Best Egg Candler Light for Testing all Size Eggs

Egg Candler is used to observing the growth and development of an embryo inside an egg. If you are into including chicks, this is an essential tool for you.

The Best Egg Candler should be reliable, durable and long lasting. Because, in normal scenario, we need to relay on Candler to sneak peek inside of an egg with out breaking them.

However, there are a lot of options out there. Finding a useful Egg Candler is not easy. In this article I am going to review the best egg candler, so keep reading.

We examined 34 of the best egg candlers mostly on the market and determined that the Magicfly is the best choice for the majority of people.

Including its customizable intensity of light, adaptability to almost every sort of good egg imaginable, dependable power source, and cheap price tag, this would be the ideal egg candler for many of these scenarios.

What Kind of Egg Candler is the Best?

The word “egg candling” refers to the process of observing the growth of an egg by using light of just a candle. When electricity had not been widely available, candling was done using a candle.

Candling has been performed with tiny lamps to prevent destroying the embryo inside the egg and still monitoring it. LED bulbs are also less expensive and last longer.

They include incandescent lamps, which protect the embryo from any damage caused by high temperatures.


  • Egg candlers are instruments that are used to analyze eggs. Egg candles, which use light from either LED or incandescent bulbs, allow you to determine if an egg is productive or not when it is still incubating.
  • Sustainable eggs are fertilized and can hatch into a chick. Egg candlers will also aid in the tracking of an embryo’s development during incubation. While allowing the best of the lot to be selected for hatching.
  • The light from the candle bulb reflects into the nucleus, making the embryo seem darker than the yolk covering it and allowing us to determine the stage of growth of the egg.

The guide takes you through the procedure of candling and how you might do it comfortably and safely in the comfort of your own home without the use of any fancy instruments.

In addition, the lists and analyses the top ten leading best egg candlers mostly on the market right now to assist you to make an intelligent decision based on your needs.

10 Best Egg Candler In-depth Reviews with Pros & Cons

There are several varieties of candles on the market, each catering to a particular set of requirements. For your convenience, we have gathered a list of a few candlers for sale in the market and compared them.

Many years before, farmers and chicken keepers used real torches to see into their eggs to determine whether or not embryos were growing properly.

Nowadays, due to advances in technology, we have electronic and battery-powered egg candlers that make the same operation easier and more efficient.

We have looked at more of the best candlers for eggs to accommodate both customers and budgets. Our research team spent several hours researching and comparing the top egg candlers on the market, taking into account a variety of considerations while inspecting each one to find the very best ones.

We examined the light strength, which shows us how strong the egg candler is and what sort of interior picture it can offer for each egg.

We have considered each egg candler’s suitability to see what kinds of eggs it would deal with. And also the energy source for each of that, and even the dimensions, price, as well as other contributing components.

1. Magicfly Rechargeable Wireless – Best Egg Candler

Best Egg Candler

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The Magicfly is the first on our list of the best egg candlers. The Magicfly is a highly inexpensive, reliable, and portable model that includes all of the simple features and functionality you’d expect to see in a high-quality egg candler.

It comes along with its extra-long electric cable with a US connector, as well as a basic on/off button on the side of the candler body for convenience.

The body has indeed been engineered to be resilient and long-lasting, and the light in the middle is powerful enough to illuminate fertilized eggs of various sizes and colors, particularly dark shelled eggs and big eggs.

This egg candler is an excellent alternative for use with a farm as well as in the classroom.


  • Improved design: This candler can be used immediately after charging without plugging in, is portable, so it can be used both indoors or outdoors.
  • Upgraded Button: The turn button is located on the top of the candler, making it more convenient to use with one’s hands. Candler would not shake as a result of pushing the button.
  • Eggs are not damaged by heat: Our egg candler provides cool and bright light while causing no heat damage to the embryo and is ideal for tracking egg growth.
  • Two candler cover options: It comes with two amazing rubber candler covers that will protect anything from big duck eggs to delicate and tiny quail eggs.
  • Long time usage: Charge for 3 hours, then you can easily use it for 6 hours straight as per tested in the laboratory.


