Tractor Implements List: Useful Attachments with Name, Pictures & Use

Tractors are one of the mast have modern farming tools.  The tractor implements are the tools or machines that can be attached to a tractor in order to provide a unique usability. It is also known as the tractor accessories.

Most often a tractor is built to work with different attachments. Let’s explore the most useful attachments one by one…

List of Useful Tractor Implements & Attachments

Tractor implements are an extremely valuable tool for a farmer. Without a tractor implement, a tractor is just like another normal vehicle. Which is useless to the farm. Tractor implements increase the workability of a tractor. A tractor can perform a specific task with a specific implement. And with several implements, a tractor becomes versatile and a multitasker.

Useful Tractor Implements & Attachments

But to ensure the right implement for your necessity you need to ask yourself questions like what type of work your about to do with it. Like Mowing, lifting, moving, dumping material, scraping, leveling and digging holes, etc.

In general, the tractor attachments are tow behind. However, there are some useful tools that can be attached in front.

The Front Loader

Tractor loaders are not only the no.1 implement but also the most common and versatile implements for its services. It can perform tasks like shifting hay, gravel, fertilizer, compost pits, and a huge amount of heavy materials which is hard to handle.

Tractor loaders are designed in a way that you can connect other implements like a material bucket, pallet fork, debris grapple, and many other implements. For this, loaders are regarded as versatile implements. And by connecting these tools one can do the works of dumping, scooping easily. You can shovel snow from your driveway with a tractor loader.


Backhoe is a powerful digging implement. Though it’s not a multitasking tool it can dig up to 7 fits.

Also, it facilitates the user with easy attachment and detachment. Along with digging one moves around a small amount of dirt. It comes in handy while working in restrictive or small areas.

Pallet Fork (Bar Loader Bucket)

A pallet fork is a multitasker implement for the tractor. It’s generally used for carrying heavy stuff. Although people usually do the carrying work with the tractor, pallet forks do the same work much faster and provide more space for carrying.

You can carry a load of pallets, hay bales, farm products, crates, and also farming tools. It can be attached in the front part or the back depending on the model.

Box Blade

A box blade is a tool where blades (scarifiers) are attached to a box. It’s associated with the back part of the tractor. It’s a fundamental and versatile tool for its workability. It does all the work of leveling driveways, building new paths, leveling lands, parking lot, smoothing, and leveling the ground.

Rear blades and box blades are pretty the same. But there are some dissimilarities too. The rear blade holds its blades in a t-shaped frame where the scarifiers of the box blade are kept in a box frame. A box blade can perform the tasks of a rear blade. But a rear blade is unable to do the work of a box blade.

Rear Blade (Tow-Behind)

Rear blades are mainly attached to the rear of the tractor. The blade is connected through a three-pointed hitch. The blade is mainly designed for leveling and grading. They operate by moving the tractor forward and backward.

Further than leveling and grading with this blade, you can level paths, remove snow, dig crawlings, and smoothing drive, etc.

Mower/ Rotary Cutter

The mower and cutter are assigned to do the work of cutting weeds and grass. They may have the same usage but aren’t exchangeable. Mower and cutter have some differences too. Mowers cut weed, turfgrass, and other grassy areas. Where cutters are used for weed, pasture, grass, shrubs, and road edges.

These devices are suitable for those who have acres of land. You can easily mow or, cut grass off your farm or, field even it’s the size of a baseball field.


Plow digs deep into the soil and loosens the soil for planting crops. Basically, it prepares the soil for planting crops. And that preparation is done by removing weeds and other unnecessary elements from the soil.

In the modern farming era, this is an essential tool. However, there are different types of disk plow or line plow for both lawn mower tractor and heavy-duty farming tractors.


A harrow has a heavy X-shaped frame with spinning discs attached to it. The frames can be rectangular too. Besides the discs of harrows can be controlled to throw or, move the soil towards the harvest. Harrows are used to cover seeds, superficial tilling, kill weeds, break soil for planting, chop weeds, and leftovers. The most beneficial fact about harrow is it can be used to cultivate approximately to the crop row.

Moreover, rotary harrows are best for eradicating small and flex-tine harrows for destroying weeds. However, there is a cheaper option available known as drag Harlow.

Snow Blade / Pusher

Snow Pusher Blade for tractor

To eradicate snow snowblower is the best option. It’ll take ages if someone tries to clear snow from the paths or, roadsides with a shovel. But with a snowblower within an hour you can clear snow from a field. Further, it minimizes your physical labor.

The snowblower is machinery that uses an integral motor or, PTO (Power take-off) to drive the impeller. One can easily eliminate snow from the backyard, lawn, field, driveway, roadside, and path with a snowblower.

Seed & Fertilizer Spreader

The spreader is used to spread things all around. Its uses aren’t limited to just spreading salt on the roads. It can also scatter wood chips, lime, compost. The spreader is more of a seasonal tool cause it’s used for spreading seed in the fall and fertilizer in spring.

You know how the manual seeding and fertilizing process works, it’s too much work. Using this tool you can reduce 70% of labor.

Tow-behind Lawn Roller

A tow-behind lawn roller is one of the most fundamental implements for the tractor. It’s used to level out bluffs and bumps and other uneven surfaces. While working in the field farmers/workers can make holes accidentally.

Also, some animals dig holes as shelter in the field. A tow-behind lawn roller helps to fill these holes and to equalize the ground. Altogether this implement provides a healthy lawn.

Land Plane

Land planes are unpowered tractor equipment. Like a tow-behind lawn roller, the landplane is used to level ground by digging shallow depth. The distinctions are tow-behind lawn rollers deals with holes where land planes smoothen rugged lands filled with dirt, gravel, stones, and other materials. A landplane has two blades attached to it that help in digging. But a tow-behind lawn roller has no blades.

Further, a landplane is used in gardens, fields, driveways, horse arenas, sports grounds, farms to level the uneven ground.

Post Hole Digger

If someone wants to build a fence, deck, machine shed, pole barn, plant trees, or any other construction work they have to dig a hole. And when it comes to digging a hole post hole digger is the best. For these digging purposes, a shovel or any other tools can be used. But with a post hole digger, it takes less time and labor.

With the large auger of the digger, one can dig deep much better than a shovel or any other tools. To dig deeper than usual you can use a bigger auger.

Hay Rake

Hay rake is another common attachment for tractors. It’s only used for arranging, tedding, and spreading hay. The process is done by making a windrow and then that window is turned into a bale. You can also use it to flip the wet hays to fasten the drying process.

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Tillers are the most common of all tractor implements. It’s used to dig deep into the rocky soil and bring the fresh part of it. The digging is done in order to plant new crops for the new season. Soil preparation mainly starts every fall and spring.


Though there are so many options, however, we have picked the most useful attachments and implements.

However, peoples always ask us what else they use the tractor for. Here, is our Tractor Implements List that can be used to increase small farm productivity.

Nowthen, hope you have the list, so let us know what implement is useful to you?


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