Growing a Lemon Tree: How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

Growing lemons are easier than you thought. Learn how to grow a lemon tree from seed step by step including seed propagation, preparing the soil, weather conditions, fertilization and more.

In this guide, I will help you growing lemons in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Also, share my experiences, faster-growing tips, the problems I faced, and solutions.

Actually, this cultivation is simple and easy.  Let’s begin:

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

Lemon trees thrive outside year-round in the tropical, sunny areas. But they can also thrive inside as an edible fruit in cold environments.

Now, most of our farming we suggest buying seeds. But, I think it will be more fun if you can collect seeds on your own and propagate lemon trees.

That’s why first, we all grasp the technique of collecting and germinating process. Then we will learn how to plant them directly on the soil or in a pot\ bag or on your backyard garden.

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Growing Lemon a Tree From Seeds
Growing Lemon a Tree From Seeds

Collecting and Processing Seeds: This collecting process is straightforward. Seeds are fetched directly from the fruit. So, next time when you suck a lemon save seeds.

Here are some tips, that you should follow.

Tips 1: Seeds from a Non-Organic Lemon may not develop seedlings so, accumulate them from organic fruit.

Tips 2: Before removing the seeds, make sure that the lemon you use here is tasty and juicy. However, the citrus tree that developed from seeds tends to clone the mother tree natures. But not as accurate as of the grafted citrus tree.

Tips 3: After removing seeds, they need to be cleaned properly and dried using tissue papers. If not they may not germinate as the fungal disease destroy the ability to sprout.

Tips 4: In the next step, plant them immediately.

Lemon Seed Propagation Methods

There are three methods for germinating presses.

  1. Easiest Way to Germinate Lemon Seeds in Paper Towel
  2. Growing seedling directly in Pots/ Soil
  3. Germinating Lemon Seed into a Plastic bag

Planting Lemon Seeds: Growing Seedlings 

Lemon seedlings are germinated in a sunny, indoor environment. Usually, the seeds are set in a pot.

Here are the things that you will need to grow a lemon tree from seed.

  • Organic lemon seeds.
  • A pot filled with soil and organic fertilizer mix (read: how to prepare soil).
  • The suggested pot size is about 5 inches deep and 4 inches wide (for indoor planting use 8x8in).
  • And plant them into the pot about 1/2 inches deep.
  • Now, Place the pot in a warm place inside your home and water it frequently.
  • Finally, when you plant the seedlings indoor you will need a pot/ bag/ barrel.
  • The size can vary in width, least size is 8-inch by 8-inch( 20cm X 20cm) width and height.
  • But, if you like to grow them big inside your house you will need a bigger pot size about 18 inches deep and 24 inches width (read: transplantation tips).

Note 1: After planting the seed keep it in a warm place. It will help them germinate. And after that move the pot near a window. It will require sunlight in this stage for 5-6 hours.

Note 2: Generally, lemon trees that originated from the seed will need a 4-5 year to produce lemon fruit. However, that is a long time to wait on. But, I found a solution that can reduce time significantly (discussed below: how to get lemon from seed germinated tree faster).

Method 2:

Germinating lemon plants in a plastic bag. Here, is the step by step process…

Growing Seedlings in Plastic Bag:

After collecting the seeds, choose a plastic bag. Then fill it with organic soil mix. And, the last step- put the seed into the soil. The exeat step by step process is:-

Choosing a Plastic bag:

Choose a GMO plastic bag with a zipper. If there is no drill or holes under the bag then you can do some drill under the pot.

Without any holes, water will stick to the bag and makes Bacteria that will destroy the growth of seeds.

 If you want to plant several seeds in one pot at a time then choose a large plastic Bag.

Filling the Plastic Bag with Soil:

Pour the mixed soil in the plastic bag and should mind that the bag will fill until the soil is about 1 ½ inch under the bag.

Using your finger or a stick Make a ½ inches hole in the soil.

Planting seeds in Plastic bag:

When the seeds are ready to plant drop the seeds in the hole you created on the soil.

  1. Cover the seeds with soil.
  2. Make sure that the rounded part of the seed will remain in the upward in the soil.
  3. Otherwise, roots won’t come out.
  4. If you want you can cover the pot with a plastic paper.

Place the bag in a warm location:

You need to keep the Bag in a warm location so that seeds can get sunny weather. Place the bag where the temperature is between (20°C and 28°C). Don’t keep the seeds in too much hot Warmth.