  • Extra-long power cord 
  • Long-lasting and well-made Light that is extremely powerful 
  • Works with a variety of egg sizes and colors. 
  • Portable
  • Easy recharging functionality


  • A bit expensive

2. Brinseas OvaScope HIGH-Intensity Egg Candler for the Money

Best Egg Candler for the Money

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The Brinsea Ovascope Egg Viewer is the perfect egg candler for you if you’re able to pay a higher price for a more expensive edition with a slew of cool additional features and functionalities.

It is a little more expensive than the other entrants on our list, but its perfect construction, excellent reliability level, and strong range of extra features make up for the extra cost.


  • High Intensity: Through the OvaScope High Intensity, you can now see the live embryo developing inside either the darkest or most mottled embryos.
  • More Light: The OvaScope High Intensity produces more light from a higher-quality LED than the normal OvaScope.
  • Upgraded Image: The scope enhances image transparency by filtering out ambient light, magnifying the image of the egg, and encouraging the spectator to rotate the egg seamlessly as it is viewed – all without touching the egg.
  • Suitable for any size of eggs: Suitable for any size egg up to and including SMALL goose eggs (not suitable for larger goose eggs)
  • High-quality Webcam: The OvaScope can be equipped with a webcam, making it suitable for demonstrations and classroom use.


  • Provides closer and clear images
  • Suitable for different sizes of eggs
  • High-quality light
  • Suitable for schools
  • High-quality webcam functionality


  • Not made of heavier weight plastic or lightweight metal

3. Titan Incubators with High Intensity LED Chicken Egg Candler/Tester 

Best Candler for all size egg

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The Titan Incubators High Intensity LED Chicken Egg Candler comes next on our list of high-quality egg candlers. Titan Incubators is a well-known brand in the egg candling industry, delivering high-quality products, and these candlers are an excellent example of what the company can do.

They’re quite simple to use, with the egg clearly positioned on top of that same central black ring and even a button upon its top used to switch the light on or off to illuminate the interior.

Titan Incubators produce high-intensity but low-temperature light, so you won’t have to think about egg damage, and it appears to work for almost any egg type imaginable, from budgie eggs to ostrich eggs.


  • Well-tested: This one has been successfully tested on Rhea eggs and is suitable for almost any egg form, from Budgie to Ostrich, medium, small, small, and thick.
  • Can differentiate the eggs: During the incubation period, you can distinguish fertile and infertile eggs by candlelight.
  • Powered and rechargeable batteries: Rechargeable batteries for simplicity, with high-output, high-efficiency cold LED lighting – and there’s no need to think about overheating the eggs also during the inspection.
  • Simple to use: – simply place your egg on top of the black ring shoulder fitting and press the button to turn on the switch.


  • Works for any kind of egg
  • Successful and efficient
  • Protects the eggs from damage
  • Simple to use


  • Needs upgraded dark-mood setting

4. Brinsea Products Candling Lamp for Monitoring Embryo Development Inside the Egg

Best Egg Candler for the Money

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The Brinsea Products Candling Lamp should be next on our list, and there’s a lot to appreciate about it. It’s a bit different in size and form than most of the other egg candlers on the market, but the unusual construction helps it to be safely and conveniently laid down on any flat surface, so you don’t have to keep it up all the time.

It’s also battery-operated, requiring 4AA batteries (included), allowing you to use it anywhere you want without needing to locate an outlet.


  • Multifunctionality: The Brinsea Ova View Standard egg Candler may also be used hand-held or on a work surface. For simplicity, it is battery-operated and uses high-performance, high-quality LED lighting, so there are no lamps to repair and no worries about overheating the eggs during the inspection.
  • Upgraded Batteries: It comes with a lightweight black ring to seal against the eggshell and 4AA batteries, but it can also be used with rechargeable AA batteries.
  • Suitable for proper observation: The Ova View Standard is appropriate for observing the embryo production of pale, plain shelled eggs (most species of hen, duck, goose, etc.).
  • Comes with a warranty: The Ova View High Intensity is recommended for darker and mottled eggs. They, like all Brinsea brands, come with a complete two-year warranty.


