How to Grow Dragon Fruits in Pots [Simple]

Dragon fruit is an alluring tropical fruit available in many stores. This tastes like the kiwi but is more exquisite. It belongs to a family of cactuses and is native to Central America…

It grows in the tropical or subtropical climate. Besides, they are amongst the few fruits to have the most beautiful flowers in the world…

Here is his article, you will have a detailed briefing on how to grow dragon fruit in a pot during the hot summer months(as that is when they can be grown in a year).

Although dragon fruit grows in dry areas that does not mean that temperatures over a 40-degree celsius are ideal for the same. Instead, at those temperatures, the fruits get damaged and the plant dries out……

Let’s find out “How to Grow Dragon Fruits in pots in indoor or outdoor of your home”.  We will cover everything you need to know in detail from choosing pots, soil, season, planting procedure and harvesting.

Growing Dragon Fruit in Pots or Containers [Step By Step]

Pots are being used for growing organic fruits in your garden inside or outside the home or rooftops. This not just a hobby gardening anymore. Rather, pot farming can transpire profitably.

There are two methods for growing this fruit in containers. The most recommended method of planting the dragon fruit is by starting dragon fruit cuttings in pots. The second other option is seed plantation. We are not suggesting it because,

  1. It will require a longer time (up to 6 years) to produce fruits. whereas the cutting requires one year or a maximum of two.  
  2. Seed germination and transplanting are difficult for beginners. 

Here is the process to cut the dragon plant stem. However, if you are a complete newcomer, there are a lot of places where you can collect cuttings for plantation.

  • Cut a 12-38 cm (6-15-inch) stem from the parent plant (at least one-year-old) at an angle. Then dip the end of the dragon fruit and cutting it into a fungicide Allow the cutting to heal within a week in a place away from the sunlight before planting it in a container.
  • Use a container that will support the entire plant and will not be heavy on the top at the same time. Apart from this, the pot must have holes in it through which the water will strain out.
dragon fruit stem cuts for pots
dragon plant stem for planting in a pot
dragon plant stem for planting in pots 2
dragon plant stem for planting in pots 2

Cutting or Seeds: Which method is better for growing in pots?

How to choose which method is good for growing the fruit in pots?

It is highly recommended by many gardening experts to use cuttings to grow the fruit in pots. This is because properly taken cuttings in no soil are ready to be planted within a week.

Do you know? dragon fruits are also known as pitaya.

Choosing the Pot or Container

The pot has to be at least 20-24 inch deep and is 25-30 gallons that must be able to hold a mature dragon fruit.

What is an essential part of a container/ pot must-have? 

There are some must-have features that you may look before choosing a planting pot.

  • Ensure depth/wide for roots,
  • Must hold enough soil for ensuring food for this tree- at least 25 gallons,
  • Good Drainage System
  • Durable, etc.

Pot size for dragon fruit farming

To choose the size of the pot, use a ball. Check if the size of this ball is the same as the size of the plant’s root ball. The size of the ball must be one or two sizes more than the root ball to be on the safe side. Plant the root ball almost 10 to 12 inches deep in a 5-gallon pot. Repot the plant until it appears to be root bound. A pot of 24 inches deep and 30 gallons is competent enough to hold a mature fruit plant.

Climate and weather

Dragon fruit prefers warm weather. The USDA Zone 10/11 is the most preferable for growing the dragon fruit outdoors all year round, as that is the warmest region in the US. If the plant is grown in the USDA Zone.9, you can grow the plant outdoors until the temperature cools down, you can rather grow it in a greenhouse during the winter. 


A plant can bear fruits from summer until late fall every year. This fruit can also be grown during the springs and freezing winter seasons, which is why it is termed as a “fruit of all seasons”.

Popular varieties

There are three types of dragon fruits. Regardless of the type, the fruit will be green until it rips. After it has ripened, it will be bright yellow or red. 

The varieties of dragon fruits are:

  • Hylocereus Megalanthus – This fruit has a white fruit flesh and a yellow shell. The shell contains more thorns compared to the rest of the types.
  • Hylocereus Undatus -The fruit inside is still white but the exterior of the fruit is red.
  • Hylocereus Costaricensis– Both the shell and flesh of this fruit is red. The color of the flesh is so deep that it looks almost blood-like.

Preparing soil mix

This plant can grow in any well-drained soil, but it prefers to grow in the soil which is slightly acidic(pH 6/7). The cactus mix is a recommended soil mix to be used for growing the dragon fruit. You can prepare the cactus mix at home with sand/perlite, organic manure, and compost in the ratio of 2:3:1:1.

But remember,

If you fill the container up with a well-draining potting mix that has organic materials in it. The potting mixture must siphon well or else the fruit will eventually rot and die.

Nowthen, if you are following these steps, it means that your growing pots are ready for plantation.


In the first paragraph “Growing Dragon Fruit in Pots or Containers”, we have explained – preparing the tree cutting for plantation.  Now we are going to learn about the planting procedure.

How to Grow Dragon Fruits in Pots


So, this is the fun part,

Planting a tree is always gives pleasure. After, completing the soil mix sure some water into it and wait some time. Until the soil consumes the water properly.

Meanwhile, apply a wettable fungicide solution atop the root. Dig out the hole in the center of the pot at least 2 to 3 inches deep. Place the fruit cutting into the same and pack the soil firmly around it. Make sure that the plant cutting is deep enough so it can try to stand on its own as much as possible.

7 Must-Follow Dragon Fruit Growing Tips

Here are some phenomenal tips from the expert farmers that every gardener must note.

  1. As mentioned earlier that it belongs to the family of cactuses so grow it in a sunny and dry place.
  2. As this plant matures, it will require support for climbing, hence make sure you have placed something that will help it balance during the growing stage.
  3. The soil must be well-drained which is loamy and sandy. A mixture of different varieties of garden soil is good for this purpose.
  4. You should only give water if the soil dries out too much.
  5. The plant has to be shaved training the plant on a trellis. This also averts fungal infection in the plant, improves air circulation and maintains the height of the plant. It has to be trimmed regularly to remove the dead and overcrowding stems apart from sustaining its height. Also, look out for aphids as they can be found on young buds and shoots that will damage the plant.
  6. Most of the varieties of the dragon fruit are self-pollinating. Some need cross-pollination. Grow at least two of the plants close to each other so they can easily cross-pollinate with each other. The pollen grains can flow from one plant to another by themselves. they do need external agents such as bats and moths to perform this task.
  7. Fertilize it once a month with a balanced fertilizer Do not fertilizer during the colder season. Just add some aged manure and compost to keep the moisture


harvesting dragon fruits
Dragon Fruit Harvesting tips

The dragon tree yields fruits from early summer to earlier mid-fall (five months) each year.

Now, when to harvest?

  • The fruit should have an oval shape and almost 10 to 15 cm long. This is when you will be sure it is harvest-ready.
  • If the climate is appropriate, the plant can bear fruit multiple times in summer until late fall. The plant produces flowers first.
  • This happens within 1 to 2 years after it was planted. The best time to harvest the fruit is when the color changes from bright green to pink or red.
  • The fruit will be ready to harvest approximately 30 to 50 days after you have planted it.

Final Tips: 

Growing dragon fruits is profitable even in container pots. No matter if you are willing to grow it for hobby or as a profitable item, watering is a vital part. Moreover, look out for aphids, ants and other insects. Apply insecticide like organic neem oil regularly.

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