Easiest Way to Germinate Lemon Seeds in Paper Towel

Lemons are common in gardens or the food menu. Gardeners are cultivating Lemon plants around our home, rooftops of our house easily in compact space. Lemon plants can be easily grown from seeds.

Here we are going to explore “how to germinate lemon seeds in paper towel” step by sep [with Pictures].  Moreover, I will share my experiences and provide tips for beginners. Let’s dig deep…

Overview of Germinating Lemon Seeds in Paper Towel:

Lemon trees are well known Citrus plant. It contains Vitamin C which is essential to our health. Besides, lemon juice is a healthy beverage.

The method of germination lemon tree is somewhat easy. If I summarize the whole process than it will be like this-

  • Collecting a better quality lemon form market,
  • Extracting seeds and Identifying fertile ones.
  • Preparing paper towel and seeds.
  • Setting up seeds inside the paper towel.
  • Ensuring environments for germination,
  • Seedling care,
  • Transplant seeds in pots/bags. garden yard.

Now without further ado, let’s find out the total process step-by-step.

How to germinate lemon seeds in paper towels?

Here, this is the exeat process that I implement.

Tips: Ensure healthy seedling is the key to success. Moreover, to get a better seedling there are several popular methods to extract seeds.

Lemons are a very popular citrus tree.

Necessary Ingredients

  • One Lemon
  • A ziplock bag and a paper towel;
  • Soil and Organic Fertilizer
  • Tissue papers
  • Knife

Selecting Lemon:

For collecting seeds you can select middle sizes Organic and healthy Lemon. Make sure that –

  • It is healthy, well-shaped and mature (ripped).
  • Use an organic lemon because non -organic seed may not be germinated.
  • However, select the variety in this process.
lemon for extracting seeds
lemon for extracting seeds

Extructing Seeds:

Take a knife and cut the Lemon from the middle.

Divide the Lemon into four parts, so you can collect more seeds. However, Don’t select chopped Lemon seeds.

Processing seeds for Germination:

For germinating the Lemon tree from seeds, it’s very important to select good and healthy seeds.

  • Collect 5-10 seeds that look healthy and large in size.
  • Clean the seeds using a paper towel.
  • If you have confusion about good or bad seeds, then you can take selected seeds in a glass of water.
  • If any seeds float in the water then avoid these types of seeds.
  • Because those seeds will not germinate.
  • Moreover, If u select small and unhealthy seeds it may not sprout and it may not keep the quality of the parent tree.

Healthy seeds doesn’t float in the water.They submerged in water easily.

Helpful Pictures for this stage:

Take Healthy Seeds for Sprouting
Take Healthy Seeds for Sprouting
clean the seeds one by one
clean the seeds one by one


Raise the seeds from the water and keep in a tissue paper. Clean the seeds carefully and dry it properly with Tissue papers…

Otherwise, a substance with the seeds contains sugar , that takes bacteria and will destroy germinated seeds.

Peel the white skin of the seeds:

Need to peel off the white skin of the seeds. You can use your nails and peel off the white skin – carefully and take the brown shade of seeds.

Be steady in this process, peel it from top to bottom. Besides, you can use a sharp-edged knife.

peeling lemon seeds
peeling lemon seeds
peeled of lemon seeds
peeled of lemon seeds

Setting up seeds in paper towels for germinating:

Take a Paper Towel. Then, make it foggy with water. Keep the soaked towel on a flat surface and smooth out it. Take out excess water from the paper Towel.

  • Place the seeds keeping standard distance on a paper towel.
  • Carefully cover the towel with another paper Towel.
  • Then placed the paper towel in the plastic zippered bag.
  • If the paper towel is too big then you need to fold the Towel carefully to fit into the zippered bag.
  • Keep in mind to leave some air in the bag.
  • The seeds need moisture, warmth, and air to sprout.

Place the bag in a warm environment. In this stage, seeds don’t need light.

Helpful Pictures Step By Step:

Soak the paper using water spray
Soak the paper using water spray
covering Lemon Seeds using towel
covering Lemon Seeds using a towel

How long does it take to germinate?

germinated seeds
germinated seeds

In general circumstances, the seed will start germinating after 2 weeks. This time may vary in cold weather. Seed germination is dependent on temperature and humidity.

So, be patient.

Now look:

At this stage, your lemon seeds are ready to germinate. But, before finishing this article, I want to share some tips that may help you on the way.

Transplanting Seedling:

If you are using this exeat method, it will require some additional work. However, it is easy as 1, 2, 3…

The steps are:

  1. Prepare the bed,
  2. Plant the seedling into the bed

This is a common method. But, for transplanting the germinated plant in outdoor is somewhat risky. As the direct sunlight will kill them.

In this situation,

You can either, transplant them into a tray filled will soil mix, or, make a sunshade for the plants.


After the seed is germinated, you can either transplant it directly into a pot. But, you need to plant it in the garden, I will suggest transplanting the seedling in a tray.

 Although, it is optional but highly recommended.

If you are new to lemon tree farming read: Growing a Lemon Tree: How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

Planting Seedlings into a Tray:

When the roots will 1-1 ½  inches long then the seeds are ready to be planted in the soil.

But, as I mentioned earlier, transplanting in a tray is beneficial.

  1. It allows plants growing in a controlled, sunlight.
  2. Also, allows roots to become strong

Controlling sunlight requires additional works. Furthermore, it gets even taff in gardens.

The newly germinated seedlings are weak to handle direct sunlight.

Preparing the seedling tray bed:

As you have guessed, the first step is choosing a tray big enough for your needs. Fill it with loose soil and organic composts.

You may concider providing liquid fartilizer. It will start when seedling are 10-12 days old to till transplanting.


Compost is a very useful substance for gardeners. You can create it in our home. Yimby Tumbler Composter can be a great one. Read our review on,

Plant Seedlings on the tray:

When the seedlings are strong and healthy, it is the best time for planting in pots or directly in the soil. However, make sure the soil is loose enough.

Plant the seedlings upsides down, so that the seeds stay on top.

To learn more, read – how to grow a lemon plant from seed.

At last,

I have tried various methods for sprouting seeds. By far this is the easiest one, I have found. Though you can plant seeds directly into the garden bed. However, in cold weather, it’s not possible. Besides, the survivor rate is low if not you are using a shading system.

Nevertheless, If you find it helpful, let us know by commenting and feel free to share your thoughts too.

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