How to Tell If a Goat is Pregnant (Signs & Process)

This article describes is the signs and advanced procedure to identify if goats are pregnant. If you are willing to identify whether the doe is pregnant or just fat read through.

In this article, I will discuss how to know if a goat is pregnant. There are two different methods 1. The traditional process. 2) Veterinary Detection method. Also focuses on the pregnancy (consistency) of goats: the symptoms, duration, and care of the animals during this period For the safe breeding of goats.

I hope this will not only help you to know the pregnancy status but also find out how long is a goat pregnant for.

The Method to Identify if a Goat is Pregnant

Tell If a Goat is Pregnant or fat

Breeding goats is a profitable and happy profession. Whoever decided to do this, you must first learn all the wits of growing this animal.

If your goats are pregnant you can easily find it out. As I mentioned earlier there are two methods you can use to determine. 

However, you should use traditional methods – which use the symptoms, behavioral change, physical change to find out if a goat is pregnant or not.  You will find out the process in the later section.

The second popular method is the veterinary detection method.

In the other method, you will be using the goat pregnancy tester. Now peoples are using goat pregnancy test kits to find out goat pregnancy at home.

So lets discover all those methods one by one.

Signs & Symptoms that’s indicates Pregnancy in Goat

Naturally, a pregnant doe will have some symptoms. As the baby goat grows inside the signs will be more clear.

  • 3 weeks post-breeding: Your goat WILL NOT go into heat again. Symptoms of heat are cervical mucus, wagging their tail, being louder than normal, etc.) Your goat should not be exhibiting any of these signs if she is bred.
  • 6 weeks post-breeding: A goat’s belly will be tight, just in front of their udder.
  • 12 weeks post-breeding: Their belly will be about 1-2 inches bigger. (You can check this by measuring them right after breeding.)
  • 15 weeks post-breeding: Slight swelling of the udder, whether you’re already milking them or they’re dry.
  • 3-4 months post-breeding: You should be able to feel fetal movement with your hands.
  • 4-5 months post-breeding: The udder should get larger and full of milk, the vulva should be slightly swollen, and they should have a slightly bigger abdomen (meaning one baby inside) or be VERY large (meaning multiple babies inside).


It is very important to find out about the pregnancy in the early stage. In the commercial, the goat farming business is obvious. On small farms manual observation is easy.

Sometimes, we meet some beginners who are not experienced on this staff. They find it overwhelming. But is not.

More apparent symptoms appear in the second half of the term:

  • The abdomen is enlarged, the sides are rounded, the disagreement is visible;
  • External reproductive organs swell and flatten;
  • Udder pours, swells;
  • Goats behave calmly, be careful, lie more than walk, do not lose appetite;
  • Before kids, the pelvic bone stretches significantly.

How Your will Determine Early Pregnancy in a Goat?

Whether the meeting was successful, it is difficult to find out – any visible change in physical behavior and behavior will only be noticeable in the second half of the term.

Nevertheless, it is essential to recognize the gestation period as early as possible to receive proper care and food.

To determine early pregnancy, in addition to observation, you can apply popular proven methods:

  • Collect urine in the morning (0.5 cups) and add baking soda (1 tbsp.): There will be no reactive reaction during sucking. The soda will dive to the bottom.
  • 7-14 days after the autopsy, bring pipette milk and a few drops to a glass of water: Dried milk (such as carrying fruit) will dissolve the goats and go down.
  • Three weeks after, when the prey should be repeated, bring the goat back again: If the goat has no interest, it means she will soon become a mother.
  • After three months of gestation, make palpation: to tear the stomach of a hungry goat with one hand, pressing the hole with one hand, and if you can, fold the fetus with the other hand.

Veterinary Detection method

There are sufficiently high-precision scientific methods to determine Sukhoznosti. It includes testing for progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, the amount of which should be significantly increased.

Goat breeding can independently test hormone levels using independent test strips (sold in pet stores) used for urine and milk. 

They can be applied within two weeks after mating.

That’s important! Ultrasound is recommended to be used on all goats. This analysis not only shows the presence of pregnancy but also how good it is.

A veterinarian performs another laboratory test:

  • Cervical examination with a unique sterile mirror is performed over four weeks: confirming the presence of thick cervical mucus Sydney;
  • Blood, milk, or sugar samples were analyzed within 2.5 weeks after the test;
  • Ultrasound examination with a particular device is the most reliable because it shows the highest percentage of accuracy.


Normally, a goat will give birth after 6 months of pregnancy. But, you have to ensure care and diet for them. Besides, learning about shelter/accommodation preparation and potential problems are equally important.

Here are some other things that you must know.

How many months of pregnancy is over?

The average gestation period of goats is about five months or 150 days. This period may vary between 146-157 days for various reasons.

The lactation period is related to the number of calves: if there is a calf, the goat wears it for an average duration, two months – 5 months, and more than two (up to 5 calves) – 150 days.

Can goat give birth twice a year?

In general they can’t and you should not allow it. However, in 18 months they can give birth twice.

However, some goat breed (ie: Black Bengal goats) can produce kids twice in a year. But is is not recommended for healthy and profitable goats.

Can you use a pregnancy test on a goat?

Yes you can. There are several ways too. Here are some recommended product you use.

  1. YUCHENGTECH Pregnancy Tester Veterinary Ovulation Tester,
  2. Portable Veterinary B Ultrasonic Pregnancy Tester (Recommend for Vats and Large Scale Farms),
  3. BioPRYN Early Pregnancy Detection Kit for Sheep,
  4. Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Sheep and Goats

If the animal shows some signals or symptoms, it is time to prepare for the next upcoming event. It does not have to invite the birth of a veterinarian. In case of complications, she will need qualified help.

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