Germinating Lavender Seeds in Paper Towels [Helpful Guide]

This is the easiest guide on germinating lavender seeds in paper towels. In general, this process has about a 20% to 30% germination rate.

Lavenders are a beautiful, delightful, and Mediterranean plant. Growing lavender from seeds is not as simple as you may think.

Most people end up growing lavender from a nursery plant instead of a seed with a terrible germination result. However, when it came to germinating lavender seeds, there are two popular methods.

Among those, gardeners and farmers are excited about growing seeds in paper towels. However, starting seeds in the soil can result in a slightly high germination rate.

Before that, the paper towels methods are more effortless. Moreover, it is beginners friendly.

In this article, I am going to explain how to germinate lavender seeds in paper towels. Also, the subsequent transplanting and caring process.

Let’s start,

Germinating Lavender Seeds Paper Towels

Germinating Lavender Seeds Paper Towels

Germinating lavenders may differ from other plants but not difficult. Especially, if you want a pleasant fragrance that attracts the bees and butterflies in the garden.


Your journey to germinating lavender using seeds will start by choosing a variety. Then it would be best if you collected the required tools like paper towels and a ziplock. After that, you need to put them in a refrigerator. And wait till the magic happens.

What will you need?

  • Growing Medium: Paper towels, there are some alternatives like -napkins, filter paper, or newspaper.
  • The Rapper: A Ziploc bag (sandwich size).
  • Refrigerator or freeze to create a greenhouse effect.

The Seed Germination Process:

  1. First, take a paper towel or a napkin on a plate and moisten it with water; make sure it’s wet but not soggy. Sprinkle the seeds making sure to avoid getting clumped.
  2. Put the plate in a Ziploc bag and keep it in the fridge for 30-40 days.
  3. Even if the process sounds odd, but most of the plant requires warmth, the lavenders need cold.
  4. The method is called stratification, as cold conditions are being recreated here.
  5. After 30-40 days, put the plate in a nice sunny place or your window where it could get direct sunlight.
  6. Since it needs direct sunlight to geminate, make sure it’s not covered with something.
  7. If your seeds are good, then after a week or, two they’ll germinate.
  8. You’ll get a 20-30% germination rate in a usual way, and that is if you’re lucky.

Alternative to that,

You can try your luck in the winter by placing them under the sunlight near the window. It will help to maintain the room temperature and act like a greenhouse.

NB: I don’t need to try this method because I have the required number of seedlings from the first method. Still, peoples claim that this also works.

Growing Lavenders: Transplanting, Planting & Care

When your seeds are germinated, you can start lavender farming,, But the sprouts are small and fragile.

So, it would help if you fasted transplant them. Then when there 1-2 inch go for planting on the soil.

Transplanting Process (How to)

After successful germination, use a tool or something to carefully pick up the germinated seeds and put them in a cup full of potting soil. Only one cup is required per seed.

Lavenders require light and heat, so a sunny window would be a perfect place to keep them. You can also try fluorescent lights about two inches from the plant.

Your seed packet will produce more plants. This method also cuts your expense.

If you bought these germinated seeds from a garden store, it would’ve cost you a dollar at least. But now you have the same product for cents. On the other hand, the transplants are way pricey too.

Though germinating lavender takes a longer time than other seeds, it’s worth it for its striking beauty and wonderful aroma.

Planting Seedling (How to)

Low light will kill them as they take a more extended period to germinate and grow.

Before planting them outside, make sure to let them harden off to outside weather then you are ready to plant them in a super sunny spot with well-draining soil.

Moreover, be careful with the frail seedlings. As there’s a risk of fungus in your seedling. Provide the seedlings with proper air circulation and keep the soil mix moist.

Please make a small hole and position the roots into it. Press lightly around the seedlings to firm up the soil around them. Make sure your seedlings are standing straight.

After 8-12 weeks you’ll have healthy lavenders plants.

Care for the Lavenders Sprouts

  • One great thing about lavenders is that they don’t require any fertilizer and daily watering once they’re established.
  • As lavenders are drought-tolerant watering now and then will do be enough.
  • But sunlight is a must more lavenders. They thrive well in well-drained soil.
  • Although the soil has to be moderately fertile with a pH level of 7. If required you can use eggshells and limes in your soil to fulfill this requirement.

The Final Words

Hope the guide above on – germinating lavender paper towels method was helpful.

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Also, if you have any questions, please ask below.

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