  • Bright LED lighting function
  • No repairment is needed for lights
  • Embryos are not harmed by heat
  • Four AA batteries are used


  • Loose rubber gasket

5. Egg Candler Incubator Warehouse Incu-Bright Cool Light

Small Egg Candler

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One of the most thrilling aspects of incubating eggs is seeing the embryo grow through the different stages of growth. This pleasure is made possible by the Incu-Bright egg candler, which provides a safe and convenient way to candle your eggs.
It was created especially for candling eggs while keeping cost in mind. The IncuBright makes use of cutting-edge LED lighting technologies.

Also with dark or big eggs, one super bright CREE bulb illuminates the eggs for quick viewing. The Incu-Bright is the only egg candle with a universal silicone rubber egg protector ring that allows you to candle any size egg.

The IncuBright is cordless, keeping it convenient to use. Batteries are given. The purchase also includes IncuCare two-year warranty.


  • Works well on virtually all egg sizes, including tiny quail eggs.
  • To shut out additional light and protect eggs smaller than quail, consider balancing the light with a smaller diameter, smooth o-ring/gasket.
  • It’s ideal for monitoring incubating eggs and easily suits even little arms.


  • Universal silicone ring – fits every size egg,
  • Ultra-bright CREE LED bulb – works well on dark or big shells,
  • Candler will cradle an egg with a rubber ring thanks to the recessed bulb.
  • LED lights stay cold and stop eggs from overheating
  • Simple on/off switch,
  • Performs more than any other egg candlers in its class
  • Batteries are used with the cordless model.


  • Loosely fixed gasket.
  • Comparatively a bit expensive.

6. HBlife Bright Cool LED Light Candler – Best Electric Egg Tester

Best Electric Egg Tester

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This is also an amazing candler that will make your task much easier from many different aspects. You can observe the actual development of an egg very clearly and easily. Seeing the various stages of development, from fetus to grown chick shifting in its shell, is useful.


Long Electric cord: Driven by long electric plug- You don’t have to think about having to swap batteries on a regular basis. It also does not allow billing.
Two candler covers- Includes two rubber candler covers to protect anything from big duck eggs to tiny quail eggs. You can quickly test the viability of your eggs and monitor the progress of embryos.
No heat damage to the eggs- One of its most fascinating aspects of incubating eggs is being able to watch the embryo grow through the different stages of growth.


  • 1.2-meters long electric cord
  • Free of harmful heating or damage to the eggs
  • Comes with 2 exclusive candler covers
  • Quick and easy to use


Not budget-friendly

7. Powerful and Professional LED Light Egg Candler with High Power

Best Egg Candler for Professionals

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The Powerful Egg Candler is a basic instrument that allows you to see if your eggs have been fertilized and if the embryo will mature and hatch through egg incubation.

It increases the transparency and illumination of the egg and therefore its contents by fully blocking light leakage and supplying a 500 lumens ultra-bright light source, as well as channeling the light into the embryos, allowing you to see that the embryo growing and moving inside the egg.

It is an excellent educational opportunity for children to observe nature and learn fundamental biological science, as well as an excellent device for observing the growth of your eggs.

Powerful Egg Candler is a basic gadget that allows you to see if the eggs have been fertilized and if the embryo will mature and hatch. Try turning on the candler inside a dark room and allow the light from the candler to glow into the egg to see what is really going on inside your eggs.


  • The powerful egg candler increases the illumination and brightness of the egg and therefore its components by fully blocking light leakage and supplying a 500 lumens ultra-bright light source that filters the light into the eggs, allowing you to see the embryo growing and moving inside of the egg! Ideal for candling dark eggs as well as eggs with thick eggshell.
  • Included is a wall adapter. Convenient and portable. A 18650 battery can be used to power the product. Our offerings have batteries due to Amazon policies and for the protection of our customers.
  • The CREE LED candler provides a calm and solid light with no heat exposure to the embryo. All metal packaging is smooth and water-resistant, with no rubbing eggshell. Provides the best possible treatment for the vulnerable life.
  • This commodity is backed by a complete two-year warranty.
  • Guarantee of complete satisfaction: If you are not satisfied then please do not hesitate to contact us; we are always here to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your order.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Perfect for dark and thick shells
  • Comes with improved clarity and visibility
  • Provides complete monitoring facility
  • Suitable for all the sizes of eggs


