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Winter Goat Care Guide: How to care goats for winter


This is how to care for goats in the winter season. A complete winter goat care guide including proper sheltering and feeding tips.

In the cold winter season, your goats will need a warm house, edible hot water. In this time they will live on grains foods, hay, and additional proteins. Now let me describe how you will maintain and ensure the excellent care for your goats.

Needless to say, like many other animals, goats hate cold weather. The total food and lifestyle are compromised. This hampers the growth of milk and weight. Furthermore, the death rate increases to triple especially among kids. So be patient and take notes…

How to care for goats in the winter seasons:

This animal can tolerate cold but can’t tolerate cold breeze and moist weather. The first step that you should take, is providing a warm and comfortable shelter. Then focus on feeds and water. This will ensure good growth even in snow areas.

But, this can be harmful to adults goats. Sometime they will get fat. Which results in low bathing rate, and lazy bulks.

Goat Shelter in the Winter:

The primary concern when you building a shelter will, providing them with a strong, warm, and comfortable place. Each goat will need 3-5 meters of space, at least 4 hours of sunlight. 

Here is the guide for building a shelter:

  • Provide enough space (7ft-10ft) for each animal, ensure a warm floor and do not let the breeze or cold wild in the shelter.
  • The air inside the house may get heavy to breathe, make sure that it will have a closeable window to provide fresh air and sunlight in a suitable climate in a day.
  • The floor should be easily cleanable.


If the floor is slippery and hard it may cause accidents. So, if you lay hay on the base, then it will prevent those accidents and also provide a comfortable bed for them.

What to feed goats in winter:

Hay is the most suitable food for them. You can also supply grain foods. But, at this time green foods are not available. Which occurs lack of several vitamins. So, it will be wise to provide supplements in a small ratio.

We previously posted an article on goats feed list. Where we have mentioned what you should and should not feed. You can read List of Feeds in Winter.

Goats like green natural foods. But in that time, it will be taff to provide greener feeds. Hay or straw is the single most used feed. So store the best quality hay for the worst time of a year.

How will you ensure vitamins, minerals, and proteins: 

This is very simple and straightforward. The ultimate solutions are grains, salt block.
  • Grains will ensure 10%-15% of proteins. 
  • The salt block will provide minerals.
Note: Do not buy seep supplements made with the salt block. Although it looks similar, the amount of copper then seeps need will kill a goat.

How much to feed:

Each goat demands approximately three to four pounds of hay per day. Make sure that the feed has less than 18% of fiber.

How to keep goats warm in cold weather: 

keeping goats warm in cold weather
keeping goats warm in cold weather

In the cold weather, goats can not pasture outside. By creating an isolated place, you can save the goats from cold. There is nothing too much tension. They grow up in cold weather. Temperate areas have particular species that can survive worst temperature.

They can be observed in many hostile kinds of weather. You have to choose the race according to temperature.

But, the kids do not have enough endurance to the cold. Because they can be easily infected with cold and cough diseases. To protect young goat is to take on them, cover them with a thick cloth.

Although older animals can tolerate some cold, keeping them in those situations will not be wise. So put them in warm clothes.

If I write a few words, then that is the case the accurate care for them in the winter will be:-

  • The wind cannot be allowed in the house where they will be kept.
  • Have to wear warm clothes on them.
  • Make sure that they will have the opportunity to heat the body in the sunlight.
  • If that is not possible, then the temperature of the house should be controlled by lights or fireplace.

Where to take precautions: 

  • If there is wind, it is better to not let the light of the sunlight through the window.
  • Keep the kids away from the fire.
  • If the floor is damp, the animals may break their bones.
  • The floor should be cleaned twice every week.
  • Always keep an eye on their health. If an animal becomes sick, keep him separate from the others.

How to create a comfortable bed in winter: 

Goats love warm beds. Basically, it is easy. You can create such a comfortable resting and sleeping place using the straw and thick cloths.

  • There are some advantages and disadvantages of haystack beds, such as the straw bed is much less costly but is lost its quality very quickly.
  • The bed linen is a bit expensive. But it can be used again and again after drying under the sun.

Goat Blanket in Winter:

To protect goats from the cold breeze, goats coats are useful. The primary region for choosing protection is keeping them warm.

Moreover, It has several other benifits. It can prevent catching colds(snotty nose), coughing or “hacking”.

At last, if you are a beginner read 7 steps to start a goat farming. Leave a comment below! and share this if you find it helpful.

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