Pour Water Into Plastic bag or Pot:

No matter which method you are using-

Pour water on the soil if you see the soil is getting dry. If there will no water then it will harmful for the seeds. If the environment is cool and will rain then try to remove sticker water.

  • It will take at least 2 weeks for germinating the seeds.
  • After germination keeps the plants in a dry and warm place.

Seed Planting Season:

You can plant lemon trees at any time of the year.

But, the best seed planting season: Late winter or early spring.

However, most of the farmers grow them inside. In that case, it can be done at any time of a year.

If you plant in a Summer Season, recently planted trees have little immunity to the warmth and dry climate. Furthermore, they can dehydrate quickly.

Young citrus plants are very sensitive to frost. If you plant in the winter, protect them from the cold.

Planting Seedling into the Garden or Pots

If you plant them directly in your garden (read: where you can grow lemon outdoor?), you need to plant them when they are about 6- 10 inches tall.

Indoor planting tips: 

growing an indoor lemon tree
growing an indoor lemon tree

If you grow a lemon tree from seed inside, then follow these steps below.

  • Here, if you wish you can cultivate them using a single pot.
  • Lisbon, Meyer lemon and Ponderosa dwarf develop very well in containers.
  • Use a pot or bag (size: at least 8×8 inches, recommended 18×24 inches) for sowing seeds.
  • It does not require transplantation. But if the varieties you choose to cultivate require more reservation you can transplant them.

Tips for planting outdoor:

Firstly, Check that the weather and environment condition supports lemon farming outdoor. If it can grow lemon from seed outside than follow this next step.

  • Prepare the soil as I described below (read:  soil condition for growing lemon).
  • Then, dig 3×3 inches deep hole.
  • Now, this transplanting process is sensitive.
  • The lemon seedling will not survive if the root is damaged,
  • Also, citrus trees do not grow roots faster.
  • So, it has to transplant with soil they sprout.
  • Plant them with 2×2 – inches soil.
  • Then fill the rest space with organic fertilizers.
outdoor lemon tree from seed
Growing outdoor lemon tree from seed

Conditions Requirement: Growing a Lemon Tree

We know that this plant can thrive all over the world. It’s a hot weather crop. But the lemon tree can grow in your place. Let learn how to raise them and in which conditions are appropriate.

Weather Conditions: 

For growing a lemon tree outdoor, the weather limits are given below. In case your area doesn’t belong to these conditions still you can grow them inside your home. If it can get eight-twelve hours of sunlight in a day.

The temperature they can tolerate:

Ideal Temperature:                77° to 86° Fahrenheit.

Low/ Cold Temperature:        25° to 30° Fahrenheit.

Hot Temperature:                    Up to 104° Fahrenheit.

*Us farming zone 9b to 11.

Preparing The Soil Mix:

These plants prefer well-drained, fertile soil, and a 6.0 ph level. Lose and loamy soil are the beset grower. However, they can grow in different soils, including puny soil and lightly acidic soil.

In the case of container cultivation, soil and organic fertilizer mix work best.

Now the question is: How and what proportion they should be mixed?

Depending on your soil you can mix in a proportion of soil: fertilizer likes- 50:50, 40:60.

Fertilizer: How to Practice Accurately 

These trees demand nitrogen greatly. So, the compost you will use for your plant should contain ample nitrogen.

Now, here are some tips for applying fertilization.  

  • Lemon trees should be fed three to four times a year.
  • Make sure that you practice at the usual times.
  • Apply fertilization in active growing seasons.

Note 3: Do not practice it in the cold season, heavy rain seasons when they do not grow actively.

As we know, this plant becomes fruitful in four years. But I found that it can produce lemons faster. Actually, at the age of two. At that age, my “Meyer improved dwarf” produces 5 lemons.

Here is the process that I follow and suggest you follow when growing a lemon tree from the seed.

How to Grow Lemon Tree Faster:

This process is somewhat straight-forward. First, you have to understand what this plant needs to develop branches, roots, and flowers.

If it gets fed appropriately, it will flourish. This plant needs nitrogen, 8-12 hour of sunlight, and fertilizers.

I have already discussed that above.

Finally, this is the appropriate guide on how I grow a lemon tree from seed. Now, this is your turn.

If you face any problem during this whole cultivation time. We are here! Ask any question, Farming Method will be glad to answer.  Please share this with your community.

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