  • Battery is not provided with the product

8. Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester – Brightest Flash Light

Egg Candler with Bright Flashlight

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The light candler tester is ideal not only for people who only want to incubate eggs, but also for children and students that just wish to learn about the procedure as well. It is appropriate for a school’s amusing class or a school laboratory.

This Light will display you a dark spot and veins to check whether or not an egg is properly fertilized. You just can’t exactly say until that point.

You can keep a record of your eggs by marking them with dates with pencil. This light seems to be very useful, and it provides a great deal of fun to see the eggs develop. You should check on them once or twice a week to see if they are still growing.


  • Egg Candler Cool Led Light with High Lumens
  • Simple, quick, and safe to operate.
  • Comes with enough brightness.
  • For tracking egg production, it has a high-intensity egg candling lamp.
  • POWER: This egg candler light will come with a cell box that takes three AAA batteries.
  • Good-quality fabrics, fast and healthy delivery, and a cool light with high lumens from Candler! Excellent candler for determining whether eggs are fertilized or developing.


  • Perfect brightness,
  • Well-equipped with batteries,
  • Quick and simple to use,
  • Perfect for monitoring complete development,
  • Comes with cool LED light and flashlight function,


  • Comparatively a little more expensive.

9. Farm Innovators Model 3300 Egg Candler

Easy to Use Egg Candler

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It is also a very popular and widely used candler. The Farm Innovators Egg Candler has been used to track the development of eggs and monitor the live embryo inside, assisting in the identification of infertile or -Inchdead in shell-Inch embryos for removal. The Egg Candler plugs into a typical US 120V electrical socket and is lightweight and simple to use. Excellent for educational purposes as well as entertainment for children. 


  • This Farm Innovators 3300 Egg Candler is mainly used to track the embryo’s growth inside of an egg mostly during the incubation period. This egg candling light is both informative and entertaining for children.
  • This egg candler light comes in black color.
  • It also assists in identifying infertile or dead in shell eggs for removal.
  • It also showcases the view of the live embryo just inside the eggs as it keeps developing gradually.
  • Aquatics, terrariums, and pet-habitat-heat-lamps are also the components that are included.


  • Lightweight & easy to use,
  • Plugs into Standard 120V Outlet


  • Inaccurate reading for dark eggs

10. Flexzion Egg Candler Tester, Candling Lamp with Bright Cool LED Light

Egg Candler With LED

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A high-intensity egg candling lamp is used to watch egg production. One such egg candler emits high-intensity lumens of super cool LED light with ultra-safe egg illumination.

Just after the incubator has indeed been working for a few days, the eggs can still be scanned with a bright light for seeing what’s inside the shells. This will give you a clear understanding of whether or not an egg is developing as anticipated, and it will also encourage you to observe the embryo growth process firsthand.

Candling is a term that refers to the method of examining eggs with a candle. Obviously, problems could occur if eggs were held up to hot torches, but thanks to modern technological advances, brighter and cooler light sources are still available that do not risk damaging embryo development. By flashing a Candling Torch through the shell, you will also see signs of change as they occur.


  • This egg candler light kit includes a cell box that can be outfitted with three AA batteries, allowing you to use it both inside and outside of your home.
  • Cold Light Led Lighting: Conventional light bulbs can overheat eggs throughout the inspection. This advanced egg candling light package extends the hatching life of eggs.
  • Simple to use: Long-lasting with a simple on/off the press. A high-intensity egg candling lamp is used to watch egg production. When working in the dark, the effect is enhanced.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Two sizes of lampshades can be easily removed and can work with a variety of eggs, including chicken, quail, duck, canary, and dark egg.
  • Egg candler tester, 2 x lampshades (diameter 1.1/0.5 inches), power adapter cable length 33.5 inches, and battery cell box are included with the package.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Wide range of application
  • Cool Led lighting facility
  • Carried and handled smoothly
  • No heat damage
  • Perfect power-source system


  • Lacks rubber gasket on the edges

Necessary Things to Consider Before Choosing an Egg Canceler

Depending on your personal needs, you may want to invest in a low-cost, hand-held egg candler that reflects a flashlight and plugs into an electrical socket.

