How To Feed Black Bengal Goat | Gain Weight and Secure Health

Farming Black Bengal goat is profitable but risky too. This depends on how you feed your goats on daily basis. Find How To Feed Black Bengal Goat every day. This feeding process is proven to gain weight and securing health.

Fresh goalkeeper discovers themselves in an extremely tuff situation regarding goats feed management. Furthermore, most of the farmer does not have the right information about the significant food cycle to get more profit.

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Black Bengal Goat Food List

What are the best foods for black bengal goats.

Goat farm Feeding Process
Goat farm Feeding Process

There is no need for high-quality food for goats. The organs have the ability to absorb all the needs of normal quality grass and leaves. Even if food is cheap, the goat does not subsist in bad health. The normal food list are-

Napier grass, Normal field grass, Wheat Bran, Rice polish, Mustard oilcake, Soybean meal, Maize, Molasses, Chitagur and Eiffel Ipil etc.

Vitamins and minerals:
General salt (SEA), Di-calcium potassium etc

Baby Goat of feeding List:

  • Each baby goat has to feed 300-325 ml of milk in the first week of birth.
  • Milk should be consumed 3-4 times a day.
  • Gradually increasing the amount of milk in 6-7 weeks to 750-850 ml.
  • Which is nearly impossible if it has multiple kids.
  • Provide Milk substitute foods after 3 weeks of age.
  • Keep feeding milk per day 200-100 ml until the age of 10-11 week.

At this time, 100-150 grams of grains of food grains and plenty of grass, sapling must be provided daily. At the age of 3-4 months, stop feeding milk.

Food chart after 3 weeks to 11 weeks of age: 

Rice polish (Chalbhanga 25%)+ Khasaribhanga-25% + Wheat bush-25% + Soybean cack- 16% + protein concentrate – 2% + Soybean oil-1% +  -4% + and Solt-1% + Vitamin-Mineral Primix -0.5% + DC P-0.5%.

Daily feed must be equivalent to 1% of body weight of baby goat is enough.

Growing Period goat’s food:

After the release of the mother’s milk. In the case of Black Bengal goat, the age of 4-14 months is called growing time.

This stage of the baby’s food situation is very complex. As the mother does not get milk at that time,  So food and other management have to be especially careful.

How To Feed Black Bengal Goat

Those goats that are used for the production of meat or baby special attention should be given to their nutrition or food. From the second week of birth, goats gradually practice grainy food a little bit.

The Amount of Food Required for Growing Female Goats:

This table will show the total required food needed for the doe. If you can secure the health of the female black bengal. It will give birth to healthy goats. As well as provide more milk. This food arrangement starts from age of four months. And recommended to follow through before the last 2 month of pregnancy.

Age (Month)Est. Weight (kg)Granary Food (Gram)Leaf and grass(Gram) UMS(Gram)Water(Gram)
48 kg250 g 400 g 100 g 500 g
59.3 kg300 g500 g 100 g 5oo g
611.5 kg300 g 550 g 100 g 500g
713.2 kg300 g 520 g 100 g 550 g
815 kg750 g 100 g 600 g 600 g
916.4k g800 g 100 g 600 g 600 g
1018.6 kg800 g 100 g600 g 700 g
1120.4 kg800 g100 g 700 g700 g
1222.2 kg800 g100 g 800 g 700 g
1322.2 kg450 g 800 g 100 g 800 g
1423 kg450 g 800 g 100 g 800 g
1524 kg450 g 800 g 100 g 800 g

For the last two months of pregnant goat’s pregnancy, the nutritious food, and diet list:

Sufficient food for the pregnant goat is to be given. If you do not give it, the child will be weak and even at the child of birth will have a fear of childbirth. Goat’s health shifts to worse. The mother’s milk production will decrease and it is late in pregnancy. Therefore, special attention should be given to food under the goat’s pregnancy.

Samples of growing aged goat’s grains: corn broke – 35% + wheat bran – 25% + khesari vasi -16% + soybean oil – 20% + fish mill – 1.5% + dcp -1.4% + Salt -1% + Vitamin Mineral -0.1%.

1.5% of daily weighting goat’s body weight is sufficient for donation.

The milk management depends on the milk of the mother. Most of the farm goats have died due to lack of milk in the miniature time. After proper feeding, the goat gives milk to 0.5-1.0 liters after milking 2-3 children.


Brushing – 35% + Wheat Basil – 25% + Khasari Vesi – 16% + Soybean cake – 20% + Fish Mill – 1.5% + DCP -1.4% + Salt-1 % + Vitamin mineral -0.1%.

2% of granart foods of daily milking goat weight are sufficient.

Male Goat Feeding Method:

The importance of Male Goat is important to the people. If it does not get the required nutrients from the beginning, then the growth and body structure will be interrupted. As a result, the buyer does not get the attention. That is why the main purpose of failing the goat’s farm.

Feeding of breeding bucks:

If the goat is not used for reproduction purposes only, it is useful to eat enough grass; But if there is not enough raw grass, good quality straw is provided and 250-500 grams of grains have to be supplied. There is no need to provide extra grains at this time.

During the use of reproduction, there must be enough grains to feed. In order to keep bucks reproductive, it should be 10 grams of gram flour. Fatty foods should never be fed to the buck.

Black Bengal Goat Daily Feeding Methods:

When to searve foods what is there proportion.

Maintaining quality food daily food is very important. This is a general feeding process for every day. The method is approved by Bangladesh Dairy Goat Farming Accitiation.

Time Food TypeDetails
6 am – 7 amProvide grain feeds half of the total grain and fiber feed (1/3).First, provide the grains feed of grains in separate containers and then the fiber food.
6 am – 9 amProvide organic or natural green grass or plant leaf.Immediately after providing morning feed
12 pmRice starch should be provided with of the fiber food and others.Mixer of Rice starch(66%)+fiber food(33%).
4 pm -5 pmThe remaining grainy food should be supplied as before.Another half percent of total grainy food.
EveningProvide the remaining of the fiber(33%). After regulating goats in shade.  

This table shows the daily feeding process. You have to serve foods at the right time. Also, provide sufficient water.

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