behavior.
  • If the behavior is violent then do not buy. Do not buy dominant male more than one. Learn more about the dominant goat.
  • The selected goat have to be larger in the body of the more productive dynasty.
  • To buy nine or twelve-month-old goats (there is no problem even though pregnant).
  • The goat’s stomach is relatively large, pale bone, wide, stretched and should have at least one finger spaced space between the two bones.

How to Find Best Male Goats(Buck)?

  • The buck should not be more than 12 months old, the size of the testicle should be large and well organized.
  • Back legs should be flexible and strong.
  • Purchase only if the male goat’s mother, grandmother or grandmother (ie, gives a bath twice a year, more than one child each time, and the amount of milk etc.) are satisfying.
How to Measure The Age OF a Goat:

Depending on your knowledge or rearing goat you should buy different ages of goats. Our recommended age is around 9 months to 12 months of old. Question is how to detect the age?

The simplest method is by looking at the teeth. At the age below of 12 months, they will have all the milk teeth, And if the age is in between12-15 months old the permanent teeth appairs. Moreover, at the lifespan 36 months, there will be 4 pairs of permanent teeth. So keep that in your memory.

How to ensure better quality goat?

After collecting goats this is very important to secure success in your first goat farm. So, confirm that every goat has some initial treatment. Most often people tend to sell there animal when they are sick. Also, keep that in mind that, if they were reared in a traditional way. Goats can be affected by the worm and other bacterial diseases even deadly virus. Because it grows in an open place. That is why we suggest you to an inquiry about the seller. The initial treatment you need to perform are-

  • At first, they have to feed wormwood. For this purpose, you can perform external dehydration and intravenous parasites.
  • Then, for the prevention of dermatitis, each goat has to take bath in zero to five percent malathion solution(0.5%).
  • If there is no disease within 15 days after keeping them in the isolation shed, then apply the vaccine of PPR disease first and the vaccine of Botox seven days later.
  • And, After seven days the last vaccination, move these goats to the main farm.

Ignore this steps below, if you do not have any goats on your farm before. 

After collecting new goats, do not keep them with other goats directly. Because, As we mentioned that, they can be infected with diseases. Instead, arrange a separate place or shade for new goats. So, this type of habitation is called separation house or isolation shade. It is expressly necessary to keep at least two weeks in this shed.

At the end of the process, your farm has goats. That means you have to start farming goats. So, let’s discover how to care for them.

How to Care Black Bengal Goats:

  • Every morning the bring all goats of the house to roam around the house.
    Black Bengal Goat Care
    Black Bengal Goat Care
  • Because they need an adequate opportunity to preamble under the sun.
  • After bring out of the shed, wash the whole shade.
  • You have to monitor them closely, If any symptoms of sickness appear in the goat, treat it quickly and separately.
  • And If, there are more goats on the farm, put a tag in order to mark them.
  • Most importantly, ensure balanced feed for them. so don’t low-cost feed.
  • Goats do not like water so clean their body by using a brush instead of the regular bath.
  • In this, hair dirt comes out, blood circulation increases. Brushing regularly shows the hair bright and increases the skin’s value.
  • Goats of all ages should be given regular dehydrate medicines and regular vaccinations.

The General Feeding Process:

You will agree with us that it is the most important factor to be a successful goat farmer.

Luckily, modern farming is easy. You can always get information about any animal feed.

  • Goat farm Feeding Process
    Goat farm Feeding Process

    Ensure equally balanced feed every day.

  • Avoid dry rotten or stale feed.
  • Also, Don’t provide more than 7 days old mixed feed to black bengal goats.
  • Feed fresh and green grass to improve health.
  • Clean water pots every day and provide fresh water al time.
  • Provide grainy feed, in addition, you can mix it with a small portion of sugar or minerals like natural salt to ensure balanced nutrition.
  • And the feed needs to store in light and air circulated dry and clean place.

Important! ↓↓↓↓

This feeding process very important and hard to describe in short.  So we write a completely different post on How To Feed Black Bengal Goat | Gain Weight and Secure Health.

Goat Health Management:

  • Build Fence or ditch around the farm.
  • To be sterilized, introduce footbath at the farm entrance gate.
  • Do not allow outside person to enter the farm.
  • Always control harmful mice, wild animals – birds and insects.
  • And ensure a fairly balanced diet every day for black bengal goats.
  • During the collection of new goats on the farm, it is necessary to purchase the disease-free goat.
  • Ensure regular vaccination.
  • To get rid of worms provide wormwood medicines with doctor’s advice.
  • Clean Goat’s house regularly.
  • And once in a week the goat’s house, clean food, and water pots with bactericidal.

Seek for loacl animal doctor. Perform a regular health checkup on every week.

Goat Vaccination Schedule Information

Now, this is very important to be connected with the local govt. livestock hospital. Gather information about the latest vaccination and caring method. Being said that, the must performable goat vaccination are-

  • To keep free of dermatitis, bath them in 0.5% malathion solution at least 5-6 times per year.
  • Productionable buck and doe need to be injected twice a year, 1-1.5m Lee. Vitamin A D. E.
  • And if the goat dies, then away from the farm somewhere under the soil or burnt with fire.

Final tips and tricks: 

  • Goatkeeper tends to care more healthy goats. Do not give up on any single animal. So for securing success each one is equally important.
  • Besides, maintaining a 10:1 female goat vs male goat ratio.
  • Don’t provide feed for the bucks and doe in the same plate. It often creates a fight.
  • Goat does not like to get wet in water as well as in the rain. So beware of that.
  • Also, it does not like the cold. Wrapped them as well as the shade using sack can help to prevent cold.
  • When a female got pregnant, take a good care of them. Separate it on the final stage.
  • Again it worth mentioning that water is so important. Please ensure fresh and clean water.
  • Sell them in proper time.

And do not forget to keep cost profit vs ledger, take notes, keep connected with goat farmers.

The appropriate time to sell your goat:

sellThe success of this goat farming project depends on the number of the animal and the relevant price. Do not keep sellable goats for a long time

In such adverse conditions, sickness is very normal due to much travel. Therefore, it is not right to take any risky step for marketing. But, The farmer can make his own decision. Because if you contain enough space to handle goats you can stock them little longer.

Finally, Thanks for visiting us! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. This is not the end of your quest. Your journey to being a successful goat keeper is just about to start. Be with us for more advice and skills about black bangle goat farming.

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  1. Hello I am from Nigeria,please can this goat be rear in our semi arid climate and can you recommend a reputable farm where I can get a good bread ty o buy and import to ,y country.
    I will appreciate your response sir
    Thank you

  2. Hello I am from Nigeria,please can this goat be rear in our semi arid climate and can you recommend a reputable farm where I can get a good bread to buy and import to my country.
    I will appreciate your response sir
    Thank you

  3. I want to start a new farm. I am trying to find reliable source of Baby goat. At least 50 for initial. Please help me by right source.


    • If you are concerned about the quality of baby goats – you need to analyze their parents, especially their mother. In general they inharit character and value like her.

      Ie. if the mother goat produces 3L milk per day when the baby will be an adult it will produce around 3L.


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