If you manage a larger company and wish to monitor eggs for fertility and growth on a daily basis, you may want to invest in a more costly variety of egg candlers.

  1. The most critical factor to remember when purchasing an egg candler is that the light source be cold, as a heavy, hot beam of light could harm the eggs.
  2. In addition, certain eggs have dense shells or are black, in which case you must purchase an egg candler that fits well with those eggs.
  3. If you plan on growing chickens and would like to be able to monitor egg production easily and reliably over time, rather than spending time and money on eggs that will not mature.
  4. An egg candler will be a very handy tool to have in your collection. After reading our egg candling light ratings, take a peek at the purchasing guide and FAQ section to discover much about how to choose the right egg candling light for your requirements.
  5. Farmers and ranchers used to use real torches to light up the insides of eggs to check whether an embryo was growing successfully. This is the origin of the word “egg candler.”
  6. However, in the current day, we have most of the benefits of emerging inventions, because, in addition to modern and advanced equipment that helps an egg grow correctly, such as cabinet incubators, we might utilize electrical power to monitor an embryo.
  7. Candles were the only choice back then, but the heat emitted by candles will potentially damage the egg or embryo inside, and it would be much better to use a modern LED light instead, which is used on most of the best egg candler models of today, such as the Magicfly and Brinsea Products Candling Lamp.
  8. As such, an egg candler is a device that illuminates the interior of an egg. It allows you to see if the embryo is developing normally.

If this is the case, you will try to care for the egg before it hatches. Perhaps even, you can easily delete the egg and continue without wasting time or money. Egg candlers, in essence, save producers and chicken owners a lot of time.

FAQs About Egg Candler

Is it possible to know whether an egg is fertile or not?

A: Most people ask this, but it is important to remember that after 6-7 days, properly incubated eggs may be able to begin growing, and there is no question that a candler can assist you in seeing a tiny spot in the middle of the embryo with veins running on the edges.

How frequently should I a candle?

Although this can be done at any moment, the optimal time is before incubation. Touching the eggs in the incubator on a regular basis in the name of candling is likely to cause problems with their growth. There must be a cap on how much or how often they should be turned or relocated.

The 5th and 7th days are recommended, but if you would do so after the eggs have been placed in the incubator, please do so for viable eggs.

How should eggs be positioned during candling?

It is suggested that the fertilized eggs be positioned so that the more pointed end is pointing upwards.
Candling, on the other hand, has no limitations. Place the egg on top of the candler in some way that allows you to see inside.

What if I mark the eggs while the candling process is going on?

You should mark the egg on the day you candled it.

Nothing seems to be inconsistent about that. However, make sure to use the proper marker, preferably a pencil or a crayon. Any other item, such as a marker pen, you may touch the egg and hinder embryo growth.

Final remarks

The Magicfly is our top-rated egg candler. This egg candler offers all the benefits and versatility you can get at an affordable price and with all of the light strength, you ought to comfortably and conveniently look inside eggs in different colors and sizes.

Titan Incubators comes in second on our list of the best egg candlers. With a single button action and battery-powered functionality, these premium egg candlers have a high intensity yet completely protected light beam. They even deal on nearly every egg form imaginable.

The Hblife is our third favorite egg candler. This egg candler fits every egg shape and size and seems to have a slim and lightweight style as well as stable power outlet connections. It is equipped with two rubber covers, a 1.2m power cord for your flexibility, and a money-back guarantee, all for quite a low price.

At last, it can be said that before buying any of these candlers, you have to identify your need at first, and then you choose the candlers. It will make your task much easier and smoother. All of the mentioned best egg candlers come with different functionality and benefits. So, choose wisely and enjoy!

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