How To Separate Snake Plant (In 4 Simple Steps)

Do you want to separate snake plants in order to repot them? Here is the step by step guide to split or divide the plant.

Snake plant is a unique indoor plant to decor your home. Its heavy green leaves with a yellow border give an extraordinary pleasant look!  Also, the snake plant is known for good oxygen producers.

It is also commonly indicating with both sansevieria and mother-in-law tongue’s name! The unique characteristic is creating ‘pups’ from the main plant.

These pups will grow their own root and can be split from the main plant.

Besides, sansevieria easily grows in a dwell corner.  It needs no extra care! You can find it naturally refresh after an ignorance of a week. So, this easy snake plant is luckily to have. 

Although it is a slow-growing indoor plant, but you can propagate it with a separation. 

Separating snake plants is a great result of having more little plants, also a magical technic for the fast growth of your loving plant. Thus, separating this plant is an easy DIY  task. You can do it within a few minutes.

Here, we’re trying to give you easy guidelines on how to separate snake plants. Forget your fears, and just having fun with this easy task.

Let’s get started –

How to Separate Snake Plant: Step by Step Guide

How to Separate Snake PlantStep by Step

The late winter or very early spring are the ideal season to separate indoor snake plant. However, you can do anytime of the year.

However, you must try to avoid the active growing season.

There’s nothing but a few steps need to complete this procedure to separate a snake plant! You’ll need short care and a few tools. 

More, you need proper attention! And, remember to complete the task without fear! Now, check & follow the few basic steps that you need to do the project –

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools 

Make a short time task with gather the essential tool-it’s an easy technic to prevent the mess in your project. 

You’ll have to know the tools accurately and should ready at your workplace. So, it will save you time and energy! Also, there’ll no need to take a walk here and there to search for the tools.

Now, look what the necessary tools you need –

  • Cloth or newspaper
  • Pair of secateurs
  • Gardening gloves

If you are re potting, I will recommend use new potting soil. However, you need to make sure that the soil is perfect for snake plant.

Now, if you don’t know what types of soil is for them? We have a review on the best soil for snake plants, you can learn everything you need to know about it.

Step 2: Take your plant out

First, you need to take your plant out from the container or pot! To do this, you need to wet your soil under the container. After that, you can easily remove your plant from the pot! 

Is this difficult to do? Then, remove the soil from half of the container. Do it continuously from the around of the container surface. Then remove the plant carefully

  • As you want to keep all of the roots intact So, you should carefully remove the soil as much you can.
  • Just gently massage the soil until it’s easily fall’s away.
  • You can use an old cloth or newspaper on the surface. It’ll ensure the surface clean!  

Step 3: Inspect the rhizomes

After the separation of soil from plants,  it’s the next step to do. To know exactly how many plants you want to make, search the rhizomes first. So,  how can you find out the rhizomes? 

  • Generally, rhizomes are the big tube-like stems that run underneath the entire plant and send outshoot. 
  • Also, they are finding it easy to have all the leaves connected in it.

Step 4: Cut the rhizomes

Once you successfully find out the rhizomes in the plant, just carefully cut them to split the plant up.

Here, you’ll need a pair of secateurs. Now, make a clean snip on the rhizomes in the middle of two separate shoots.

  • Must be careful about the good amount root should coming out after the cutting. It’ll help to the better growth of the plants.
  • The amount of cutting will depend on how big your plant is!

The separation of your snake plant is successfully done. Now, you can easily repot each plant straight to the soil. 

Frequently Asked Question: How to Separate Snake Plant

How tall do snake plants get?

Snake plant having thick fleshy leaves that are easily grown 1-4 feet tall and up to 3 inches across. 

Does mother in laws tongue clean air?

Snake plant as mother in law’s tongue is a great oxygen producer. It has air cleaning tricks. It removes formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, xylene from the air and makes the night comfortable with fresh air.

How do I know if my snake plant is healthy?

A snake plant with fresh dark green leaves indicates a healthy plant. On the other hand, If it has a yellowish tinge on the outer edge that is floppy and pale leaves indicates that the plant is dying.


Sanke plant is an easy-growing indoor plant! It’s luckily to have as it’s also doing the work or air freshener! So, do more plants with the separation of the main plant is magically working. Just try it once!

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