11 Best Fabric Grow Pots (GMO Bags) & What it Grows

We understand that gardening is not just a casual hobby for a few people, its rather a passion! And, from gardens only, this passion can be seen while you keep plants indoor and grow in pots. We feel that you may not be satisfied putting your plants in plastic pots and are looking for any organic solution, here we present the best fabric geo healthy fabric grow pots.

For your ease of buying, we have prepared a list of bestselling Fabric Pots.  If you want to grow things in hanging pots indoor or small places in the outdoor garden, lawn or rooftop here is the top list of best fabric pots for you…

11 Best Fabric Grow Pots

As we know that grow pots are beneficial. It allows gardening in a tiny place. However, grow bags are #1 choices for organic gardeners. Moreover,  it allows growing the favorite vegetables and fruits like- Tomato. Potato, Chili paper, flowers, Strawberries, Capsicum, etc.

The fabric grow pots are just like plastic/earthen plant pots but made with organic fabric (Generically Modified). It gives plants a flexible structure to grow in and creates a breathable environment for roots that makes the plant grow more! Rather than other additional features, with fabric pots rinse all the excess water from the bottom and water floods away.


What is the best fabric grow pots?


VIVOSUN 5 Best Fabric Grow Pots

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 The market of fabric pots that creates the difference is the quality of the fabric, the capacity of holding mass, water drainage quality and portability. Surprisingly Vivosun 5 has all of it in its disposal and gives people a great user experience that none other could provide.

Made with thick and sturdy fabric, Vivosun 5 fabric pots can hold its shape strongly while fabric quality keeps your plant root healthy. Nonwoven fabric, which helps water to flow away, is the key feature of Vivosun 5 fabric pots.


  1. Made with nonwoven fabric which lets roots breath.
  2. Greater drainage system.
  3. Handles for portability.
  4. One of the best fabric pots for a long time use

Available Sizes: 

  • It has nearly any size of bags depending on your needs…
  • The came with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 50, 100 gallons verient.

What can it grow?

It can grow any vegetables and small size fruit trees. You can use it to grow any small vegetable like potatoes and tomatoes. Moreover, you can grow a lemon tree or papaya tree in 100-gallons pot easily.  Besides, 45 or 50 gallons of pots are perfect for growing ginger.

Mifengda 3 Fabric  Grow Pot:

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You just don’t only plant for your indoor or outdoor greenery but we also plant for growing vegetables that grow under the earth. Let us introduce the best fabric pot for potato or such kinds of vegetables like carrot or strawberry!

Migfengda3 has this incredible system by which you’ll be able to open the lower part of the fabric pot which is a velcro attached window.

Easy operations require just open and shut the external window. Velcro on the upper side of the neck gives you an option to mount plurals together. The fabric’s tough, thick and nonwoven which lets water flow away.


  1. Easy to open the lid of the back.
  2. Strong velcro to stick the backlid together.
  3. Thick and nonwoven fabric.

Available Size: 

  • One size – 7 Gallons.

What can it grow?

  • #1 grow bag for growing potatoes.
  • The best fabric pot for tomato farming, strawberry, chili, capsicum, etc.

3.Emptystar Fabric Pot Holders:

A basic and simple fabric pot with no fancy false features to allure you. With thick fabric and tough sewing lining, Emptystar has won people’s choice over the years. The nonwoven fabric lets roots breath and grows naturally.

Than other plastic pots which are expandable and breathable, Emptystar Fabric Pot is made with fabric that lets roots to breathe and expand to its limits. And, it doesn’t hold excessive water that doesn’t make the earth soggy and keeps dry so your plant keeps growing!

Sizes: It has 10 different sizes – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 gallons.


  1. Great draining system.
  2. Tough and precise sewing lining.
  3. Fabric lace for portability,
  4. Besides, it is made with environmental non-woven fabrics.

What can be grown in it?

It is an ideal grow pot for small and medium-size vegetables, flower and fruit plants.


Growsun 3 drawstring lock-top Fabric Pots

Growsun 3 drawstring lock-top Fabric Pots

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Fabric pot that lets your plants grow naturally without downpouring any soil on your table. Growsun 3 fabric pot has a shrink loop to keep plants upwards and let roots grow without any disturbance.

Available in 3 different sizes the cylinder style fabric pot is the most popular amongst people! It allows water to get drained easily. Organic fabric lets pass air easily so that your plant grows more healthy in the process.

The best feature of Growsun 3 fabric pot is that structure allows growing your plant spotlessly that keeps root grow without any disturbance.


  1. Shrink loop to keep roots shock-free
  2. 3 different sizes
  3. Breathable and nonwoven fabric.
  4. It also has Handles, that alow effortless hanging.

Available Size:

  • It has 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 gallons bags.

What can it grow?

It can grow many vegetables and flowers. I have used it to grow cabbages for testing purposes. However, it can grow onion, carrots, and potatoes.

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OPULENT Systems 5 Fabric Pots:

OPULENT SYSTEMS 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty Aeration Fabric Growing Bag Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Containers for Potato Plant Pots with Handles (Black) …

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You are looking for a plant grow bag for your bigger or heavy plant then you must need a fabric that performs heavy-duty service and perfectly Opulent fabric pots are the perfect choice for you!

With premium thick fabric which is also nonwoven and breathable. Particularly the sewing structure of the fabric pot gives it strength to stand strong with any sort of heavy plant weight.

Two side handles. It allows you to port it easily and hassle-free doesn’t matter how heavy it gets.

Than any other plants, Opulent systems allows to wash the fabric pot and then rinse-dry and use it again!


  1. Premium breathable and nonwoven fabric.
  2. Heavy usage capacity
  3. Carry handles.

Available Size:

  • It came with 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 gallons size.

What can be grown in it?

Most of the vegetables, and flowers.


247 Garden Transplanter Fabric Pots

The best Fabric Pot for Potato or under soil veggies!

247Garden Transplanter Fabric Pots 10-Packs Planter Aeration Grow Bags for Flowers, Vegetables, Potato, Tomato & Fruit Trees (1/2-Gallon)

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Another fabric pot that comes with the option to remove the lid to do works at the bottom of the fabric pot! 247 garden fabric pot is best for veggies like onions, lettuce, carrot or potato. Being just like other pots this incredible garden pot has fast water draining technology and backlid.

It is structured with strong velcro which gets strongly attached to the body but also opens up to give you the veggie out.


The available sizes of these pots are:1, 1/2, 1/4, 3, 5, 7 gallons.


  1. Perfect for under soil vegetables.
  2. Easy operation (opening the lid and closing)
  3. Nonwoven and breathable grow pot.

What it grows:

It can be used to grow small plants like chili paper,  latus, small flower trees. However, 7 gallons pot can grow the medium size plants.

Melonfarm Fabric Pot:

MELONFARM 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Non-Woven Plant Fabric Pots with Handles

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It is a fundamental fabric pot made with breathable fabric and with a strong stitch. The stitching of Melonfarm Fabric Pot allows your heavy plant to grow without raising any concern that it may break down at any time or even bend. The hardline stitching allows holding the plant straight upwards!

Than any other fabric pots, Melonfarm fabric pot has fabric handles so that you can port or move it easily.

It doesn’t have any flip-backs or backlit, the water draining system is quite impressive than others. It simply drains water and lets it flow out of the Fabric pot and hence it creates its own space in our Best Fabric Pot list!


It cames with one size- 5 gallons. Plus, it can be used as hanging grow bags.


  1. Heavy and tough stitching.
  2. Impressive water draining performance.
  3. Completely organic fabric.
  4. Spiral root system, which generates a high rate.

What it can grow?

It can grow most of the small vegetable and flower plants that thrive on containers.

G Leaf Grow Bag Fabric Pot

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No products found.

Basic fabric pot from G leaf which is quite amazing at the pricing range and does a lot comparing to other fabric pots. Being made with woven fabric, its perfectly breathable and gives your plants enough elasticity to grow as its own without any artificial influence.

Made with organic fabric, G leaf grows bags are a healthy choice for your beloved plants.

Leaf grow bags also come with handles at two sides which gives you amazing portability. Though that comes with 5 different sizes and quantities, G leaf fabric pots are perfect for every type of plant.

Available Sizes:

Only 5-gallon size is out there.


  1. 5 Different in size of Grow pots.
  2. Thick fabric that ensures the toughness of the grow pot.
  3. Highly Breathable Containers.
  4. It can be used in different growing mediums ie. drip systems, overheads, and hydroponic flood trays.

What can it grow?

It is suitable for one tomato plant or similar sized plants.

Garden4Ever Grow Bags:

Garden4Ever 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty Container Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Plant Pots with Handles

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Garden4Ever grow bags or fabric pots are cylinder-shaped which give your smaller or less bushy plants an incredible option to grow fast and straight higher. Though the company hasn’t put any advice on any type of plant. But we couldn’t help but advice!

Its made with breathable fabric hence lets the roots of the trees to grow more healthy. Water draining becomes easier with Garden4Ever since it rinses and soaks the remained water and keeps the soil soggy-free.

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for smaller plants
  2. Handles at both sides
  3. Available in different sizes

Size and What it can grow?

This pot is suitable for potato and tomato plants. They have different pots for potatoes.

Emptystar Fabric Pot Holders

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A basic and simple fabric pot with no fancy false features to allure you. With thick fabric and tough sewing lining, Emptystar has won people’s choice over the years. The nonwoven fabric lets roots breath and grows naturally.

Than other plastic pots which are expandable and breathable, Emptystar Fabric Pot is made with fabric that lets roots to breathe and expand to its limits. And, it doesn’t hold excessive water that doesn’t make the earth soggy and keeps dry so your plant keeps growing!


  • Great draining system.
  • Tough and precise sewing lining.
  • Fabric lace for portability,


Types of GMO Growing Bags and Which one is Best for what?

There are several types of grow bags. Hence they are supposed to use in different circumstances.

So how you can decide which one is best for you?


There are mainly 3 categories in grow bags. If I simplify them, it will be like that:-

  • Growing bags with handles
  • Growing bags without handles
  • GMO Ecofriendly and Non-GMO bags

Grow Bags with Handles

Best fabric pot for smaller bush plants!

Know you love small bush plants but finding it hard to accommodate them in bigger fabric pots hence we Present you Grow Bags which is specially designed for small bushes with amazing different features and we tell you that it is the best fabric pot for small plants.

Made with breathable and nonwoven fabric your small plants will easily breathe through GrowBags. And, as we know that small plants require more than usual space because of its fast growth hence this fabric pot gives your small cute small plants enough room to grow on.


  1. Perfect for smaller plants
  2. Fabric handle for portability.
  3. Cames with thicker fabric with breathability and water draining.

Check out hanging grow bages(#ad)

Growing bags without handles

Best for vegetables and fruit trees are not suitable for hanging due to excessive weight in production time. 

I am an enormous enthusiast regarding growing dragon fruits. If you read my blog you see pictures of my garden. The dragon fruit trees were planted in a tin can. Which is moveable and slightly long-lasting ( but requires care).Moreover, they are not suitable for continuous watering. Hence, I decide to move on. Large GMO grow bags are the first choice.


Though, grow bags last for more than 8 sessions (2 years+). But, they are eco-friendly, cost-efficient and hassle-free. Moreover, transplanting after 2 years can be beneficial as I’m growing it organic new soil can boost productivity.

Available Size:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • It can grow potatoes, larger vegetables or fruits tree,

Check out top picks

GMO fabric vs Non-GMO Plastic Bags

Here is a table exhibiting discrepancies between them.

GMO Fabric Bags Non-GMO Polythene Bags
Made with ecofriendly fabrics Made with Polythene, not healthy for the environment
Slightly costly Cheap
Farming Type: Organic Non-Organic
Suitable for plants Not suitable for the plant’s health


  1. What is the size of Grow Pots?

Fundamentally, the majority of growing pots have 4-5 sizes and 3 shapes in general but yet also have a look at the availability of the product you have chosen.

  1. What is the material used to make Fabric Pots?

Usually grow pots are made of non-toxic, lead-free and organic threads.

  1. Can I grow vegetables in grow pots?

Of course, you can grow vegetables but the size of the grow pots might be a concern that you had to know.

  1. What would be the best Fabric pot for potatoes?

Since potato is an under soil vegetable, the better type of grow pot would be those which have backlines.

  1. What would be the best grow pot for tomatoes?

For growing one tomato plants – 5 gallons size are advised.



I hope that it will aid you in finding the best quality fabric pots for growing organic vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits. However, if you are still confused! don’t be. Because we were aware of common difficulties and requirements that you may find hard to overcome. In fact, we were selective while picking the best fabric grow pots.

Grow pots are durable, smart as well as safe for plants. Besides, while we ware choosing these products, we were concern about what it can grow.

If you have any queries or require tips about pot or bag farming, Ask in the comment below. We will try to solve any problem regarding best grow pots or grow bag farming.

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